Sunday, June 13, 2021

Rayne is a COUNTRY Girl.....And she celebrated her 11th birthday at a Guest/Dude Ranch!

 It was two years ago this week when Rayne made a visit to the ranch the week she celebrated her 9th birthday.

She fell in love with the horses......

and they came right up to her as she handed them treats.

There wasn't a critter at the ranch that she did not love!

The 'Mops' were new that year and she made friends with them right off.

From peacocks to roosters and chickens - she loved all things country.

Sadly, Covid prevented her from being in Texas for 16 months.
Rayne and Sabrina arrived in May and Summer picked them up at the airport and they have been visiting and having summertime adventures ever since!

For her birthday this year of 2021 - they opted for a week at a rustic dude ranch.....


The BAR+J Ranch in El Dorado, Arkansas!

"Welcome to BAR-J RANCH! We offer the finest horseback riding in South Arkansas! With 350 acres of countryside, we have something for everyone! We are a working cattle and horse ranch, specializing in bringing out the cowboy in you! "

"Daryl and Barbara Nelson, owners of Bar-J Ranch enjoy sharing their love of ranching and wildlife with others. Here at the Bar-J we invite you to rediscover the luxury of silence, the beauty of the stars and the carefree sound of your children's laughter. We offer a variety of activities for all ages. Our guides and horses can accomodate all levels of experience. We invite you to take part in our "little bit of heaven on earth". Come and renew your spirit and celebrate life's precious moments.
Take part in the many planned activities or just sit and relax on our front porch rockers. At Bar-J we offer maximum vacation time with minium travel. Here at the Bar-J we are all one big ranch family and encourage our guests to take part in our daily lives here on the ranch. So bring your family and friends or just yourself, and relax in God's beautiful countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of life."
I found this info on their Facebook page.

They had a wonderful time!!

I want to LIVE in that cute little cabin!
I LOVE the lights they strung up!

Rayne has loved the horses!!!

Of course, she would!

What's not to love?

They say she is a natural when it comes to riding.

While Rayne has been busy with riding and all sorts of country activities,
Sabrina has contimued to 'work from cabin' while Summer has had some down time for herself....

Plenty of places to sit and think, meditate, pray.....or just 'Be still and know that I am God.'

The days just weren't long enough for Rayne!!

She wasn't in the saddle all day but as often as she could be!

I'm so thankful Summer and Sabrina made sure we were included in her birthday week by way of photos and videos and posting on Facebook.

I know she is in her Happy Place!

She loved every critter she met at the ranch!

Lots of cool things to see there......

....and lots of photo ops!

Baby kittens.....

and lots of other cats.

I love this pic so much!
They closed out their vacation but opted for Rayne to stay for Horse Camp.
Reminded me of the days when my Amber was this age and she attended horse camp.
She and Rayne will share their life long love of all things 'horse.'
Turns out, Rayne didn't want to choose between camp and spending time with her Grami and her Mummers.......

***photo from Facebook***

so all three of them will stay!

As it oftens happens with happy times, sad ones still visit.
Sabrina received a phone call from Puerto Rico today telling her that their dear friend, Maggie, is in dire need of prayer.

Maggie is the lady in black with dark hair.
Summer says that she and her husband, Ralph, were key to their survival after Hurricane Maria back in 2017.

Maggie went into the hospital for a simple surgery and now she has an infection that is threatening to take her life. Summer and Sabrina love this lady and her husband and sons. In reality, they are more like FAMILY than friends. Friends that become family.
I'm keeping Maggie and her family, doctors and staff in my prayers.......

Louis Dean and I have decided to take a few days to rest and finish up some loose ends here before we leave for the ranch. I want to be there so badly but I know it's best to NOT run out of here like our hair's on fire in the long run! We want to come back happy and not dread our return and all the work we left undone.


Ginny Hartzler said...

This was just the perfect place for Rayne to celebrate her birthday. I adore the tiny cabin and little caboose.

Bluebird49 said...

Prayers for Maggie!
Rayne looks like a natural on that horse. So glad she can stay!

Vee said...

What a sweet vacation designed for Rayne. She is getting so tall.

Prayers for sweet Maggie. And prayers for all those who are trusting God to
heal her.

Yes, never go anywhere in a rush or as John used to say, "Slow down on purpose."

MadSnapper said...

Those photos are Priceless now and will be even more Priceless as she grows up and looks back. The one that is my absolute favorite is the one of her sitting on the horse it is just a perfect picture of her and the horse and the Joy on her face. I'm glad they all stayed what a perfect place for a vacation and I would love that little cabin and my yard

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Yes, it is better to take our time at our ages when traveling. Or else we forget something. At least that is how it is here!! Looks like Rayne was having the perfect birthday! Ben and his kids are going to Grimmwood this weekend. I hope they have a good time. I think Elliott is planning some fishing.

Changes in the wind said...

Happy Birthday Rayne:) What a wonderful place and yes that cabin is darling. Am sure it will be a special memory for her in the years to come. Think it is a good idea to finish up and have a fresh start at the ranch, safe travels.

Luann said...

Happiest of Birthdays Rayne! What an awesome idea and place for a vacay. It looks like such a peaceful place to relax and enjoy. Thanks for sharing with us non-face book peeps. Luann

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy Birthday to Rayne and will be praying for Maggie. What a wonderful way to spend a birthday, something I'm sure she'll never forget. It's wonderful we do have the technology to share our lives with others these days. Almost as good as being there.

photowannabe said...

What a way for Rayne to celebrate her birthday...
Her passion and love just ooze out of the pictures.
They really picked the right celebration.
I am glad you are returning to the ranch and doing it in such a way that you can relax and enjoy.
Will pray for that dear woman and her healing.. So sorry.
there are definitely some Friends that are Family for sure.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Happy Birthday to Rayne! I loved seeing her adventure and I went on the website. I chose to stay in the Annie Oakley cabin....if I get to go. But guess what? I always think blogland helps us know what a small world we live in and how much we have in common. I was BORN in El Dorado! Yes, I was! We moved to Arkadelphia when I was just a few months old but El Dorado is my birthplace! A small world? It sure is! Enjoy your afternoon!

LC said...

What a lovely, unforgettable birthday gift with such a variety of special experiences! And it appears that her enthusiastic embracing of all the ranch offered spilled over into joy for you and the other adults in her life! prayers for Maggie.

Carole said...

Hope Maggie rallies really soon. Lovely pics of Rayne. Cheers

Lisa said...

All of this is so cute! Looks like a lot of fun. I love that little cabin and the cat in the window is perfect.

Deb said...

What a lovely birthday adventure for Rayne. Prayers for Maggie to have healing and a return of health.

Debbie said...

Pretty girls, all looking extremely happy. I would love to live in that cabin too, it is quite adorable and just what ones heart would love. Happy birthday to Rayne, what in awesome way to spend your birthday time!

Deanna Rabe said...

How wonderful for Rayne!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

That sure was one happy girl and sending belated Happy Birthday wishes her way. I know you are anxious to return to the ranch and look forward to your posts from there, Linda.