Monday, May 9, 2016

Blessings Even From Disappointments!!!

Friday found me disappointed that we couldn't leave for the ranch and our camper as we planned.
Saturday I was further disappointed when it became apparent we would not be leaving until Monday!
I made the best of it and since I was home, I asked Summer to pick me up on her way to visit my sister, Luann. Her husband is home on hospice care and she is trying to cope with these rapid and devastating changes in her life right now.

Summer brought in a delicious meal of pasta salad, roasted chicken, strawberry pound cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream plus some Hawaiian dinner rolls.

No matter what is going on, people need to eat and bringing food is one small way we feel we can be of help. Monte was lucid and we enjoyed our visit. He still has his sense of humor and we laughed a good bit throughout our visit!

Luann lives in Haslet which is a bit in the country but not really.
City living in the country might describe it!
Every home has a good bit of acreage to it!

Summer opted to drive us home by taking the scenic route!

It was BEAUTIFUL and did my heart good to see such pretty fields of wildflowers!

I love the fields and the fences! We even saw some cows and a snake!

Saturday afternoon's drive was such a gift!
Sorrow and splendor all in one afternoon.
Our hearts go out to Luann.
I cannot even imagine the emotions she is feeling but I do know many are lifting her up in prayer, Summer and I included.

When we got home, Summer graciously offered to help me put up the netting and rain curtains in our gazebo!!! She made short work of what would have taken me hours!!
Saturday night, Amber and Mike and the kids were having Family Dinner and Movie!
I'm so grateful they always invite us!
Louis Dean was still working on figuring out the electric problem so Summer and I went over by ourselves!

Talk about a DELICIOUS dinner!!! Amber made salmon, rice and the best veggies!!!
She is an amazing cook but this meal was a shining star!!! Just about every single bite was eaten!!!

The featured presentation?
Inside Out and it was wonderful!!!
I was totally caught up in it!!

Sunday morning arrived with a difficult decision to make!
The weather forecast for the nest ten days - both here as well as down at the ranch - was RAIN!
It's hard to get in or out when it's really muddy so we reluctantly decided that we would stay home.

I just took this photo and it STILL shows rain!!
I guess we made the right call.

I was getting ready for church when it dawned on Louis Dean that Sunday was 100% chance of rain AND he had left all his toys tools out!!!
SO he had to stay home and get them all gathered up while I went on to church!

The quads are old enough to go into the service for the children's sermon and Pastor Doug had them hand out yellow roses to all the mothers in the congregation!
Being a mom and grandmom of quads, Amber and I ended up with a complete bouquet!

It was a really good Sunday!!!

Summer, Sabrina and Rayne and I all went off to eat a brunch at The Egg and I!

It was the perfect place to go!
We lingered long over our hazelnut coffees and our meals,,,,,

we visited and took pics and had the best of times!!!

Summer called me tonight as she was going to bed to say this was THE best Mother's Day!
I agree!!! Blessings from disappointments! God does that for us!!!

After lunch we all went right next door for pedicures!!
Everything about this weekend was spur of the moment and nothing was really planned except for the Saturday Family Night Dinner and Movie!
I think that's what made it so special and relaxing! No agenda! No time restrictions. Just go with the flow!!
I came home - finally - and Louis Dean was so excited!!!!

He had FIXED the electricity problem and it wasn't a circuit breaker at all but a hot wire had come loose from a wire nut  in a kitchen outlet!! It was the very LAST outlet he checked that solved the mystery!!! Praise GOD!!!
With THAT done - except for the clean up! - we both set to work getting the gazebo in order!!

It is looking beautiful!

Louis Dean MORE than deserved the big steak I fixed for him tonight!!!

The gazebo feels like HOME again!!!

It started to rain just as we were finishing up so I pulled the rain curtains over the netting and it was all so cozy and dry!!

We propped our feet up and sipped our wine and counted our blessings!!!

While I didn't see my Mother today, she will be coming to visit soon!
When I have my foot surgery she will help Louis Dean take care of me and she will also keep him company! We all need to be needed and I think she is happy she can do this!
When I had my last foot surgeries - 12 years ago - she and I recuperated together as she had just broke her ankle!! Hopefully I will be the only one recovering this time!!!

Yes, I'm still a little bit blue that I won't get to see the ranch during the lushest and greenest months of the year! It was a year ago Saturday that we moved the camper down there to its forever home.
I'm already starting to pray for good weather the first full week in June!!!
That's when I hope I will FINALLY get back down there!!!
In the mean time - I will be sitting in my gazebo just as often and as long as I can!!!


Kathy said...

Even though you didn't get to your camper, you got to spend Mother's Day with your children and grandchildren. God always brings blessings. And because of the electrical problem you weren't stuck at the ranch with a chance of missing your surgery. We may not always understand the reasons for our disappointments, but they are always there.

I love the movie Inside Out too. Joe and I watched it some time ago when it first came out. I love animation but the story is really good too.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

These photos are absolutely breathtaking. Wow. And yes, sometimes disappointments lead to unexpected good things :) funny how life works that way. I love your blog :)

shortybear said...

such a great post

Carol Slater said...

How true that some of our disappointments bring the greatest blessings the same as unanswered prayers. I love the picture of the fence and field of flowers. I also love the gazebo! It is amazing that it looks like a room in a home. Enjoy that!

Susie said...

Linda, LD is a wonderful hard working man, that does indeed deserve a big steak dinner. My husband calls that endeavoring to persevere. I am so proud of LD. I know that wires can work loose. Thankful it was in the outlet box. You and Summer look happy together. She's a true sweetheart. Maybe all this happened to keep you home, so you would not miss your surgery. I am loving the gazebo. Blessings to all there, love you, xoxo,Susie

Vee said...

After all the rain that's expected, the ranch will be so green and beautiful in June. One disappointment after the next and yet you roll with them. It is good to be flexible. Summer is such a thoughtful gal. I am glad that you could spend the day with her and have that wonderful drive in the countryside. So soothing for the soul. Amber's meal does look yummy. And yay for Louis Dean finding the problem, fixing it, helping to get the gazebo set to rights along with Summer's good help. It sure looks like a little oasis out there. Luann and her husband remain in my prayers. It has to be a special time for them both even though it is very difficult. They are standing on holy ground. Love and comfort to all...

Changes in the wind said...

Oh your gazebo is looking wonderful!! Glad things worked out good and that you found the electrical problem:)

ellen b. said...

Glad you chose joy around the circumstances and had many good times over the weekend. That gazebo is really something. I've never seen anything like that with the rain curtains, etc. Cool...

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

A Good family time. LD is wonderful - why is it always the last plug checked? Gazebo looks so welcoming. Hugs.

Linda said...

Wow, this was a post worth waiting for. I love your Summer! LD must be a man of great patience to have worked so long and diligently finding that electrical problem. After all LD has done for you lately and now you're bringing your mother over for your recovery time which means he'll have not one but two of you to care for, seems like he'd be within his right to protest that one. Love your posts. Waited last night for this one but apparently gave up too early. Keep smiling.

Arlene Grimm said...

So glad everything worked out for you Linda!! You will be down at the ranch soon but in the mean time, you got loved on by your family and that is a nice thing.

Jan said...

So glad you had a wonderful weekend even if you did have to stay home! The gazebo is beautiful and looks so inviting! I'm still "campaigning" for a porch swing for our front porch here! It would be lovely to sit out in the morning and evenings.

Sweet Tea said...

It makes me happy to know you have a gazebo in place to enjoy as you wish. Sorry your original plans were foiled but what a lovely weekend you had with your family once again.

Sandra said...

sometimes what seems bad turns to good and i think yours did.. i love the pic of Summer in the car with the kids hanging on.. and the gazebo looks fantastic... glad everything is working out and that you and Summer had a good day, even though there was sadness in your Sisters life. i am sure you helped them through a bad day to... prayers for your sister and her husband

bj said...

Yes, it's always hard to have to cancel a trip that we look forward to..hopefully, June will be the month you get to go back.
So glad your day with family was good...mine, too. :)
I know you will be glad to see your beautiful mama...wish I could see mine just once more. :(
hugs to you and sooooooo glad LD found the problem.