Monday, May 16, 2016

Our Quiet Monday.......

Louis Dean and I are trying to 'lay low' as we say for the next three days.
We are not good at it but we try.
Yesterday afternoon LD did a lot of work digging a ditch for the conduit and shoveling the dirt back working so hard that he totally overdid it!! No wonder he had a restless night with aching numb arms.
We both slept late and after having coffee and devotionals in the gazebo - we both went back to bed at noon for naps!

This is the new coffee cup Summer gave Louis Dean on Sunday.
He absolutely LOVES it!!!
It's called 'Lord of the Plains' by Pendleton.
Since he is a registered card carrying member of the Northern Arkansas Missouri Cherokee Tribe - it was extra special even though the cup depicts the Blackfeet Nation and was designed by Blackfeet artist Terrance Guardipee. 
Men are so funny! He LOVES this cup and yet refuses to use it! He says it is for DISPLAY!
I can't argue with him about it because last year someone gave him a coffee cup with musical notes on it. He wanted to 'save' it and I urged him to use it! The very first time he poured coffee in it cracked!! So display it is! 

He showed me the very first blooms of the trumpet vine this morning!
We planted it last fall in front of the unsightly telephone pole.

Now that pole is LEANING and I hope if and when it gets replaced, I can salvage my trumpet vine.

It's so funny how the geckos are loving this new gazebo!!
They liked our first one but didn't frequent the second one.
Hard to believe we are now in our THIRD one!!

Cheap entertainment!
We are so easy!

While Louis Dean puttered and moved things around in the 'Sanford and Son' area,
I decided to swipe a little chalk paint around.

The legs on this table were already white so I like the Grey Linen color I used to streak them.
I painted the top solid in Grey Linen and then sanded and swiped white over it. Not happy with it but I can repaint it white later! and LEAVE it white!

Our rockers from the Cracker Barrel were our anniversary presents to each other several years ago.
They were looking a bit 'distressed' so I decided to go ahead and distress them some more!
I like it!

Louis Dean was rummaging around in the back yard and found all these glass blocks he bought at a garage sale thinking I would use them for crafts. They were stored in an old tool box/ gas tank he had for his diesel truck. He emptied it and then rolled it on pipes to its new location using a technique he saw on The Alaskan Bush People last week! He already knew how to do this but the reminder helped! He will be using these blocks in a walkway beside the gazebo.
He already put one in by the back pond and it has held up very nicely!

This is our gazebo as seen in the daylight!!
We use it night and day.
Morning coffee and evening wine.

This is tonight's blog spot!

Tonight's dinner served in the gazebo!
I think it's time to turn out the lights and call this one a day!


Linda said...

I love this new gazebo because it's light and I can see what's in it. I know you don't like bright rooms but I do. You amaze me at how quick you are to pick up a paint brush and get to work. If I pick up something that needs painting I set it down as quick as I can. I've never seen a trumpet vine that color. Beautiful. I had the old fashioned orange one in Texas and always meant to get a yellow one. You will find it interesting to know I had to take down my squirrel feeders. Those guys just would not respect the rules. I'm back searching for something living to love. I don't think I've seen any insurance salesmen here but surely they're around. Wonder if I could talk one of those into living on my patio? Is your Thursday surgery a day surgery? Hope it goes well. You've got a lot of miles yet to walk with those quads and it would be nicer if your feet didn't hurt.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

You sure get a lot done when you aren't doing anything LD and Linda. I am keeping you both in my thoughts. Bet you had fun with the chalk painting too Linda. Your rockers and table look great. Hugs.

Deanna Rabe said...

Rest well while laying low! It's hard but we want you to have your surgery on Thursday!

My uncle is Cherokee, too, from Arkansas!

Arlene Grimm said...

Thanks for showing us your gazebo in the daytime. It is like a little house! I can see why you love it so. Hope you are feeling better today Linda. And tell LD that my family hails from north Georgia where the Cherokee made their home. We have some rumors of Indian Ancestors but we cannot prove it as they did not want to be known as Indians in case they were rounded up and sent to Oklahoma.

Sandra said...

you gazebo is so cozy, day or night. love the chair and rocker paint jobs and the glass thingys to... listen up, tell LD to lay low and get some rest, achy arms and no sleep is not a good thing. and i agree to SAVE the beautiful new cup.. a work of art, so don't take chances with it..... take care, stay self and enjoy your rain watchig

Susie said...

Linda, I love that new gazebo. It's a nice outdoor room. LD did a fabulous job on it. I liked what you said about if you don't like something you paint, you'll just repaint it. I have done that before. Say, what is in that Sanford and Son area..LOL. I have a feeling LD is just like Ted...Ted says his father never threw a thing away..well Ted is very much like that.You know, "You may need that one day." kind of hoarding. Show us what LD does with the glass block. Yes, Take a resting break. Blessings, love you, xoxo, Susie

Changes in the wind said...

Your day of rest would be a busy day for me haha..

Vee said...

Keep taking it easy!

Jill said...

Love the gazebo and the little visitor :-) Take it easy and many blessings to you!


Nita said...

Is that what you call resting ? Painting and swiping this and that !

Debbie said...

what nita said, it's exactly what i was going to write. DITTO, no need to type it again!!!

the gazebo looks awesome!!!!

Small Kucing said...

Oh sorry about the tea cup. Hm...maybe can be made into one of those cups for flower/plants.