Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Good Week!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! And I have had more than my fair share of blessings this past week!! It started LAST weekend when Amber drove up for a somewhat longer stay than she normally does! OVER a week!!! She went camping that first weekend with a couple of girlfriends and that was quite an adventure!


They had a blast and it did Amber a world of good to just get out in nature, relax and have fun! Medley and Kristen are awesome friends and you can tell by the photo how BEAUTIFUL Arkansas is this timer of year!

This fun filled week also included my first born daughter's BIRTHday!

She and I spent the afternoon together before coming home to prepare her Birthday Dinner!
Grilled pork chops, fried potatoes and onions, pinto beans and salad with Jello for dessert
as requested instead of cake!

Amber got in a little 'Raynie' time that evening!

Alas, on Wednesday afternoon my Aunt Irene, for whom I am named, passed away.
My mother was with her....holding her hand as she left us to go home to our Lord and Saviour!
The photo above was taken the week before. Mother was very good with Aunt Irene and, although Mother has suffered a stroke herself, and is unable to speak clearly,
you can see she and her sister communicated just fine!
While this may seem a sad note in an otherwise happy week....this, too, was a happy occasion.
As a Christian who loved the Lord dearly, we all know where my Aunt is now and how happy she is.
She outlived two husbands and both of her children as well as a grandson.
Aunt Irene is happy now.

That same evening was grandson, Levi's, FOURTH birthday party!!
This is his 'other' grandma.....BOTH of us are Linda's!

Levi is just adorable!!
AND to top it all off.....the Ranger game was on in the back yard so we kept sneaking peeks at that!
It did no good....they lost that night!

An additional perk to this good week was Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce
made and delivered by my good friend and neighbor, Stephanie!!!
It was D E L I C I O U S!!!!!

Not pictured here but still a blessing was a quick trip to an Arlington Thrift Store to purchase 
FIVE new dining room chairs!! I got ALL five for $100!
The new ones are smaller in scale and easier to get in and out of!

Then there was the Dinner Party  Amber hosted for a few friends...including ME!
I had a wonderful time being with Amber, Medley and LeeAnne that night!
Mike and Louis Dean joined us later on that to make that evening complete!

Saturday night I went to a real Halloween Party! Costumed and all!!
While raising Amber and Benjamin we celebrated Pumpkin Parties
and opted OUT of the whole Halloween scene!
I continue to celebrate FALL with just a smattering of the Halloween part thrown in!

Clever Pumpkin!!

And the clever LADY, Linda,
(I KNOW!! there are Linda's EVERYWHERE!!)
who brought said pumpkin!

Sabrina all dressed up and concocting her favorite drink!

Loved the glasses!
Summer and the baby and friend, Helen, all came home with me and spent the night!
It seemed like a holiday to wake up with company in the house!
We enjoyed coffee and breakfast out in the gazebo before heading to church!

At long last my lovely week has come to a close.
We are packing and checking our list for our long awaited week of CAMPING!

So I close this post on this Halloween night.....
some one is at my door!
Wonder who it could be???
I hear giggling and the sound of children's voices!

Happy Halloween!!



Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Sorry to hear of your Aunt's passing. So glad your Mom got to be with her the week before. Have a fun and safe time camping and see you when you get back!

Texas Tales said...

It was a really great week and I loved getting to be home for awhile. Did me so much good! Yall have a blast camping!!

nita said...

Enjoy the camping it's a beautiful time of year for it. See you tomorrow.

Ruth Ann said...

Linda, So sorry to hear about your Aunt's death. It does make it much easier when you know where your loved ones are!

I do hope you have a great time camping! Be safe, and we'll see you when you return!