Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pretty Weeds....Ugly Weeds!!

I do not know the name of this little weed......but I think it is pretty! It is growing between the rocks on the patio by the kitchen doors. I only wish I had more of it!

It looks like some kind of clover to me.

Then there are the ugly 'tree' weeds....

as well as the tree bushes that the birds plant.

The Johnson grass or Dallas grass just looks mean to me!

The MINT!!! Oh, my GOODNESS!! The MINT!
It takes over everything! I have to pull it out so it won't suffocate the roses!
The only thing that seems to choke the mint is the honeysuckle!
And, technically, honeysuckle is a weed.
I found the following information at this Ohio State University website.

"Japanese honeysuckle was introduced into New York from East Asia in 1806 as an ornamental. The first report that it escaped from cultivation did not appear until 1898 after which it quickly spread throughout the eastern U.S. It now occurs most abundantly in an area extending north to Long Island, west to central Illinois, and south to Florida. Japanese honeysuckle is naturalized throughout Ohio with the exception of a few northwestern counties. The plant is frequently found growing beside roads, railroads, fences, fields, and woods. Japanese honeysuckle is an invasive plant when growing on fertile soils in full sun. It grows less vigorously on poor soils or in shade."

The rain is gone, the air is warming up again and the skies are beautifully blue.
Guess it is time to go out there and pull some WEEDS!
But not ALL of them!
Some are just TOO pretty!


Deb said...

looks like morning glories to me in the first photo...beautiful day today in TEXAS

Vee said...

I faithfully pulled a weed that turned out to be columbine. I resist the urge when I first see it popping up in the spring. I didn't plant it; don't know how (well I sorta do) it got there; now I love it. Does your weed flower?