Thursday, April 7, 2016

Gardening, Mosaics, Dilly Bits, Smelling the Roses, Cleaning, Yogurt and Steak! Wednesday and Thursday......

We have had a busy few days around here! Ruth Ann told me that if her every day was as busy as our Tuesdays, she would be hard put to do them!! Then she pointed out that MY 'every day' IS as busy as my Tuesday! I admit to being pretty tired at art class this week! I think I am dialing things back and I really am to a degree. My arthritic feet are having a big impact on my life these days and I am actually looking forward to a doctor visit this month and then another appointment with a foot doctor.
I am so hoping he can help me.

In the meantime......LIFE goes on and so do I!
Amber brought the quads over late morning on Wednesday! Kailey hugged her granddad and then sat him down in a chair to talk 'possum!'

She was looking at the pictures on my iPad and proceeded to tell Granddad....
"No possums IN the house!!!"
That's Kailey's thoughts about them!!!
Amber told me that Harrison told Jersey and Shiner they were GOOD DOGS for 'barking the possums away' from their house!!!

Since they arrived late, it was almost lunch time!!!

Lunch time!

The flowers are blooming around the kitchen pond!
This honeysuckle was planted by the birds last year! A real GIFT!!

Naps always follow lunch and that means naps for ALL of us!!!

As soon as we woke up, we headed back outside!

Our place is messed up with gazebo contents strewed everywhere but the kids were loving being outside with the doors OPEN so they could go in and out! I bought herbs and flowers on Monday so they helped me plant them on Wednesday! Each one planted their own pot of assorted herbs. This one has stevia and banana peppers and dill. 

Lots of things are tore up around here and that means there's fresh dirt to play in!

Of course, Kailey is more interested in the 'pishurs' on my iPad!!

LOVE hearing them play!!

Logan talked to Granddad a long time before I thought to record any of it!!
'Ain't it kind of funny what the children say?'

Logan had a lot to tell Granddad that day!!!

The kids love Texas Trash and Dilly Bits. I was out of both but I had the oyster crackers and dry ranch dressing mix, oil and dill weed and garlic salt - so we made up a batch of the dilly bits!!!

You mix up the ingredients, coat the crackers and bake in a slow convection oven.


They LOVE them!!! So does their mama!!!

Art appreciation was Christ Separates the Goats and the Sheep.
Mosaics from Ravenna.

When I talked about the small  pieces of stone or tiles, Harrison said, "I can SEE that, MeeMaw!!!"

We have a lot of small rocks around here so the kids collected a pan full of them but they thought the glass pieces I had in a jar would make better flowers - so that's what they used! 
Louis Dean had a tube of seriously good glue (that dries clear) so we used that to glue on twigs they found in the yard for flower stems. They took the plaque on the left home to their mama. FOUR flowers = FOUR children! I kept the one on the right.

We are LOVING this beautiful Texas weather where they can play outside and we are not yet suffering from the HEAT that is sure to come sooner or later!!

They LOVE playing together and the front yard is one of their favorite places!

Louis Dean and I never get tired of watching them and listening to them!

It's always a GOOD thing to stop and smell the roses!!!

Sweetness all over the place!
That was our Wednesday!

Today was another good day!
I left Louis Dean at home working on a deck outside our bedroom door - and to the left!
We plan to store some lawn things there and he is busy getting that done before the tree people come tomorrow to take care of our big elm. THEN the gazebo work can go forward!!

I went over to Amber's to help her in the kitchen.
With FOUR nearly four year olds, it's hard to get an y deep cleaning done but she and I managed to do some of that today!!! As always, it's not all work and no play!
Amber made us a great salad lunch and we stopped to watch a TV program before going to pick the kids up from school!

They were surprised to see ME!!!
We celebrated the day with at stop at Race Track for their yogurt bar!!

I loved seeing the way they all set differently!!!!
I have always been able to tell the quads apart by looking at their hands or feet!

I came home and had a gift in the mail from my friend down in Houston.
I met her through Amber and Mike and we have remained friends ever since!

Carla is a wonderful quilter and we have been blessed with quilts for each of the quads!!

She made this wine bag and wine coasters for me AND included a special wine glass!!!
You can find Carla at My Life: A Little of This .....and a Little of That!
Thank YOU, Carla!!!! I LOVE this!!!

Louis Dean worked hard today and he totally deserved a second glass of wine while I grilled a couple of steaks on the ceramic grill for our dinner tonight!

It's been a good day and we are looking forward to the weekend and have this tree situation DONE!!!!
Plus, I go in the morning to pick Mother up and bring her home with me.
Hopefully all the commotion of the tree people will be over with by the time we get home!!!


Linda said...

I can tell you for sure if my life was as busy as yours I'd in a corner curled into a fetal position! Did Louis Dean have to spend a lot of time getting that new hairdo? I guess that's his 'casual' look. I never tire of seeing Kailey's long skinny feet. My size 13 AAAA feet identify. This was a good post. Oh, almost forgot. That photo of the 3 girls on the same stool is a real keeper. Think you could paint that?

Deanna Rabe said...

I think that being busy and active keeps you young! That and the quads! I love hearing them talk and seeing them grow!

You all are going to enjoy the new gazebo when its in place!

Sandra said...

it is funny how they all have their own way to sit. and the shot where the 3 girls are standing together, it looks like one is much taller than the others.. they are alike but different in so many ways. talking to grand dad seems to be the thing they love most

Susie said...

lInda, I love the film's like I am there with all of you. I can hear all your voices and laughter...I love it. Those children are growing so darn fast. Where did the time go? I am so glad you help Amber. I help my girls too. I have one daughter who is a super house cleaner...the others , I don't know...I tell them , give their children some work to do too. All my girls did chores, we all had to pitch in . Some times I wish they were back home. LOL. Blessings, xoxo,love, Susie

Estelle's said...

Are these quads SWEET or what? Interesting to see how they sit differently! As always, The Chapmans are "abuzz" with activity, crafts and good food! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Kathy said...

You are always so busy! I love seeing those video clips and hearing the quads' sweet voices. I really do have to try to make those Dilly Bits. They sound so good. Those mosaic flowers are so pretty!


The quads are such adorable and happy children. I love the little video clips and 'hearing' all the fun they're having at grammy's house.
Enjoy your Spring with your wonderful family my friend.

Pondside said...

No one knows how to fill a week like you do, Linda. Just when I think "now she can sit back and relax" you are planning to head out to pick up your mother for another stay. Bless you!
The quads are beautiful. I know what you mean about the hands and feet and sitting styles - so sweet and so characteristic.

shortybear said...

enjoyed this post.

Jill said...

You have such a busy yet full life, love it! Have a wonderful week