Tuesday, May 17, 2016

It's the Little Things......

  Today Louis Dean and I celebrated the little things that mean so much to us!

Laughing over the funny Facebook posting from our friends.....
Reading the Bible together and joining our hearts in prayer.....
Enjoying our book on Henry Fonda.......
Sipping coffee......
Little things, maybe.
Maybe not.

I will be having a little foot surgery on Thursday and the papers given to me said 'No Nail Polish!'
That meant a trip to the salon for a pedicure.
I took Louis Dean with me!

He tried to hide his face!!!!

Too late!!! I already had a free shot!!!
We devoted the afternoon to running our errands.
The application for Medicaid (for my mother) was returned to me so I picked that up today and turned around and mailed it to the CORRECT address! It seems the US Government does not do a good job keeping their websites current. The address was changed over ONE YEAR ago and yet it STILL lists a PO Box in Midland, Texas!!! Not to mention, it took nearly half an hour on the phone to get the CORRECT ADDRESS! Even the person helping me didn't know! HE suggested I visit the official website!!! HAHAHAHA!!

In keeping with the spirit of a Tuesday - which is about all there was to it today - no movie, no art, no Ruth Ann - Louis Dean and I stopped in at the Goodwill for a minute!

I was in search of a lamp shade for the wine bottle light I bought last week.

Louis Dean found a brand new in the box never opened Hot Air Popcorn Popper.
He was excited! Doesn't take much, folks!

I also scored with this tall HEAVY lamp for the gazebo!
We needed one that wouldn't topple over with the wind.

We've just about got the gazebo all dressed and done.
I looked over and saw the microwave and asked LD what the stickers were for.
The green one is for 30 seconds and the pink one is STOP.

Since we pulled the table out to the gazebo, I had room to pull an old library index card table out of the alcove in the sewing room and free up some area back there.

I found things I forgot I had!!
I officially have enough denim jeans to whack up and turn into quilts to last me the rest of my life!!
I also found a multitude of other things like a Bedazzler and loads of  dazzle to go with it!!

Little bottles of glue were tucked away in places I haven't seen in awhile!

I need to get in here and do some real work in organizing and sorting......

I can see the puzzles I did long years ago stapled them to the cedar walls.

I should not have to buy any more craft supplies EVER again!

It's hard to believe my sewing machine used to fit in this tiny sliver of space and I sewed a KING SIZE quilt in here!!! You can see my desk and normal blogging spot from this view.
The kids will love exploring and hiding in here!!

I haven't mentioned it publicly yet but several weeks ago we gave Lucy to someone else.
This is where her kennel used to be. I loved her - we BOTH did - but our nerves just couldn't handle the barking at Louis Dean every single time he stood up. Plus she had taken to barking at him even when she was in her kennel if he passed by. Maddie opted to be a Country Cat and is now living in the barn down at my stepson's ranch. So we are critter free and I have to admit that we are happy about that. Now if we can convince the possums around here that just because a door is left open - it does NOT mean they are welcome to come in!!! In cleaning this sewing room alcove, I did, indeed, find possum poop!!!

Louis Dean and I decided to hole up in our gazebo this evening!
It began to rain lightly so we pulled the rain curtains together and I put some pork chops on to grill.

I baked potatoes to go with them along with black eyed peas and poblano peppers stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon.
It was DELICIOUS!!!!

So here's my blogging spot for tonight!
Louis Dean is cheering you with his glass of wine - from a box!

He says it was a very good HOUR!


Deanna Rabe said...

It was a different Tuesday for you, but a good one! Praying for your surgery on Thursday! That gazebo is a wonderful place!

Linda said...

I do believe the two of you are really enjoying yourselves this week. That's great when you can slow down and do that. Things have been rather iffy with Bob the last couple of weeks. Today I called his cardiologist. We spent a very quiet day and it was wonderful. Late this afternoon I thought it would be nice if everyday could be this way but no doubt I would soon be bored. Hope your foot surgery goes well on Thursday. Wonder if I could convince Bob to get a pedicure? I hate cutting his toenails. I had pets for 52 years and only in the last two years realized how much easier it is to keep house without pets. Now Linda, I don't know about all this debris I see there in your sewing room. I'm not sure I could stand that. There does come a time you know when you can have so much debris you don't know what you have so you might as well not have it. Since last summer when I had to take over a lot that goes on around this house I have to say dealing with government agencies is the most challenging. I've yet to find a government agency that works efficiently. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful to have government and the services offered. Almost every penny of our retirement is related to the federal government but it is challenging when you have to contact those agencies.

Carole said...

Here's to you being twinkle toes again really soon. Good luck. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Penny said...

Very best of luck with the foot surgery Linda, be sure to let all your blog friends know how you are! A wise decision regarding your doggy, and your cat too. You and LD are so busy, and much as we love our lets, they do cause a lot of extra work. X

Susie said...

Linda, You are right...it's those little things that stay with us. You and LD sitting laughing together ..that's precious times. I hope and pray your surgery goes very well. Also tell LD...it's fine to get pedicures...we want nice feet and nails. Our good Lord knows that LD needs to be pampered, being as he is a hard working man. So nice that you have truly been enjoying your gazebo. Love you both, blessings, xoxo, Susie

Sandra said...

even without your 'normal' people on Tuesday you manged to have fun and find things and get things DONE... i am happy for LD and for Lucy that she is in another home. both will be happier. i can not abide a barking dog. we had a friend that her dog never stopped barking from the time we walked in until we left. i could not visit there... glad you found her a good home.. you found something i would like to have, which is rare.. the wine bottle lamp. i love it... i should visit the thrift stores even though i never buy, who knows i might see something... good luck with your polish free toe surgery.

Vee said...

Pets are like minding a perpetual baby and I find life easier without having one to worry and fret over. John suggested a kitten a week or so ago when we were looking at pictures of Fioré and Molly and I nearly yelled "NO." Okay, maybe I did yell a little.

Love your happy days that have little adventures and excellent finds. Keeping your surgery tomorrow in prayer. Leaving it all in God's hands is the best way to go. Is this a day surgery?

Changes in the wind said...

A perfect day I would say.

Kelly said...

You guys have been busy. I completely understand about Lucy. You don't need added stress to your lives. At least you found her a new home. I hope that your foot surgery goes well. Looks like LD likes getting his toes done too! Ha!

Blondie's Journal said...

I've always thought that your were a pro at the little things in life, Linda and you inspire each time I read your blog. LD is the same way. Love that he got a pedi...he's so fun!

Your gazebo is so big!!! Love it! And I love the boxed wine---hate screwing around with a corkscrew! I like Pinot Grigio and Black Box is my favorite. I would love the recipe for your stuffed poblano peppers.


Nancy Chan said...

Hi Linda. Another happy day well spent. Hope your foot will recover well after the surgery.