Monday, May 30, 2016

Quads are FOUR! Party Pics and Other News......

Saturday was a Happy Birthday Party!

The quads are turning FOUR!!!!

Louis Dean and I along with Mother made our way over to Quadville an hour or so before the party actually started on Saturday afternoon.

I truly missed being in on the action of getting everything ready!
Amber saved one job for me - putting the custom made cookies from Sugar Coma on a tray!

All the decorations were adorable!!! The cake was perfect!!

The party theme was dinosaurs!!
Amber was so clever in the way she carried this theme throughout the entire house and party from food to decorations to games!

There was a TON of food! Not shown is a HUGE tray of chicken nuggets made to look like dinosaur foot prints!

 There were tubs of iced bottled water, juice boxes and soft drinks plus an assortment of boxed wines for the adults. Amber and Mike know how to throw a party!!

I think I heard Amber say they had about 45 guests!

Our quads are friends with another set of quads and both moms are named Amber!!
I love it that these two sets have each other to relate to as they grow up!
This is Trystan and half of the other Quad Squad!

I cannot believe I did NOT get a picture of Amber's best friend from college!!
The little boy on the right is Lisa's son and they came up to celebrate for a few days with them!
I'm surprised about a lack of photo because Louis Dean dearly LOVES Lisa and they talk and talk and talk whenever they are together!!

Thanks to my sister, Nita, and Summer for taking some pics for me. 
This is Deanie and Logan! Both are pretty in pink!

Mother and Summer!
Mother originally said she wasn't going to the party but then changed her mind.
I'm glad because I think it did all of us good to be around so much happiness!

This is Baby Crew and his dad!
I simply adore being around this father/son duo!
It is a beautiful thing to see!
"For this child they prayed....."

I pretty much held court at the kitchen table with my foot propped up!
Can you  believe my hair is longer than Nita's or Deanie's??
This is the longest I have had it in 10 years!

My sweet daughter!!

Smiles all around!!!!

Luann and Mother!

Deanie and her Andie Girl!

Louis Dean certainly enjoyed one of those Sugar Coma Cookies!!!
Lots of guests! They included the quads beloved nanny and Miss Susan from their gym and old friends and new ones.

This is Amber's most long time friend ever.
They were in the church nursery together when Amber was 18 months old and have remained part of each other's lives.

It was fun like a party!!!!

The kids got tired at the end but NO meltdowns!!

Everybody laughed and cut up and just had some good old FUN!!!

Amber and Mike truly do have the gift of hospitality!

Now on to the activities Amber had dreamed up!

Dinosaur coloring papers.

A big Dinosaur WELCOME!

A dinosaur egg hunt!!!

It's silly but I was so pleased that I had been able to fill those dinosaur eggs a few weeks ago BEFORE my foot surgery! They held stickers, stampers and tiny dinosaurs!!

Then there was the Dinosaur Pinata!

Finally!!!! CAKE!!! BIRTHDAY Cake!!!!

"Happy Birthday to YOU!!!"

More visiting went on after that!

These are some of the most loved children ever!!

They had a BALL opening all their gifts!!!

People were incredibly generous!!!

At four years of age, they are outgrowing 'baby' toys and moving on into a different level of things to play with. We will ALL enjoy these gifts!!!!

Congratulations to Amber and Mike for pulling off another PERFECT party!!!!

I arrived early and stayed late! I did not want to miss a single moment!
Amber had Lasagna and salad for those of us who like to stay to the very end.
We sat around and enjoyed the favorite last moments of this perfect day!!
Louis Dean drove us home and my heart was light as a feather.

While I did NOT over do it or stand up too much or do anything I should NOT have done, Sunday morning found me in not too good a shape. My foot hurt as it has not hurt before. Perhaps it is healing and mending but at any rate, I stayed in bed all day and resorted to taking a pain medication by the end of the day.

Louis Dean continued to man the kitchen producing delicious healthy meals at the appropriate times.
I tried not to walk through there. It.was.a.mess. 
He tries so hard and I knew once I'm better, I can go in there and clean it up within a matter of what will be HOURS now!

We had one big problem, though, There was a SMELL in the kitchen - namely in the fridge!!!
I had thought to get up and deal with it on Sunday but that didn't happen. Louis Dean said, "Let ME do it!" What harm could it do to let him clean the fridge?? I told him to go for it!! And then I went back to bed and shut the door.

When I woke up - he was gone. He had mentioned he was going to the grocery store after the refrigerator was clean. However, I walked into the kitchen and every available inch of counter space was covered with stuff from the fridge PLUS he had drug in two ice chests and they were full! AND the fridge was still DIRTY!!! I sighed and went back to the bedroom and shut the door. When I got up an hour or so later - he was still gone! So I took my Country Diary and a glass of tea and settled myself in the gazebo to write. I heard him come home and I heard him banging around on the kitchen patio. He walked past the gazebo to get something and I called out to him! WHAT was going on????

HE said there was NOT enough room in our GREAT WHITE FRIDGE for all the pickles!!!
(HE buys them in gallon jugs!!)

SO - he went to Lowe's and bought a fridge just for JARS!!!!
And THEN he turned the jars on their sides so he could pack more of them in there!!!
This was AGAINST what I told him about everything needing to stand up STRAIGHT!!!!
So, while he put the remaining stuff back in the great white fridge, I had to CLEAN this brand new small one because it reeked of garlic and sauces that he had turned sideways and of COURSE they leaked out!!! Do you KNOW what a mess lavender infused simple syrup makes when it is dripping down the back of a fridge? It in no way overpowered the GARLIC smell however!!!!
I really need to get well as quickly as possible!!!

Today was not much better than yesterday until later this evening when I finally turned the corner and felt more like myself.
I have yet to get in the kitchen but I hope to address that tomorrow.

For now we are in the gazebo together and I am so proud of my veteran husband on this Memorial Day!

As for tonight....It is almost midnight and we have been out here in the gazebo since 7:30.
My one and only brother has been in surgery tonight and we have been anxiously awaiting news.
Deanie is sick in bed and I been down with my foot so that left Nita the only one to go and keep us posted along with Charlie, Deanie's husband, and of course, Michele, Lonnie's wife.
He was admitted to the hospital on Saturday morning and on Sunday he had a procedure to unblock the stones from the bile duct. Then this evening he had gall bladder surgery.
He is resting now and we are so grateful.
He's not out of the woods yet so we are continuing in prayer.
I am still in shock and mourning from our friend, John Swan's recent death.
I pray for Vee every time I think of her - which is often!
Life is so very fragile!!!


Nancy Chan said...

Happy birthday to the quards! Don't worry about the kitchen and fridge. Wait till your foot heals fully, then you can take over the kitchen and fridge. Lol! Life is indeed very fragile.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I'm praying for our dear Vee as well! John was a kind man, full of good humor. He will be sorely missed.

What an awesome party! Happy birthday to the quads!

Take care friend! Prayed again for Lonnie!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

What a fun party!! And that you did not kill LD over the fridge mess is a wonder to you are feeling better this week.

Changes in the wind said...

What a big day for all! So glad you could go to the party and that all went well.

Linda said...

Thanks for taking me to the quad's party. Amber looks cool, calm and collected amid all the chaos. Such fun. What can I say about Louis Dean. Husbands can be very handy to have around for all sorts of little chores. They can be good nurses when the need arises. LD's good with the quads. He would have to be a patient man to live with all you have going on and with all your debris. Sounds like he's a good cook. I'd say the two of you are on very different pages when it comes to cleaning, anything. Frankly I think I would have a hard time cleaning in your kitchen with all the debris. The new refrigerator and putting jars on their sides is evidence of a shortage of brain cells genetic to men. Did he ever think of buying several smaller jars of pickles? I know you're anxious to be back to 100% but I suspect you're doing very well in your recovery in spite of the rough spots. Hang in there.

Debbie said...

First happy birthday to the quads! What a fun party...I am sure it was enjoyed by all. I know kitchen messes are hard to swallow, but do try to just leave it until you are good and's going nowhere, lol. My heart aches too for Vee. I've lifted her in prayer as well. There is comfort in the knowing she will see him again and that he is in heaven with his Lord, but it's soo hard for the ones left behind. Life is indeed fragile. Praying your recovery continues to go well, and you are back to your old self soon. Have a good week!

Sandra said...

At first I thought that was a huge party but then I realized it was for for different people. Your family is large enough to have a party all by itself. It looks like everyone had so much fun and two sets of quad makes it wonderful

Kathy said...

What a fun party. Amber is a gem putting it all together like that. Dinosaurs was a perfect theme.

We must get LD and Joe together. They are both pickle fans. Don't stress too much about the kitchen. I know you want to get in there (I would too) but you need to get well first so you can take back your territory.

We prayed for you, Lonnie and Vee in Bible Study this morning. So sad about John. Hoping you and Lonnie feel better each day.

Sandra said...

I came back to see if i commented. i was commenting on my tablet and the stupid thing started doing updates and pitched me OUT of the blog... i see i did click publish. i forgot to say i thank you for the big laugh i had over the jars on the sides in the new fridge... mars/venus... we all know it

Carole said...

Great party. I'm sure it won't have harmed your foot! LD is a trick - buying a new fridge like that! Which reminds me I need to find a space to fit a little freezer in ... my current one just doesn't cope! Hope you rest up a bit and sleep well. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Ginny Hartzler said...

I am so sorry. Yes, life is fragile. And it can turn on a dime. L.D. just cracks me up! What a mess, but he means so well! And now you have a spare tiny fridge if you ever need one! I think the quads will love it. What a story! The party is just wonderful, down to every tiny detail. Amber thought of everything! Even the welcome mat! I would never have even thought of that. My favorite picture is you and Amber, how beautiful you both are. And you look better then look good no matter what length your hair is. How rare that the quads had this huge party without even one meltdown!

bj said...

The party looks like a huge fun.
I, too, am so broken hearted over Vee loosing John. It is just so hard to believe..they went on a picnic shortly before this happened. can change in the mere blink of an eye.

shortybear said...

awesome party

ellen b. said...

Looks like a great party that was planned well! So many fun details. Oh boy about the pickle fridge...too funny. Glad you are taking care of yourself!

Blondie's Journal said...

Thanks for some great pics of the quads and your family---Happy Birthday to those little darlings! I have to say you look so lovely with your new 'do' are such a pretty lady!

I hear you on the mess men can make. I just don't get it sometimes. My hubby has been big on making bacon and eggs for himself early mornings. He believes cleaning up is tossing everything in the sink afterward. :(

Sending love and prayers for so many in your family who are not doing well. I can imagine how stressful it is.


Sweet Tea said...

Happy Birthday to my very favorite Quad Squad. I remember praying for them before they were born and I enjoy watching them grow and flourish...Oh Girl, I think you're a Saint with all that's going on in your kitchen. LOL Your sweet LD means well but I think I'd have to banish him from the kitchen until I could get back onto my feet. You're a much more patient woman than me. Sure hope the pain subsides and you're soon all "healed up". ((HUGS))

Susie said...

Linda, I am late getting to this post. I am so happy the quads had the best day ever. Amber and Mike are an awesome couple. Please hug and thank LD for us for his service to the U.S.A. I am praying for you and Lonnie. Praying you both get well quick. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Carol said...

Looks like a fun party! I am thankful that my granddaughter's party went well too. A couple of problems but I am thankful that a good time was had by all.

Nonnie said...

Happy,mealy birthday to those beautiful quads! I do believe your daughter inherited her Mama's ability to pull off amazing feats! What a party!

Wanda said...

The Birthday Party made me say "Awwwww"
The refrigerator story made me say "Yikes" Linda better get better soon. HaHa..But you have such a dearest who tries to make everything better for you.
Love and Hugs and a soon complete recovery.

Judy said...

What an awesome birthday celebration for your most special quads! I have so enjoyed following their journey right here on your blog these past four

Hoping you are back to your old self real soon! I'm smiling here about the fridge 'fiasco'!

Pondside said...

How can those quads be four already??? Where has the time gone? It looks like the party was a lot of fun - but I have to tell you that your story of the fridge just made me laugh!
I am sorry to read about your brother's illness. He is in good hands, by the sound of it.

Debby said...

Great birthday pictures. They are so cute.
I'm glad you are doing well but it will take time. It is hard to be patient when you recovering.
Your husband is so funny.