Wednesday, April 25, 2012


That was my day! TRIPLE the fun with the Donley Triplets!!
I was 'beyond thrilled' to meet them in person.
I arrived early enough to help in two feedings.....
feeding Jacob and then holding him and Emma for awhile.

I took a basket lunch along with me.......
finally making the two ingredient dip I have seen in several blogs lately.
It is just sour cream and brown sugar to taste and I had fresh strawberries to dip!
Chicken salad.....meaning a salad with cut up roasted chicken on top....and a coleslaw which is a favorite of mine. A sister church member gave me the recipe a couple of years ago. It is a bag of slaw mix (broccoli slaw is good!) with sliced grapes and diced avocados - all tossed with a poppy seed dressing. MMmmmmm! Good!
I also brought store bought sweets, iced tea in an Amaretto bottle, cheese and some flat Italian herb crackers. I think I am going to duplicate this basket next week for Amber!

After lunch it was time for another feeding and this time I held Miss Ally!
All three babies were as good as gold and SO SO SO SO SO precious!!

It has been a blessing to watch Mary (herself a twin!) grow up and such an awesome person she is and always has been!! Her sister, Marie, is every bit as special to me.
Marie has a blog - LIFE IS SWEET!! She is super creative!! 

Mary and her husband have got this triplet thing DOWN!
I had a ball and gleaned a ton of useful information for when my time comes with the BELL QUADS!

Amber is doing well today. You can catch her latest post - Quad Squad Wheelchair Route! 

That's about it for today! I love good days, don't you?


Vee said...

Awww, now they are cute! You look like a natural, too. That basket sounds wonderful. I'm sure that you'll have not only Amber thinking about it, but all of us, too.

Bernice said...

You look so natural and Happy holding those darling little triplets cant wait to see Grandma holding her 4 Grandbabies:)
Your basket sounds yummy, and I am sure/know Amber will love it.
Take care, heading over to read Amber's blog, before heading to bed.
Continued Prayers

peggy said...

That is just the sweetest picture of you and those beautiful babies. Someone is going to be very busy for a while. Blessings to all you.

Kathy said...

What adorable little babies! I'm sure you gained lots of hints on dealing with multiples on your visit. Your basket looks great. I am going to try that slaw recipe. Sounds so good.

Susie said...

Linda, What an armful of sweetness. I know you are thinking this is good practice. Your lunch looks great. Have some fun today. Smiles, Susie
praying for Amber and the babies.

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Oh-my-gracious!!! What an arm full. Just precious.

Nice practice.



Bev said...

Glad to see you are practising!!! It looks great on you grandma!!


Oh my goodness, how totally wonderful and blisstful to be holding triplet grandchildren!! What a gift from our Lord, may they always be blessed by Him, along with their parents and granny too! Lots of hugs to all,

Debbie said...

oh linda, all 4 of you, too cute for words!!

i love the lunch you brought, thoughtful, easy food to eat and lot's of varity!!

i have been a silent cheerleader on amber's blog and i am going to check out life is sweet, mostly because it is!!!

Angie said...

OMG that picture of the triplets melts my heart. What an awesome day you had Miss Linda!! Glad you enjoyed. Just wondering too, is that 2 ingredient dip good?

Heading over to Amber's blog now. Have a good night dear!

Carla said...

You are such a special person. I am honored to know someone like with so much heart, energy and devotion to all things. Hugs