Thursday, February 2, 2017

Seizing the Moments!

Opportunities to spend time with our adult children are moments to seize!
Yesterday Summer called me as she went from a doctor appointment to an errand.
She had pulled off the road and parked so we could visit.

I gladly sat down with my cup of coffee and it was just like we were in the same room together!
I'm not sure how long we talked....yes! I just checked my phone and it was 33 minutes. It went by like 10! There's just something about hearing the voice of your daughter. I could tell by the sound of it that she was in pain. By the end of our conversation, she sounded so much better! YES!!

It was rather spur of the moment but yesterday afternoon Amber wanted to know if I was up for pedicures and lunch today. YES!!!! 
She has precious few hours available when the quads are at school so it was an honor she wanted to spend some of them with me.

We lunched at Pei Wei after our pedicures.

Such good food!! Such generous portions and we both ordered 'small' servings!
Leftovers went home with us!

There is no end to what I do NOT know about writing a book and using Word.
I apparently did some 'drive by clicking' as my son, Jesse, used to say.
Anyway I had done something that was screwing up the printing.
Amber quickly put it to rights and told me what to do if it ever happens again.
She IS a professional writer so I am confident she can fix all my mistakes,
After lunch she went her way - to pick up the quads from school - and I went mine - to run a few errands.

I barely had time to do a bit of housework before making dinner.

Louis Dean was getting hungry and there's nothing like onions, garlic and green bell peppers sizzling in butter to let you know dinner is cooking!!

I grilled steaks outside on our ceramic grill, thus making the neighborhood smell good too!

I bought Pretzel Bread Rolls at Central Market on Tuesday and we are loving them!!

I cooked some potatoes as I would if I were going to mash them - and then decided to add some of the onions, garlic, and peppers to them plus butter and milk and a handful of cheese. Of course, I salted and peppered them well. It was delicious!

We ate a good dinner together. We visited awhile and then we both decided we were really tired and it was time to go to bed. Louis Dean went in to take a hot soaking bath while I journal.
It's been a good day even though both of us are still hacking and coughing.
We go back to the ranch in the morning to do Critter Care while Dean does another Martial Arts Event. We are so glad we are able to help him with the animals so he can get away.
We will be back on Sunday afternoon......just in case I run out of data while we are down there. I have to use a hot spot since there's no Internet on the ranch.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and hope you enjoy Super Bowl Sunday!!


Nita said...

It is so special when you can visit with your adult children. They have busy lives too ! But to hear their voice is magical. I love hearing Leah saying Momma and Billy saying Hi Mom ! It is always special! Moments we hold on to .

Linda said...

It is indeed special anytime we can spend time with our children. Oh my goodness how I love grilled steak. Makes me drool just thinking about it. Hope you can get some good rest while you're taking care of the critters. Here it's the time of year when the wind blows and makes it feel frigid even though it's actually only 36 degrees it feels much colder. Of course it's probably unseasonably warm where you are. Take care and stay well.

NanaDiana said...

I love spending time with my adult kids--it doesn't happen often enough, does it? I am glad you daughter was feeling a bit better after your nice long chat.
Glad you have a computer whiz in your family that can set things right for you.
Hope the weekend is a good one down on the ranch. xo Diana

Cheapchick said...

I hope you feel better! Have fun at the ranch, even if you use it for just some R&R

G Dazeez said...

I hope Summer can find some relief for her pain soon. That was a great meal you put together with the peppers and onions!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Your 'Linda" potatoes look so good! I think I will try this. So how are things going with Summer and the doctors? I have never seen an entire pretzel loaf! It looks so good! I do hope both of you wake up in the morning feeling completely well!!

Bluebird49 said...

Your daughters are both so cute, and Summer's eyes were twinkling as much as Amber's---even as bad as she feels all the time.
Our daughter is living in Heaven, since 1998, when she was 31. She had an enlarged that was missed by her doctors. I miss her so much more than I can say! I have a wonderful son who is a husband and father, but you know the old saying about "sons". However he is faithful in helping and checking on us. In May, when I woke up 2 days after the pulmonary embolism, he was the first person I saw. As usual, he was soothing and reassuring---explaining to me I'd been 'out of it' and why for nearly 3 days and they needed to transport me to a trauma 1 hospital an hour away. He was such a comfort to his dad and me---still is. Just this November, his son (our 12-year-old grandson), was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. It's hard to think this is an incurable disease David will fight for the rest of his life! My son has had a lot on him this year, but he has been so reassuring to all the family. He has a deep faith and rarely does that family miss church! It's good to see Amber, Mike and the quads go to church as well as you and LD.

By the way, I thought your seascape turned out wonderfully! I admire your "spark", Linda! Keep on sparkling--- I love "reading your wonderful, joyful, faith-filled life!

Deanna Rabe said...

I love time with my adult kids, too! Praying that Summer will get some relief!

Your dinner looks good!

Have fun on the ranch this weekend!

Carole said...

Great meal although unfortunately I can't do onions or garlic any more. Have a great week. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Sandra said...

so glad you talk lifted Summer's spirits. and that you had a fun time with Amber.. all that food looks divine to me.. and now I am hungry

Changes in the wind said...

Those potatoes look awesome!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We love to eat good food with lots of flavor! And it's nice that you are close to family to spend time with them. Have a fabulous weekend! Hugs!

Susie said...

Linda, Being the mother of four daughters...I know that daughter time is precious. I hope Summer will be pain free soon. Oh sweet Rayne is growing up. :) Wow you fixed a wonderful supper for you and LD. Take care of yourself...don't forget to pack the heater. Be safe. Blessings, xoxo,love, Susie

Arlene Grimm said...

Linda, what is a hot spot? We have no internet at our little house and we use up our data while we are there. I have heard others talk about it but have no clue. Hoping Summer gets some relief soon...chronic pain is so hard on a person.

Kelly said...

You are a good cook (even though I haven't eaten any of your food). You always make me hungry when you share your meals. Hope you and LD start feeling better soon. Coughs tend to linger the longest.

Jill said...

So nice you two were able to spend time together, looks like a lovely day! Hope you all start to feel better! Enjoy the weekend.


Debbie said...

Oh can I ever identify with your thoughts on conversations with daughters. I don't get to do that often either with my only daughter living 1000 miles away and her having 3 little ones under 5, but when I do it is SOOO wonderful I miss her terribly. Sure hope Summer gets some relief soon. And my goodness! That dinner just looks delish! Yum...don't know what looks best. I think I will go with the potato dish as I don't have those very often. Enjoy your week-end at the ranch!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

You make me hungry...with all the good food pic's! Enjoy your weekend at the ranch.