Friday, May 13, 2011

What's in YOUR Medicine Cabinet??

I have lived in this same house since I was 18 years old. I have ALWAYS keep the medicines, health related things like thermometers, cold remedies, Rx drugs.....the works in the hall closet on two shelves.
MO MORE!!! In light of recent events I have decided to organize all of that where I can actually FIND what I need when I need it! Also I wanted a place for Louis Dean's meds as well as mine WITH a list of what and when to take them. I LOVE those weekly boxes you can just fill and be done!

SOOOOOO......I took it ALL out and dumped it on the dresser in the guest bedroom. I was using two drawers in there for the RX meds and various things. NOW it is ALL organized into three drawers!

I ended up throwing away a white trash bag FULL of totally expired things! Some dated back to 1995!
And longer! I was amazed at the stuff I found. I am really bad about taking things OUT of the packaging.
There were many meds I had no idea what they were for. Probably allergy symptoms but I threw them out just to be on the safe side.

The very OLDEST item I found was a tube of ointment prescribed for me by a dermatologist
 and dated 5-21-74!!!!!!!

Then there is the tube of ointment dated 5-28-87
for diaper rash.......when Amber was a baby!
Can you tell I KEEP EVERYTHING???

Now that all my medicines are all organized and tidy I am moving along to other areas to purge and clean!
I must tell you though......I did KEEP these two small tubes. I could not bear to toss them out!
So if you just suspected before.... now you know.....
I am a sentimental pack rat!!


Nita said...

Wow! you sure are, what in the world are you going to do with a out of date tube of diaper rash cream! Just hold on to the picture you took of it. This will make a little more room for the NYC lipstick we like! (o:

Nancy's Notes said...

From one pack rat to another, I so understand! I just need motivation to get at it and purge like you did, way to go Linda!


Luann said...

Linda I just saw on Dr. Oz yesterday ( I think) the proper way to get rid of old meds so nobody takes them... put used coffee grounds in a plastic bag, put the capsuls in and add a bit of water... they dissolve into something that looks so yuck no junkie would try to take them. LOL I thought it was pretty kewl idea. anyway it was an FYI moment for me. Nita had a good idea about keeping the photo of the cream... no temptation to use it on Ambers baby when ever that day arrives. LOL Hugs

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! This was not easy, for a *sentimental packrat* to do! And I am very proud of you!

But see! Didn't it feel wonnnnnnnnnderful, after you had done it? Didn't it? Didn't it? Didn't it? :-))))))

When you lose motivation to do more culling, please remember the wonnnnnnnnnnnderful feeling of after it's done. :-)


Carla said...

LOL. 1974. I love it. You are too funny. I guess I better go thru some of our meds.