Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Red, White and Blue and an Update on my Beloved Brother!

It is hard to be side lined when a loved one is in the hospital!
I am so very grateful for the messages and texts from my sisters and sister in law while Lonnie has been in the hospital.

Louis Dean and I somehow thought life would return to normal if we went to bed at a decent time and woke up before late morning. We tried that and it didn't work. I was asleep by 11:00 last night but didn't leave the bedroom until after 10:00 this morning! Apparently I need a lot of rest no matter the time I go to bed! Since my calendar is totally BLANK these days, I have given in to whatever my body needs.

I have been puttering around with the patriotic decorations a little at a time.
I only have THREE tubs of them so it is an easy theme to put out!

The dining room table is NEARLY set! Stemware and silverware and extras to come.......
soon....I hope!

I do so love the red white and blue colors and the TEXAS theme!!!

The sewing room is the most decked out room so far!!!
The den is yet to come and I have one whole tub of things to strew out in there!!!

I have reclaimed the kitchen!!
Decorations and cooking!!!

Tonight I made Chicken Alfredo - over TOAST for Louis Dean and over Spinach Garlic Egg noodles for ME!!!

Louis Dean has an aversion to PASTA that I so do NOT understand!!!
We ate dinner in the gazebo and we were BOTH happy!!!

Our one and only brother is still in the hospital due to an elevated white blood count.
He is doing SO much better than this time last night!!!
My thanks to Deanie and Nita and Michele for keeping me in the loop with messages, texts and this photo!!

I feel so helpless and wish with all my heart I could be there to comfort, encourage and cheer him on!
However, he is being very well cared for and I am here praying and thinking of him.
I was meant to go the doctor tomorrow for my post op appointment but it has been rescheduled for Friday! My wonderful doctor and his wife are having a baby so I will gladly stand back and wait my turn!

Louis Dean and I are now going out to the gazebo to close our evening!
Perhaps we will be in bed before midnight!


Linda said...

A good report. Yes, I believe it's safe to say brother Lonnie will long remember this hospital episode. So glad he is on the mend. Amber will steal all your Texas debris if you don't watch it. Glad to see you're back in the kitchen because I know that makes you feel better.

Deanna Rabe said...

Glad for the good report on Lonnie!

Resting/sleeping is part of how our bodies heal! You need it!

shortybear said...

praise God

Sandra said...

glad your brother is a little better. prayers for his recovery soon... i can't even believe there is a person alive that doesn't like Pasta. bob would be really upset because i cook it a LOT... but he doesn't like RICE and never ate it at all until he married me.. so what is up with that? will you leave the red white and blue out through July 4th?

Carol Slater said...

Glad your brother is feeling better. I love the red white and blue dishes. I enjoy seeing your photos of your home.

Estelle's said...

I am so happy your brother seems to be on the mend. i am also happy to hear you are getting plenty of rest...must be so hard. Pain can wear you out! Your patriotic display is fantastic!!! Hugs!!!

Changes in the wind said...

All that red, white and blue sure makes a statement:)

Susie said...

Linda, Girl, you just can't help yourself. have to decorate. I love you red, white and blue. So funny about the pasta. Ted hate cucumbers, but love pickles. Hates cantaloupe and raisins. But eats everything put in front of him. just cracks me up. I am praying for Lonnie. Give him hugs for us when you get to see him. Blessings, take care, love you, xoxo, Susie

Arlene Grimm said...

I think you are wise to take it easy for a while. And I am glad your brother is doing better. Our son had something similar happen to him years ago. He was one sick puppy and we were all so worried, But thanks to a great GI doctor, he is now fine. I know you will not really rest until you can see Lonnie in person! love all your red white and blue. I have a few things out but like you, I do not have that many summer things. I was at Cracker Barrel this am expecting to see fall decor out but they are waiting until after the 4th!!

PATI CLARK said...

Love all your Red ✯ White✯ Blue !!! Glad to hear your brother is doing much better !!!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh my! Your new posts are showing up two days late on my sidebar! I hate that, and am going to make an icon for you on my desktop! I want to know all about your doctor appointment! Congrats on cooking dinner! That is a big step! Your poor brother, it is some kind of infection? He knows you would be right there if you could. But now is the time to think of and take care of yourself! I cannot believe you put out all those decorations!! The House Of Fourth! The Quads will love it!