Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Quad Wednesday - Short Version!

Today was a short 6 hour Quad Wednesday!!!
The kids are NOT happy about having to leave before 'dinner and dark' as they call it!!
Amber prepared them ahead of time so they would be expecting an early pick up.
I love it that they enjoy being here!

Can you believe all those little blue eyes???

They couldn't wait to see the gazebo!!!
Granddad worked out there a good bit today and the kids would stop their play and go check on him!

We visited Stephanie next door and her adorable dog, Sam, for a few minutes!
The kids are very sociable and love knocking on doors.

They even knocked on our fence gate after we walked back home!

I had a fingerprint craft project for them to do today.
Now that they are a bit older, crafting is so much easier for them!

THEY did the fingerprints and I added the marker details.

We made several to mail out to friends but they each chose one to take home to Mama and Dada!
Harrison's is the long caterpillar, Logan's is the flowers with the bees while Kailey did the blue flower in the middle and Trystan did all the 'critters!'

Lunch time followed!
Today I tried Trader Joe's Organic O's spaghetti O's!

Uh, OH!! SPAGHETTI O's!!!!

While I do up the dishes, the kids continued to play. I never tire of hearing their little voices as they count to 10 when they play Hide and Seek. This time it was in the house and under the dining room table and chairs. All the chairs have covers on them and they can curl up into a little ball and hide under one!

We do love our nap times!!
They know the drill and get the pillows out, pick the books they want to read and spend a few minutes quietly looking at them while I gather my books up and fix a big glass of tea to share!
We are now reading 'On the Banks of Plum Creek.'
Not one of them fuss about taking a nap. Normally we ALL sleep for an hour or more after our reading time just as we did today!

Logan seems to be older every time I see her!
True to her personality, at one point today she said, "Let's CLEAN something UP!!!"

Kailey admonished Granddad that he needs to pick up his toys!!

See those little green chairs?
After the kids left, I spray painted them a lovely brown!!!
They look brand new!!
Sherry found these at the curb one day last year and immediately thought of the quads! 
We have been using them ever since!!

We sat for a few extra minutes in the living room 'talking' before they had to leave!
Talk of lizards and stories and all manner of things!

Even SCARY stories!!!

Getting ready to leave!

Bye!!! Bye-BYE!!!!

The house is always so quiet after they leave.
It was only 5:00 but I thought perhaps I would shower and go to bed early.
I often THINK this and then time slips past and I start doing one thing and then another.
Today I did a bit of mending by hand as I sat in the sun outside and watched Louis Dean work. 
Then I started paying bills and uploading my photos from today.....
and spray painted the chairs, and folded laundry and sat out with Louis Dean on the deck and just talked. Next thing I know it's getting dark! So much for going to bed early! But I am hoping it won't be really LATE, either! I am looking forward to seeing a foot and ankle specialist in the morning at 10:00!
The receptionist told me they had a 9:00 appointment when I was scheduling this and I said, "Now, let's don't get crazy!" She and I had talked a bit about how she drives to work and sees retired people sitting outside with their coffee, reading the newspaper or working in their gardens! I assured her it is a wonderful life and she will certainly enjoy it once she gets old enough!!!

My blogging place tonight is under the gazebo!
It's still under construction so I can't really say I'm IN the gazebo!
I really want to drag the outdoor rug in and set up the chairs and hang up the netting and rain curtains and a wreath or two and strands of LED lights along the top edges and get the fridge in here and that nice low table from the guest room to use as a center coffee table and then add all my knick knacks and what knots!!! But I'll wait. Even if it's HARD to wait.
Louis Dean wants to get all the railings up and make sure it is all anchored firmly to the deck.
I know it's much easier if he doesn't have to work around all my debris!!!


Linda said...

Well, that was a short one. Always love seeing the quads. Yes, by all means give LD all the time he needs, we do need that gazebo anchored down good. It will be worth the wait. Anxious to hear what you learn tomorrow from the doctor.

Deb said...

I had planned on going to bed early too...well here I am still up....hope you get good results tomorrow!

Deanna Rabe said...

Love these quads! Prayers for your doctor visit tomorrow!

Hope you are in bed long before me tonight!

Bluebird49 said...

A wonderful day, indeed!

Kathy said...

Another wonderful quad day. They are so adorable. Yay for getting the gazebo up. It will be finished before you know it.

Penny said...

Don't know how you managed to look after the quads so well even with a sore toe. Great video clips, the quads are beautiful children in every way. X

Vee said...

Saying a prayer for the doc visit, which is where you are right now. Hopefully, you're able to get right in without hanging out long in the waiting room.

Those sweet voices as they cheerfully call out goodbye melt my heart.

You have created them a wonderful place at your home and it is no wonder that they love it. I loved getting under my grandmother's dining room table and was once "lost" because I fell asleep on the cross bar and she couldn't find me. Ha!

What a good girl to have the patience to wait for the gazebo to be finished before decorating. I know that Louis Dean appreciates it and he is getting so close now.

Susie said...

Linda, Wednesdays are so special for all of you. I love hearing the voices of the children. When Amber was driving them away and they were saying baby power...too cute. Those children have learned so much from all of you. Good things too. They are polite and play well with one another, They are caring souls already. I love that. Yes, just try to get to bed early.LOL. It is always one more thing to do. Blessings and much good luck at the drs. Love you guys, xoxo, Susie

Nita said...

The video's are gives us a glimpse of happy little people with sweet little voices. Linda, you're so good to share this with us.

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

That's a beauty-full life. As it should be. I too love being outdoors with our children.

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Linda, the quads are so adorable. They are growing up too fast. Glad the gazebo is up. Rest your toe....LOL Have a wonderful weekend.