Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Quad Monday and Tuesday Treasures!

We had our very first Quad Monday of 2017!
I saw them as they drove up in the driveway but I always wait until they get to the door.
They usually take turns in ringing the bell......a real bell that you jangle by a ribbon that has old cuff links tied to it.

This week they ALL rang it at the same time!
It was so good to see them!!

I think they missed our Quad Mondays as much as we did!

Who loves you, Granddad?? ME!!!! says Kailey!

Harrison said, "Watch me wink!"
I love how kids say 'Watch Me!!'

They really helped me get a bunch of Christmas down!
Harrison crawled under the big tree in the living room and pulled out all the gift boxes (empty) and took the fancy ribbons off and then nestled them all inside each other. A time consuming chore!
Logan and Trystan undecorated the den tree.

Speaking of the den.....let me show you the closet we were huddled into Sunday night.

The closet area goes back to the right about 3 feet so it makes a good size space to use as shelter.
The kids helped me get all of that back in there!

For lunch we did a High Tea.....

sandwiches. buns, cake, cookies, fruit and we added chips, cheese and  dried broccoli to make it a real meal.

They are getting so big now!

I hope they never outgrow their love for tea parties!

They have loved the Tea Party Game I bought last Christmas and I am about to start the Good Manners Card Game I bought at the same time.

That Logan has the sweetest angelic smile.

The cookies from Trader Joes were a big hit....

this - not so much!

Naps followed lunch and we ALL slept!

Harrison was the first to wake up and he wanted to play with his dinosaurs.....all 48 of them!

He had a dinosaur parade!
They were able to play outside for a bit before it started getting dark.
Since they were all occupied, I asked Louis Dean if he wanted a have a glass of wine in the gazebo before I started dinner. Just as we took a first sip, all four kids were in the gazebo with us. Not only that, but they got closer and closer until they were right up in our faces and laps!
It's like they have radar!! 

Trystan thought Granddad needed some attention!
Harrison was the only one that didn't get in Louis Dean's lap that day.
He probably did - I just didn't see it to get a photo!

By 8:00 they were fed, bathed, and ready to go home and go to bed.
I took a shower and did the same thing.

This morning it was hard to get up so I didn't! At least not for awhile!
After a cup of coffee - in bed - I called Ruth Ann.
We had not seen each other since the middle of December.

We met Louis Dean for lunch at Cheddar's before we hot up some thrift shops and went to visit Reaoma. We always have such a good time together and it had been too long!
Our first thrift store stop was Union Gospel Mission.
There the unthinkable happened!

We decided to got visit Reaoma next and that's always fun.
At every visit we always laugh.
Reaoma has the best attitude!

On our way home, we hit up The Curiosity Shop, DAV and Goodwill.

DAV has a nice area to rest back in the warehouse part where they have furniture.

I found a decent amount of treasures at Goodwill.
We started our day off around 1:00 and it was nearly 6:00 when I got home.
The skies were dark and it had started to rain by then.

Here are my Tuesday Treasures:

The first thing I found at the DAV.
I was wearing a comfy sweater and this jacket fit right over it.

It's light weight and has a silk lining.
I am going to wear this a lot with my jeans!

I picked this up for Amber to let the girls use.
Amber designs and makes jewelry so she might be able to use some of the supplies.
If not, the girls will feel grown up with their own jewelry crafting case.

The Curiosity Shop isn't a thrift store but we can always find a treasure.
The hand embroidered apron was just $5 and the bag of sewing supplies was also $5.

From Goodwill - fall debris foliage!

A thick thirsty towel......

long Williams Sonoma table runner.....

nice green blouse.....

and I LOVE this sweater - size small but it FITS!!

I picked up two rugs at DAV.

They are really nice and handwoven.

I got this to take to the ranch. We don't get TV reception but we can watch DVDs.

I am using some of my scarves in the dining room on a couple of tables and when I saw these brand new chargers, I scooped them right up!

I'm including this pink pajama top to illustrate how God blesses me with thrift store finds. I told Ruth Ann I was looking for an oversized pink top to sleep in. Sure enough! This was just exactly what I was looking for! That reminds me of the day in early December when Summer and I were at a Goodwill. Summer had a very specific color and size top she needed to complete an outfit for Christmas.
She found the very item and it was a quality brand!

After I got home. I had some housework to do.
Yesterday the dishwasher wouldn't completely drain so dishes are having to be done by hand until LD figures out what's wrong. I packed away more Christmas and cleaned my bathroom.
The faucet at the sink has all but come off. You can literally pick it up. That's another thing on Louis Dean's 'Honey Do' list now.

I really enjoyed this afternoon!
Ruth Ann and I felt like we just drifted and floated with it.

I started getting a headache when I got home. It could be the rain.
Or it could be the awful smell in the den. I think a critter has died and I am so hoping I don't find a carcass in there somewhere when I clean in there. It's probably a mouse in the attic.
I just googled 'how long does a dead mouse smell' and I didn't get the whole thing typed before it pulled the info right up!

ANSWER: The odor will last about 10 days or perhaps a bit longer. There is no certain way that the dead mouse can be found, and there are no chemicals that will take the odor away.

So I decided to simply go to bed and blog!
If I go in the den, I will put some Ben Gay on my neck and Vicks Vapor Rub on my nose and light candles!


Linda Reeder said...

I'm not sure where you are finding any space to put your new old stuff.
I loved tea parties with my grands too. I'm afraid they have now outgrown them.

Vee said...

What a fun day right up to the dead mouse part. (I had dead gophers here in June...what a nightmare!)

I was noticing all over again how much Harrison and Kailey look alike. All the quads are cutie pies and so loving and good.

What a nice haul. The jacket looks great on you!

Linda said...

Put out some eucalyptus foliage to help with your mouse smell. What always amazes me is how you can shop all afternoon and then go right to work cleaning when you return home. Not only would I be too tired, I'd never be in the right space mentally to do that. As always, it was fun seeing the quads.

Deanna Rabe said...

So sorry about the dead critter smell!

Love those quads!

Ruth Anne is such a great pal! You two are a gift to each other!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I love your shopping finds! Especially your jacket, it has such a beautiful lining. And the color is neutral, so it will match anything! What a grand and huge dinosaur parade!! Personally, I do not think they need any instruction on table manners. The videos I have seen show how wonderfully behaved they are at the table! Thanks in part to your tea time teaching! Harrison is so funny trying to wink! I still have the photo of our Anne trying to wink. Kailey and her granddad are just the sweetest thing; she looks like she is in Heaven!!

BeachGypsy said...

love love love that new jacket! Very neat! I also love the green blouse! Great finds...I love thrift shopping so much!

Kathy said...

All of a sudden I noticed just how big the quads are. They are growing up way too fast. Harrison's winking video was just too cute. You got such a lot of good stuff this week.

Estelle's said...

You are too darn cute! I love the little jacket! Great choice! You have inspired me with tea time for the little ones! I love doing that with my grandchildren too! It's going to be fun to see how you use those animal print chargers! Thanks Linda. for letting us be a part of your day! Hugs!

Sandra said...

love all the dinosaurers, he sure has a lot of them. you are blessed to have helpers with removing decorations. that jacket is pretty and perfect on you... oh no, not dishes by hand. LOL and I think the mouse in the wall at my office way back in 1990 lasted 2 weeks. it was horrible.

Jodi Walters said...

Love that coat....looks like something I would buy. Your hair looks so nice in that picture too along with your glasses. So pretty.
Your family is so fortunate to have you.......:)

NanaDiana said...

I cannot believe how big those kids are getting! I know you love/hate to see them grow and get bigger. They are so cute and I know you love every moment with them.

You sure did good with your shopping adventure! WOW!!! Amazing really. I love it when you go looking for something specific and THERE IT IS! It is like God smiled down on you in a little way!
Hope you have a great night- xo Diana

Nancy Chan said...

I will be looking forward to have tea parties with my grand kids in future just like you....you are so blessed with these lovely and cute grand kids. You look great in your selfie shot!

Debbie said...

those children are so very happy when they are with you - they are so lucky to have you and you them!! they are getting big and as they grow, they will always remember these special days!!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The kids are just adorable and I love that you have a tea party with them! They can tire you out, can't they! Great thrift finds too! The jacket is very cute on you! Makes me want to go and 'hunt' for treasures! Hugs!

Kelly said...

That is so sweet that you and the grandkids had high tea together. You always find the neatest things at Goodwill. I rarely go to ours. I love that cute sweater with the buttons that you said was a small but fit. We are expecting a lot of rain this weekend too. As long as it's not too cold, I won't mind it.