Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Window of Opportunity!

Louis Dean and I glimpsed a 'Window of Opportunity' in our schedule!
With surgeries, doctor and dental appointments, and other and various commitments,  we discovered a week of getaway time where the weather and our schedule was not going to be a factor and we went for it!!! 

Monday morning we got up and had our coffee and went into 'Escape' mode!!!

We left home at 3:30 and it took an hour and a half to get OUT of Dallas!!
Our first stop was the Rest Area 5 miles south of Hillsboro!
I thought this line of trucks was so interesting!
Have I mentioned that I once dated a charming truck driver?

Then I met the love of my life!!!

We stretched our legs and started to relax!!!

We stopped in Waco for a traditional stroll through my all time favorite grocery store - HEB!!!

The farther we drove, the more relaxed we became!

I bet that old house has stories to tell......


Lots and lots of corn!!!!
I was so excited to see all the landscape!!!

The view from our truck window as we headed out of Mart and on to the ranch!

My hero!!!
He told me recently, "It will be my honor to carry you to the ranch!!!"
Carry you!!! Now that's gallant speech!!!

Louis Dean smiled as I started snapping pictures with my little red camera!!!

After the corn we came up on the maize!

Then the cattle across the road from the ranch!

My step son was nearly trapped in his truck as it burned on his return home a few months ago!
He and his beloved dog, Rufus, escaped with their lives!
While we are here, Louis Dean will help his son pull the poor dead truck off the road!

We are HERE!!!
That means Louis Dean has a lot of work in front of him unloading the truck!
HE unloads and I put up! Win! WIN!!

There are flowers everywhere!!!

Every nook and cranny are full of them!

My step son came down and turned on the A/C and hauled the chairs and bicycles out of the camper before we arrived. 

While we missed the spring flowers, the summer ones are fully abloom!

We do love our little vintage camper!

I can NOT tell you how happy I am to be here!!!

Parked and here we will stay!!! For awhile, at least!

I had bouquets and bouquets of fresh flowers to greet me!!!!
This is the view from our camper door!

Father and son are enjoying some very valuable time together!!

Our first sunset of this visit!

We are here and I am so grateful for this time to unwind and relax!!

Feet UP!!!

Wine POURED!!!!

Now we are going outside to sit on the deck and watch the stars and the lightening bugs!!
I KNOW it's after midnight!!!
We don't CARE!!!
We get to sleep in as late as we want!!!
AH! What a lovely feeling!!!!


Jutta said...


Ginny Hartzler said...

Stars, lightening bugs, and wine sound like a perfect prescription to me! Even though you have been under the weather, you have been so busy! Time for a beautiful rest in the country! Everything is slower and back to beautiful nature. I bet you will even start healing a lot faster now!

Arlene Grimm said...


Susie said...

Linda, By now you must know that LD is a rare man . I mean that in the absolute best way too.I am so glad you have him. It's wonderful that you are going to be relaxing and healing. Just enjoy your time there. Blessings to all, love you, xoxo, Susie

Linda said...

I'm so excited that you found time for this visit to the ranch to rest and restore your soul before your life gets busy again here in a few weeks. Thanks for the trip through Texas with the photos. I enjoyed all of them as I thought about my native state. In my opinion you have two that would be perfect for paintings, the old abandoned house with the cows in front, and more than that one, the burned pick up truck. That one is so Texas. I tell people here Texas isn't on the recycling cycle because they don't have to be. There's enough land that if a car stops running you just drag it to the north 40 and forget it. It may have painful memories to you but I sure do like that picture. Are you sure you want to write your book there? Doesn't that bring back painful memories? How about you just relax and not think anything but good thoughts while you're there this time. You can write on your book while you're recovering from your next toe surgery.

Debbie said...

sounds like a great trip and an even better place to land!!! now you have plenty of time to relax and recover!!

the sunset is awesome but the feet are even better ;))))))

Changes in the wind said...

Yea!! I know you love the ranch and haven't been able to go so this is a special treat.

Cheapchick said...

The ranch is definitely your happy place :) Have a great time

Linda said...

So glad you found some time to get away and relax....enjoy!!!!

Vee said...

It makes me happy to know that you're there. Enjoy your time away...bliss!

Art and Sand said...

What a fun getaway!

bj said...

I'm so so glad to know you are there and having such a great time. I love how you describe your happiness at just being. What a joy you must be to hang out with. xoxo

Deanna Rabe said...

Hurray! Enjoy your time! I know it will be relaxing for you both!

shortybear said...

nice pictures

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Ah! Enjoy!!!

PATI CLARK said...

Your a lucky girl to have Mr Dean !!!Blessed ! You two Love life and it surely shows !!!!

Jan said...

Have a wonderful time!

Penny said...

Fantastic. So glad you took the opportunity to just GO! X