Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Desires of Your Heart....

"Delight yourself also in the Lord,
And He shall give you the desires of your heart"
Psalm 37:4

Sometimes I forget how much God delights in us when we delight in HIM!
Sunday  I was reminded of this as we were over in Dallas at a fellow musician's home for a cookout and jam session. Louis Dean LOVES the Lord. He also LOVES music! He loves to play- especially WITH other people! We had been praying for quite awhile that he would find some music buddies. He tried one thing and then another with it not really working out. The Senior Center...where LD was singing a Marty Robbins song when one guy started playing the Star Spangled Banner. LD has ADD and this really threw him off!! He tried music lessons with a teacher over in Plano. Except for the long drive and the fact that he got lost every time - that worked for a while.  He was learning to play the Dobro. LD said he really wanted ME to learn but that ship didn't sail so he had to take the lessons himself.
One day last year I went to the movies with a friend and she had seen a picture of Louis Dean holding his guitar (one of MANY!!) She asked if he would be interested in playing sometime! WOULD he!!!!????
Brenda, who sings like an angel and plays just as well, has a friend named Wayne who also plays and though he lives in Garland he works over here and would love to join in.
Thus began our Monday night jam sessions.
This was the desire of Louis Dean's heart!

Then a few weeks ago Louis Dean started saying, "We need a fiddle player!!"
Over and over he said that!
I thought - Yeah, RIGHT!! You just can't conjure up a fiddle player out of thin air!

Enter an extraordinary fiddle player......but I think this gentleman is indeed a violinist!
God brought him all the way from China and he is wonderful!!
His daughter sings well.
Louis Dean was in hog heaven!

Each and every member of this group is a Christ follower and loves the Lord.
This is Mr. Hu. He loves to play 'churchy' music!
His daughter, Jane, tells him it is 'gospel.'
He is learning English but music is a universal language.

So I am rejoicing along with Louis Dean! God truly does give us the desires of our heart!
Sometimes we simply have to wait for God's timing.
HIS timing is always perfect!


Diana Ferguson said...

Awesome story, Linda!

Bev said...

Yes...to have God's promises...at times that is all we have to hold on to! What do people do who don't have this faith and life is falling apart?

LV said...

That is all our problem, having patience to wait. I am very short on patience. I love good old fashion gospel and country music. Glad he found those that enjoy playing as much as he does.

bj said...

So glad he found a place to play with the people he enjoys.
I am so short on patience...I want everything done RIGHT NOW...but I've learned to wait on the Lord..HIS timing, as you say, is perfect.
xo bj