Thursday, June 3, 2010

Riding the Rails!

Yesterday Louis Dean and I rode the rails...for hours! We both find it is like we just step OUT of our normal life and are in  a sort of limbo as the train cars gently sway us into a state of tranquility. Dallas and Fort Worth both look different to me from the window of a train! We boarded the 11 something west bound TRE and rode to the T&P Station in Fort Worth. There was a layover just long enough to visit the terminal and stretch our legs, find the Ladies Room, have a short phone chat with Summer and then we were back on the train heading east this time. It is absolutely AMAZING to me that as I rode on the train between Dallas and Fort Worth I had a long phone conversation with Amber who is in Aberdeen, Scotland!! Absolutely AMAZING!

Louis Dean has to ride facing the direction he is traveling. By the time we arrived in Union Station in downtown Dallas...we were STARVED! Our favorite restaurant in the West End is R J's Mexican Cuisine and since we have been eating in a fairly healthy manner lately....we felt we could treat ourselves to a good meal!

LD says this is the ONLY place where the enchiladas do not taste like a TV dinner!

He is serious about his FOOD!!

I ordered a soup that is delicious and something I could never make at home.....crema de flor de calabaza.....blossoms of leafy flavors and a hint of yellow squash, with potato, pablano, zucchini, and corn in a light creamy broth.

We arrived in West End by taking the Red Line Light Rail but after such a good lunch we decided to walk back to the train station.....only a 10-15 minute walk at OUR speed. Our timing was perfect.....a last visit to the Ladies Room and we were ready to head home - nice and relaxed! This picture is Louis Dean's version of 'Waiting on a Woman' and he does WAIT a lot!


  1. Linda,
    I love it that you just rode the train to ride the train :) How fun. I made alot of train trips from central Illinois to Chicago to visit my daughter in college. Her school was in the "loop", so I had 4 years walking around the city of Chicago and LOTS of train rides. It was great fun.

  2. I think that sounds like a great day adventure. I even like just taking day trips in the car! My husband and I once went on a murder mystery dinner and train ride - that was fun - except he was freaked out by the cold squash soup. Men!