Friday, May 6, 2016

It's Always an Adventure!!!

This morning we woke up at our leisure fully expecting to do our morning coffee, devotions and reading routine before we would start loading up for our trip down to our camper at Louis Dean's son's ranch. Things went well for awhile.
We had our first cup of coffee out in the gazebo and then I came in to toast a couple of pop tarts for Louis Dean and a slice of bread for me. Just as I opened the fridge to get the butter for my toast - it went OFF!!! I told Louis Dean and he began to check the circuit breakers. We finally realized the freezer, sump pump and water fountain plus other outlets and lights were affected as well. All I can say is - it's complicated and here I am at 10:30 this Friday night and he still hasn't figured it out! YET!!! He WILL!!!

SO!!! With this 'free' time, I worked in the gazebo washing the white rockers and cleaning the deck before putting down the outdoor rug. I finished spray painting the six little chairs the quads use as well as a table to prop my feet up on. So far we have used up all 11 cans of brown spray paint Louis Dean bought last week!!! We need MORE!!! I want to paint the outdoor metal table and four chairs plus the other odd and end thing! We probably need at least 8 more cans!

Louis Dean was switching out circuit breakers and trying first one thing and then another - slowly eliminating one thing after another but not getting to the core of the problem with the electric plugs!!!
Praise GOD this happened BEFORE we left for our 10 day trip to the ranch!!!
He plugged the fridge up to a different outlet so that's a relief! He used an industrial extension cord to plug up the outside freezer so that's another relief! We lost no food and both were full!!!
I have to believe that God is in control of even the simplest things in our lives!
For some reason known only to Him......we were not meant to leave today and so we didn't.
It does no good to fret against the Lord and why would we want to knowing he has our best interests in mind?

God knows how to encourage our hearts when we are a bit down!!
Amber brought the quads over late this afternoon to surprise me!!
It was TRULY a surprise! I was just coming into the sewing room from the gazebo when they shouted HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY and I SCREAMED!!! It gave me such a start!!!! I think I even scared the kids! They are used to me being so happy to see them and instead I just SCREAMED!!!
After a minute or two I was calm and we had the best visit!!

They came bearing gifts!!! And hand painted cards!!!

This was just what we needed to salve our disappointment in not getting to go to the ranch!

The kids were impressed with the gazebo!!
They had snacks their mommy brought for them and kept us thoroughly entertained!!

Harrison is a cutie and always puts a smile on our face!!!

You can see the gazebo netting piled on the chair behind Kailey....
I will be hanging both the netting and the rain curtains tomorrow.

Louis Dean needed a break before he went back to thinking about how to fix this electrical problem!!!

And just to keep things interesting - I am here to tell you  the Fox Urine didn't do the trick in keeping the possums out of the house! At dark Louis Dean went around and shut both sets of French doors - kitchen and sewing room.....I went behind him sprinkling the fox urine granules across the thresholds of the doors....and opening the doors again!
My bad!!! 

We both heard a noise in the kitchen and went in to see a small possum running into the den!

We poked and prodded with a yard stick and finally gave up after seeing him several times and not being able to usher him OUT!
Finally, Louis Dean set up a trap on the kitchen patio!
Hopefully we will find this little guy in it in the morning and will take him to a park where he will find it more hospitable!!

As it stands now, we can't leave until this electrical problem is solved.
So I am going to make the most of it and use this time to dress and decorate the gazebo!!!
Make no mistake - I am so disappointed!!!
But what can you do???
Make the most of what you've GOT - 
and the least of what you've NOT!!!
There's always another day.....


Linda said...

Well shucks, I watched all day for a Facebook posting from somewhere on your way to the ranch. I think you've made a wise decision regarding your little possum friend. You wouldn't want to go to the farm and leave one trapped in the house. At this point I'm so desperate for a pet that possum might look good to me though I've never known them to be good at snuggling. As bad as this electrical thing is just imagine how bad it would have been if you'd come home to it. It's all those little twinkling lights, I just know it. Perhaps the answer will come to LD in the night and you'll soon be on your way tomorrow.

Changes in the wind said...

So glad it didn't happen after you left and you would have come home to an awful mess.

LV said...

Sometimes there is a reason the best of our plans get changed. You were very fortunate it happened when it did. I think it is terrible you have possums getting in your home.

Linda said...

I certainly hope you have the electrical figured out by now and are on your way to the camper. It is WONDERFUL that it happened before you left. Have fun when you get there!!!! Hand made gifts are the best, enjoy yours!!!

Terra Hangen said...

That is good the electrical problem happened before your 10 day vaycay at the ranch and hope you catch the possum so you can be on your way.

Sandra said...

so glad you found the problem FIRST... and glad he can fix it. what a surprise... a good one..

Susie said...

Linda, It's always something when we own a home. Some times a breaker can be thrown and not appear to you have to turn then off and then back on. I hope LD can run the problem thankful you did not lose your frozen foods. While you are gone, you may want amber to run over and check your home every so often. Hope you can still squeeze in some ranch time before your surgery. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Deanna Rabe said...

I know you're so disappointed but I agree it's so good it happened before you left! And now your gazebo will be decorated and set up!

Wanda said...

Your attitude is admirable. We make plans, but God directs our paths. I always think there is a good reason whether I ever figure it out or not. My part is to accept it. Your day in the Gazebo was great and loved that the quad surprised you with their visit and cards, even it your scream did scar them, HaHa. Happy Mother's Day, and hope LD gets to the bottom of your electrical problem.

Kathy said...

You are so right that God has a plan and for some reason known only to Him you were not to go to the ranch when planned. I know when you get there it will be a wonderful time. And now since you will be laid up a little bit with your surgery, you will have a fully decorated gazebo to recover in.

Vee said...

Screamed at those quads? Oh my! You had me laughing out loud. John says that it was good for you to scream a little and that the quads are young and will get over it. So glad that you have taken this attitude because it really is true. Not meant to be today, perhaps tomorrow! Hope that Louis Dean is able to figure the wiring all out. Gee, life is one thing after the next for you folks. And that possum...maybe he'd split if you screamed at him?

PATI CLARK said...

Happy Mother's Day !!!

Penny said...

You made the most of the extra time you had Linda, and swallowed your disappointment. Louis Dean is so capable and clever being able to fix these complicated matters, I would have had to get in an electrician. I hope you get away today, will be looking out eagerly for the 'next installment'! X

BeachGypsy said...

Happy mothers day my sweet friend!enjoy!!

bj said...

Happy Mothers Day..xoxo

Carol Slater said...

Sounds like a fun time is always to be had at your home.