Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tuesday Movies and Wednesday Quad Day! Catching UP!

Tuesday I spent a good part of the day in Dallas - first with Amber and then with the grand quads!

This pic should say - SHOW ME THE POP SICKLE!!!!
Tuesday was a really warm humid day and reminded me that summer is not far away!

Still, it was pleasant enough for some playtime on their personal home playground!
All three girls wore little summer dresses and looked so cute!
This Trystan is something else! Such a little lady always paying the closest attention to every aspect of her appearance from her hair and bows to her outfits and shoes!

Harrison is pure boy and can melt just about any one's heart with a single glance!
Here he was telling me that when they take naps at my house - "Sometimes I pop open both my eyes and look around!"

My precious Logan! Who knew that tiny 2 lb 6 oz peanut would grow up to be this beautiful nearly four year old?

Notice how the kids have to play OUTSIDE the sandbox instead of IN it???
Just not enough room! The one Louis Dean built here at home is plenty big but we need a load of fresh new sand! We used most of it up in sandbagging last spring and for mixing cement this year!

The reason I was in Dallas yesterday was because it was TUESDAY and I hadn't taken in a movie on Tuesday in several weeks. My Movie Buddy, Ruth Ann, is spending some wonderful time down at their farm so I asked Amber is she was up for a trip to the Discount theater in Plano?
She loves a good movie every bit as much as I do so we were ON!!!

We saw this one and it was good all the way to the very end. Not all movies have a story line that holds up all the way through. This one did.

I left one daughter and met up with my other one who came over to spend the night with us!
She loves a good THRIFT STORE just like her mama does so off we went in search of treasures!

I found some and so did she!!!

I saw this dress and immediately thought my mother would LOVE it!!
I will have it all washed and hanging in the guest room when she arrives next week.

I also picked up this movie for $1.75.
Louis Dean and I read the book and I have seen the movie before but HE hasn't.
I think he will like it!
I especially like this movie because Amber did a story on Joanna Herring King while an editor of Houston Modern Luxury. I used to go down and attend some of the galas with Amber and I met Joanna King at one of them. It is such a small world and she knew my Aunt Geneva Gilbreath who was a well known Houston business woman and was active in Houston society. Mrs. King asked me to give her best regards to my aunt - which I did!
SO this movie has been set aside to watch when Amber comes over after her foot surgery in June and we will all watch it together!

Summer had stopped at the RED BOX movie rental and picked up a couple to watch!
I need to learn how to do Red Box!!
While she put together a darling plant wagon she bought me for Mother's Day, I grilled up some steaks and baked potatoes and fixed a salad!
Dinner and a Movie!!!
Win! WIN!!!

Sherry joined us and we had a good time watching.......

Summer, Jesse, Amber and Benjamin ALL love the Rocky movies!!!!
This one was WONDERFUL!!!

Storms had swept in while we were in the den and Louis Dean was in the gazebo.
I went out to find him sound asleep in his chair with rain coming in all around him!
He woke up and we pulled the rain curtains all around!
He was so BRAIN TIRED from all the thinking and figuring out things he's had to do since last Friday and then all the BODY TIRED that came with the doing of it all! 

Sherry went home and I cleaned up the dishes while Summer popped the SECOND featured presentation in the DVD player!

Another fascinating film and Christopher Plummer at 86 years of age is STILL an excellent actor as is Martin Landau!!! I remember HIM in Mission Impossible!
I won't give away the surprise ending in case you haven't seen it - but this movie was good to the very end!

THREE movies in ONE day!!!
I was on a roll!
I love it when I have a child sleeping under my roof!
Thank you, Summer, for a lovely evening!!!

I woke up at 8:30 this morning and was up and at 'em by 9:00!!
Wednesday was to be a short Quad Day and I wanted to be ready!

Louis Dean and I were in the gazebo having our coffee when I heard the bell dinging in the front.
We have no real doorbell and I like that as I never answer the door unless I know who it is!
We do have an old fashioned bell that you can ring by pulling a ribbon anchored down with two of Louis Dean's vintage cuff links! Amber says the kids take turns and every week they know just WHO will be ringing that bell!!! I stayed in the gazebo and Granddad went to open the door. 


I had several things new to the quads but were from Amber and Ben's childhood years. 
A tiny set of dominoes and two sets of miniature playing cards.
Plus a stacking game leftover from A & B!

Love this photo of Amber holding her Trystan with Logan playing at her feet.
Not seen are the other two playing just outside the camera view.
Shortly after this pic the kids scattered down the yard to play on the patio outside our bedroom where we put a new patio storage bin holding all their toys! They LOVED it!!!
They were so busy exploring and playing that Amber, Louis Dean and I actually had a chance to TALK and visit for a few minutes!!!

We did a bit of painting this morning!
I bought that white wooden tray while thrifting a few weeks ago and wanted to give it a fresh look.
Harrison was the first to man the paintbrush!

Logan was second and - not surprisingly - the most efficient!!
She covered a LOT of wood!

Trystan was the most precise and I failed to get a pic of Kailey because......
well, just because!!!

We had color papers to do while Granddad went off to get pizzas for our lunch!

Yummy! Yummy!!!
I asked them yesterday what they wanted for lunch today and the vote was equally divided.
Pizza or Tacos!!! Next week will be Taco Casa!!!

I let the kids play while I cleaned up and then I showed them the illustrations in On the Banks of Plum Creek. Living in a sod house is a bit hard to visualize unless you can SEE a picture.
Today the chapters were short so I read TWO!

Harrison and Trystan went right to sleep after the reading. I finally made my bed on the floor between Kailey and Logan as they seemed to be a bit restless. Just as soon as I laid down and held their hands, they went right to sleep and so did I!
Harrison and Trystan were the first to wake up - of course!
Granddad took them outside to play and let the rest of us sleep on. Kailey and I both woke up about the same time and we quietly got up.
I fixed some peanut butter and banana sandwiches for a snack and we hung out in the gazebo for awhile.

Logan was still sleeping when Amber texted me that she was on her way to pick them up! I love how tenderly all the other flocked in there to wake her up!

They were all gone before 5:00 leaving us with a bit of emptiness.
It's always so QUIET!
We were in the gazebo with our feet up and Louis Dean said, "There's the table but no little children around it! It's TOO quiet!"
After a bit of resting we were back at work on our projects!
He's doing some wiring on the gazebo and I cleaned out some weeds and debris from the landscape.

Then I used some chalk paint to finish off the white wooden tray the kids had painted.
I also found three stray boards and painted them in preparation for a stenciled saying later!
We worked until we were worn out and Louis Dean went off to soak in a hot tub and I sat down to journal. That's when the storm hit! LD was resting in bed after that hot bath and I called to him and we both ran out to the gazebo to pull the rain curtains together and batten down the hatches!!!

Then we poured us a glass of wine, found our flashlight and proceeded to ride out the storm in the gazebo!!! Maybe not the best judgment but it was a wild and glorious night!!!


Linda said...

Such a fun post! I keep thinking one of the quads will develop into my favorite but nope, every one of them are so precious it's impossible to pick a favorite. I do wish I lived close enough to know your Summer. I really like her. No doubt LD is one tired fella, mentally & physically. That gazebo was a huge undertaking. We have thunder so seldom that the forecast makes special mention of it. I suppose located where we are between the ocean and the mountains has something to do with it but we seldom have 'thunder' storms.

Deanna Rabe said...

This is what keeps you young! Lots of family, friends, and activity!

I love hearing about the day to day of your life -

Susie said...

Linda, I bet it sounds ever so quiet when the children leave. Bless them, being so tired. Sounds like you have enjoyed fun times with your girls too. So fun to junk with a daughter, isn't it. My Kathy is a junker also. But none of my other children like looking at Goodwill. Blessings, xoxo,love you, Susie

Arlene Grimm said...

Can I come and spend a day at your house Linda? It sounds like just the place to rest and be pampered!! Will you read Little House to me too??:)

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

A very GOOD day, lots of love for everyone.

Sandra said...

I have a question. have you even been in a thrift store and walked out without buying anything? i smiled when you said you both found something.
i love the girls dresses and they look so cute outside the sand box. sleeping in the rain? the sound of rain wakes me out of a sound sleep if it starts during the night... i had one day about a year ago that i watched 3 movies back to back.. i did stop for lunch...

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Quads!! That must be interesting! You are one busy lady. How nice to surprise your Mom with that dress! Nancy

Debbie said...

Your life is soo busy and full, and soo much love. The quads are just adorable.

Pondside said...

The energy those quads bring into a room!!!! I love it!

Penny said...

Love reading about all the activities you do with the quads. I like that you both sat in your new gazebo during the rain storm, I would have done that too. Louis Dean has built it good and strong to withstand that weather. No wonder he is tired out now. X