Monday, May 16, 2011

Wallpaper Decisions......

It may be old fashioned and it may seem dated but I LOVE wallpaper! My entire house is papered except for the den and one bedroom. I find it easier to hang paper than it is to paint. Odd since I am an artist and paint with oils. On the walls I prefer paper!

Most of the paper in my house dates back to 1983 when my house burned and it was completely redone.
I think it is now time to update some of the rooms. It started with my Bathroom Remodel that lasted from October last year to April this year! The next room on my list is the Master Bedroom......and we have already started on it! I am refinishing some of the furniture we already have and am going for a lighter look in the room.

Two decisions must be made: Wallpaper and Floor Covering.

The paper I selected had been discontinued by the time I was ready to order it.
You were to tear this paper in pieces and slightly overlap for a mosaic look.
No longer available!

Now THIS is the one I am dearly in love with!
(But it is pretty pricey!)

I am turning dark furniture into light and distressed pieces similar to this one in the photo.

I was leaning toward this greenish mottled look......

But after putting some samples up on the wall I believe I like the beige/cream better.

While this particular paper is in the discontinued book (which they just gave me!)
I believe I can find one that is close to it at a fairly affordable price.

With paper I can do one wall at a time which is a good thing!
Louis Dean will need to do some fairly extensive repairs on the Sheetrock  of one wall.
It already had some cracks in it but last night he was in the attic drilling a hole to thread the cable TV through when he drilled into the Sheetrock itself. This was AFTER the first hole where he drilled into the ceiling!
The electric and cable are now hooked up and working fine.
We just have to repair the WALL before I can paper!
And since I have not made a decision on WHICH paper.....
I guess he has plenty of time!



Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Fun decisions! This part of a doing-over project can be almost as much fun, and the completion of it. Anticipation and all. Making one's own decisions. Etc. F-U-N!


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Look forward to your decision and seeing the finished room. Hugs, Marty

Carla said...

Can't wait to see what you decided. What I've seen on pictures I like the way you've done your house. LOL though we're total opposites on wallpapering.The only wall paper in my house is the the border in Pam's room but that will change this summer. I can paint slowing but can't wallpaper. I guess you can tear any of the wallpaper you want to make it mosiac. Have fun!

Luann said...

I like the beige.. I love wallpaper... most anyway.. In Germany my master bedroom was large purple swirls. While Purple is my favorite color .... I wasn't impressed with the wallpaper in any form or fashion. LOL We just have old souls sis.

Diana Ferguson said...

Will be anxious to see the one you choose!!

Deb said...

one thing always leads to another when your remodeling or doing home repairs...can't wait to see your finished product...hope your Hubby is doing well...

Judy said...

I like the one you love dearly as well (you know, the pricey one!. Looking forward to seeing the end result. I'm sure it will look lovely whichever one you choose.