Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tuesday With Ruth Ann!

I admit to being a tiny bit on the 'blah' side of life this morning.
Still, a Tuesday is a Tuesday and there is always SOMETHING to celebrate every single day!
I got ready and picked Ruth Ann up before noon and we headed to Dallas! Our first stop - the Goodwill on Midway Road!

I found several treasures!

A devotional book, paperback novel, brand new with tags grey light linen slacks from the Gap, brand new with tags pajama Nautica pants, debris fall decoration, and a beautiful bedspread! Plus 4 pillow cases! I needed some extras for the camper.

Next stop: Central Market!!!
Owned by HEB which is my all time favorite store! (unless I lived in Florida and it would be Publix!)

I never saw such a gorgeous display of fruits and vegetables anywhere!!

Can you see Ruth Ann weighing her potatoes?

We ate lunch in their deli - and we always get the very same thing every single time - soup and salad!! I got a special treat when I spied a sister synchro mom from all those years with the Pirouettes of Texas!! Kay! She had two of her sweet grandchildren with her. I love it when you get to meet up with friends expectantly.
My day just kept getting better and better!

From there we went to Quadville where we watched Harrison, Trystan and Logan while Amber took Kailey in for some routine blood work.

It was such a beautiful day that we played outside!!

We started in their little playground in the back yard.

Harrison was adorable telling us how he had brought some rocks home from school.
He didn't have anything to put them in so he just used his pocket. Then he proceeded to pull them out! I love to listen to what the children say!

And I love to watch the children play.

Then we moved to the front yard.
Ruth Ann was totally fascinated by some work the neighbors were having done!

It doesn't take much to entertain us!!

It was 5:00 by the time we were on our way back to Irving.
We hit up one last Goodwill!

I found a Nine West purse and a black feather boa as well as a 'house dress.'
Do you ever hear that term anymore?

I had laid out art last night and made plans with Ruth Ann and Sherry for tonight.
Then I found out at the last minute that my granddaughter, Faith, was in her sixth grade talent show this evening. So I changed plans. Then late this afternoon I learned the talent show was even earlier than we originally thought so there was no way I could arrive in time seeing as how it was in Arlington. However, Ruth Ann and Sherry had already made alternate plans for the evening so I did art class solo.

It was the very first time I have put out my oils in 2017!
This seascape was based in months ago!
I decided to paint with abandon just as if I had good sense!

I still had a great time all by myself!

While I finished the painting in 2017 - the bulk of it was done last year so I signed it 2016!

Louis Dean decided to bring his music in to the dining room and I continued to paint.

This time on Dean's burned pick up. 
I only worked on the sky and background but I do feel I accomplished a good bit.

It felt good to have a brush in my hand smell the turpentine again!

Then just like magic - the dining room was all back in place!
The very last of my mully grubs had disappeared.

Now Louis Dean is just getting out of the bathtub and we are going to watch Alaskan Bush People.
I don't know many men who prefer bathing in a bathtub anymore. Most guys take showers.

I would like to close tonight's journal entry by telling you all that our Dear Danna went home to be with the Lord about 7:00 this evening. I know heaven is rejoicing as Danna made her entrance. However, her mother, father, grandmother, four year old Ricky and family are all grieving her departure even as they are happy and relieved she is out of pain.


Deanna Rabe said...

I'm so sorry about Danna but so grateful that she is no longer suffering. Prayers for her precious family.

You had a great day, and how nice that Louis Dean played music while you painted!

Sue ZK said...

is that painting for sale? if so, email me :) Prayers and hugs to all of you... its hard for those who are left but beautiful for her.

Linda said...

The death of a young mother is so difficult. The seascapes are lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing you finish Dean's truck painting. I'm just impressed LD can get out of a bathtub. It does appear you had a good day.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I am so very sorry about Danna. It is so hard on the ones left behind. your painting is so beautiful! And you even dressed to match it! I think Harrison may become a rock collector, just like me! I do collect the serious rocks now, and when I was heir age, I loved to find rocks and paint them. Rock painting is still popular! i bet if you pick a few rocks off the ground they would be really happy to paint them. Remember the Pet Rock fad? I love the purse and house dress Yes, I still do use the term!!

Jutta said...

Please recieve my warmest consolences Linda.

Jutta said...

Thinking of her son.
“Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eye, in every gesture, dignity and love.” John Milton

Kathy said...

You had a very productive day! I used to collect rocks when I was in elementary school. I kept them in empty egg cartons. Wow! That brings back memories. I still love rocks.

And I love that seascape! Water is hard to paint.

So sorry for the loss of Danna. But she's not really lost because we know where she is. Such a blessed hope. But such a hard time for her family. They are in my prayers.

Susie said...

Linda, Sending hugs for all of you. Danna was truly loved and will be missed so much.
Glad you had fun with Ruth Ann today. She looked right at with the children. Harrison's rocks:):) made me think of my Kathy. I found some gravel on the tv once and ask her, "Kathy are these your old rocks?" She said, "No mom, them's my new ones." She was only 4 then.
I love the paintings. I wish I lived near by to be able to come to class. Blessings and love to all, xoxo, Susie

Changes in the wind said...

Your painting is beautiful!! Another full day.

Arlene Grimm said...

So sorry to hear about Danna but knowing she is with Jesus and no longer suffering is a balm for the believer's heart. I love all your painting. I wish I had a little bit of your natural talent.

Sandra said...

so sorry Danna is gone and prayers for her sweet child left behind. your painting is beautiful and I know I will love the truck, got a laugh out of watching the neighbors stuff. I love to do that to

Say What? said...

So sorry to hear about your friend. May God comfort the family as only He can. ((hugs))

NanaDiana said...

My heart is breaking for Danna's family. She is beyond it all-her journey is over--their journey into grief is just beginning.

Love all the things you did with your friend and you are right- I have not heard the term 'house dress' in years. Your painting(s) looks fantastic. You are VERY talented. I have never oil painted but always thought I might like to try it. xo Diana

Debbie said...

your painting is beautiful linda, you have so many talents! i am sad to hear about your friend but i do love the way you shared the news with us. the quote is profound!! may she rest in peace!!

Jodi Walters said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Linda. My heart just breaks for that family. May God bring comfort to all of you!!!

Vee said...

So good to know that Danna is safely home. Her trials are over and she is walking with her God. I will keep her family in my prayers and I trust that the comfort of The Lord will be their sustenance. May The Lord Himself carry their sorrows and hold them close.

Lovely that you got some painting time in before January was over. It's a beauty! Lots of terrific finds, too.

G Dazeez said...

My heart and prayers go out to Danna's family, including you and Louis Dean. I wish I had your energy! Your painting is beautiful, love the blues! You got some great buys at Goodwill!

Curtains in My Tree said...

I wan to have your life with Louis Dean and your paintings.
You are very talented and of course I like hearing about your adorable quads.You know your the only Grandma in my blog land who have quads?

So sorry about the person who is no longer with us on this tormented earth, I know all Christians are in a much better place when they leave here

jealous of all your Goodwill finds also :)

Audrey said...

First time to visit your blog and I am impressed. You are a very talented artist. Love your work. I will be back to visit more. Thanks to BJ for sending you my way for a visit to Timeless Treasures. Hope you will visit often. So sorry about your Danna.
Audrey Z.

bj said...

what a nice day it turned out to be...it's your amazing attitude about finding goodness in everything. You are one of my heros, you know.
House dress...i sure know that term..i still have "house pants" and "house tops" (no house dresses any more)...and when I tell my girl I so wish I could make my passing easier for her when my time comes..so that she wouldn't be so hurt, and she tells me the same thing..."i will grieve because I love you so much".....and then, I cry.

Eva said...

So sorry about your precious niece…Jesus be near and give them peace. I had to comment about your "mully grubs." My mother always said that! You don't hear those old time sayings much any more. One more thing--I still think you should paint Santa in the old red truck! Great post, Linda!