Sunday, May 15, 2016

Our Weekend.....

Louis Dean is my knight in shining armor!!

He is the most wonderful man I have ever known!
Kindness, gentleness, patience and long suffering, goodness and just plain sweetness are a few of his wonderful attributes!

We went over on Friday evening to help get ready for Saturday!

It was a group effort!

Normally you would be served simple sandwiches or perhaps order a pizza at a time like this!
Not so with Amber!
She served up a gourmet type meal right there in the garage!!

The kids are surrounded with all the toys and clothes from their infancy and toddler years!
Now they are 'Big Kids' as everyone knows!!!!

 Saturday dawned with thunder and rain but it went away fairly quickly!
The sale was OFF and then it was ON!!
 LD came over to help me with the kids! (I had spent the night.)

Garage sales mean lots of people and cars coming and going.
We didn't want the kids to feel like they were missing out on anything so while their mommy and dada worked, WE went on a little walk. Children find a million ways to entertain themselves!

We let them walk through the garage sale site for a minute and then Granddad called, "Time for a Paw Patrol!!"

He has the patience of Job and will watch cartoons right along with them!
They crowd around him like he's a movie star! Can you see how he makes contact with all of them?
While Kailey and Harrison are pressed up close to him and Trystan is right beside him, he is holding onto little Logan's feet!

He has ALWAYS been a hands on kinda Granddad!!!

Here he is multitasking back in the summer of 2012!!

And yet he made sure each baby got special time.

No wonder these quads love him so!!
He's been there for them since before they were born!

I suppose that's what has caused them to bond so strongly!

We all took naps together after lunch - Louis Dean slept on the floor in Kailey and Harrison's room while I slept with Logan and Trystan.

After they woke up, I would take two outside for a little while.....

because they just wanted to see what was going on.
Then they found dirt and everyone knows how children love DIRT!

And sticks!!!!

I took my two in and Louis Dean brought out his two.
It 'takes a village' kind of thing!

Kailey and I cuddled a little bit!
The garage sale was over and we headed home.

I was pretty tired and a flareup from my old enemy - the dreaded UTI - caused me to start taking all the herbal remedies I had for it as well as trusted AZO.
I can't have surgery on Thursday if I'm on antibiotics and I really do NOT want to reschedule the surgery! So I was a bit stressed and not feeling well AT ALL!

Louis Dean and I were spending a few minutes together out in the gazebo and I had thoughtlessly left the kitchen French doors open.

We heard a crash and breaking of glass!
The POSSUM had come in and was climbing around like he owned the place!!
I found him sitting on my kitchen counter right beside my planner!
He scurried over and hid behind the bread box with only his tail sticking out!
I was in no mood to be fooled with so I grabbed him by the tail and hauled him outside flinging him into the bushes along the fence!
Then I went to BED!

I was pretty sick last night and stayed in bed until nearly 3:00 this afternoon.
The herbal mixture I'm taking has:
Dandelion Root
Horsetail (aerial part of plant)
Juniper Berry 
Nettle Leaf
Parsley Root
Sassafras Root Bark
Uva Ursi Leaf
Yarrow Flowers

This has helped me in the past when I had no insurance and could not afford to go to the doctor and it is helping me once again.
I'll be resting a lot before I have the procedure done on Thursday and not working is not easy for me!

Louis Dean went to church without me this morning.
I missed going, especially since the quads were singing in the service and Rayne was there as well.
I won't get to see her over the summer so I am hoping to do a lot of Facetime with her while she is away!
Louis Dean went to the grocery store on his way home and then made a really good salad for our lunch complete with diced ham! I love having a ham in the fridge! In the morning he's going to fix scrambled eggs with diced pieces of ham in them!

I have puttered a bit, rested a lot and watched HIM work!
He had the electricity done but needed to put it in conduit and then bury the line.

This guy is amazing!!

By 'wine-thirty' it was a done deal!!!

The gazebo is now finished!!

He is enjoying the fruits of his labor!!!
What all do we have in here???
A chandelier, two rocking chairs, two 'favorite' chairs, a large coffee table, a mini fridge, microwave, two lamps, an end table, a nice large table for dining or projects, baskets holding treasures, books and necessities, and two wooden folding tables and other sundry items!! PLUS, I have a water faucet over behind LD's chair!! 

My blogging spot for tonight!
Closing out this weekend and preparing for the week ahead!
It's always an adventure!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Your built more memories and lots of love today. Hugs.

Gert said...

This is my first visit Kinda!! Wow quads, that is amazing. I have twins and they are adorable too. I pray your remedy works I hate UTIs. And that your surgery goes well. Oh
My, I love your gazebo!!! I would spend many hours out there too !

Linda said...

Too bad you can't print real live copies of LD to pass out in the world. The world could certainly use more of his kind. I totally love seeing him interact with the quads. The gazebo is amazing. Looking forward to a lot of pictures & stories from out there this summer.

Estelle's said...

LD does not look his age at all....I think it's because he is SO happy with his Miss Linda! Feel better darling...hugs and blessings for your upcoming surgery. The gazebo looks just marvelous!!!!

Vee said...

My daughter's doctor suggested that she drink pineapple juice with fresh ginger added...we squeeze it in using a garlic press. Anyway, since my troubles last fall, I have had myself a little tonic every day in the beginning and every couple of days since. Recently, I read the reason why it works, but can't remember now. Don't take any chances with your health, especially with surgery. Praying that everything goes just according to plan...His!

Love seeing you and Louis Dean interact with the grandchildren. They know whom they can trust and who are lovable. Hope that th yard sale was a big success!

Latane Barton said...

I have never known anyone who had a 'pet' possum!! But, then I've never known anyone with quad grandkids and I am amazed at how much they bring to your lives (you and Louis Dean) and how much you give back. Happy times for sure.

Pondside said...

I certainly hope that you feel better soon, Linda. UTI's are NO FUN at all. The gazebo looks like the most wonderful spot for spending a summer evening. LD has really made it special!

Susie said...

Linda, You know you and LD amazes all of us. He is a wonderful knight in shining armor and you are his lady. It's great that you both have helped with the quads , even before they were born. LOL. I love the wonderful gazebo. It's like a mini apartment. Please take care of yourself and get well. I will be praying for you. Blessings, xoxo, love , Susie

Nita said...

Linda, I hope you're doing better. The gazebo looks so inviting and cozy. I'm sure it made you feel better by just sitting down in your backyard living room .

Kathy said...

I love your gazebo and I know you love having it back. I do believe LD can do just about anything. As I read your description of him I said to myself those qualities are the fruit of the Spirit. No wonder he's a special guy.

Sumita Sofat said...
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Deanna Rabe said...

What a great gazebo! I'll be praying for you with the UTI and your surgery on Thursday. Where will Rayne be this summer?

LD is a keeper, as you well know, and what a blessing family is!

Eva said...

So sorry you're feeling bad, and such bad timing! Remember to exclude all brown drinks, especially coffee (yikes!) and tea. Green tea is OK, but regular dark tea aggravates the inflammation. Praying for you as you approach your surgery!


I hope you're doing better sweet and lovely friend.
I will pray for you. I'm sure all will be well dearest.
Your Big Four are getting so big! I can't believe my little 'just born' one is gonna be 6 months old already!!
Please keep us updated.

Debbie said...

ld, what a wonderful man....2 of a kind as i have one too!!! * wink *

Debbie said...

i forgot to say that i could live in your gazebo, wow, it sure does have everything!!!

Sandra said...

your outdoor gazebo built by your knight in shining armor is gorgeous. love it. sorry about the UTI.. do you take tub baths? i stopped that many years ago because the doc said bubble baths caused the infection. just a thought... my knight is total opposite of yours, inpatient, short tempered, volatile, but he is handy and he does love me and he is my knight in shining armor.. just like yours

Nonnie said...

You certainly have a guy who adores you and I know you love and appreciate him back. I'm so sorry to read that you are so sick. Bless your heart and try to rest and do all they tell you to do. God bless.

PATI CLARK said...

Your a lucky woman !!!! Blessed indeed with Louis Dean !!! The gazebo looks fantastic !!!

bj said...

Your gazebo should be in a magazine for everyone to drool over...It is just beautiful..and seems very comfy with all you need out there. Is it screened to keep bugs away..? It sure is pretty...
I LOVE how YOU love Louis Dean....xoxoxo

Penny said...

Those photographs pf LD with the quads when they were tiny babies are just gorgeous. I do hope your uti settles down pre surgery X

Pam said...

Your gazebo looks amazing! You definitely have a touch for decorating....what a great team you two make. Awe, grandparents are the best.....I know mine have been/were and the two still with us are amazing great grandparents! I hope we are following in the same footsteps! I always look forward to keeping them and spending quality time with them. We will have one of ours from Utah for a week in June....can't wait, then we will be making the trip to Utah to visit with them all! Thank you for sharing your life journal with us and keeping everything real! I love it!