Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mystery Reader!!

I really WAS a 'Mystery Reader' today! The quads remembered but they hadn't told the others in their class! Except Kailey told ONE little girl.

I received a good reception!
It helped that I was involved in the Pumpkin Patch trip back in September and the Christmas party last month. Kailey told the others, "Her name is MEEMAW!!!"
So that's what they called me.
I told them it sounds like a DONKEY and they all laughed!
I read 5 books......

This was Louis Dean last night reviewing what books I should read and in what order.
The Dr. Seuss was the first one!
Amber had three brand new ones from the library so I read those and ended with The Twiddlebug's Dream House. I think that was their favorite and I know it by heart as it was also Amber and Benjamin's favorite. I didn't have to read it - I just told the story. It's a Sesame Street/Golden Press book published back in 1983. Amber was born in 1985 and Benjamin in 1988. This book has been around and is one of MY favorites as well.

We surprised the quads with a trip to our favorite yogurt place after school.

I like seeing the way the kids sit. 
Only Logan sat like a 'lady' with her feet down.
Perhaps that's because she was wearing a dress.

It was a fun day!
Amber and I spent the morning and early afternoon together watching a movie....
Independence Day: Resurgence.
We've each seen it once but, as with all good movies, we like to watch it at LEAST two times.
It doesn't even come CLOSE to the original Independence Day but it is still entertaining.

I stopped by Goodwill on my way home this evening and found a few treasures.
I was in ALDI picking up a few groceries when my long time friend, Deborah F. called me. 
She had been out thrifting and found a REAL treasure for me.
She was already at my house and I told her I was on my way!

This easel was what she had found!
For just $6!!!
The movies were some of my Goodwill buys and I plan on taking them with us to the ranch.

The easel is a chalk board on one side and dry eraser board on the other with a roll of Manila paper that can be pulled up and over for markers, crayons or watercolors. Win! WIN!!!
Thank you, Deborah!!! You are a real treasure yourself!!
She and I had tea and a nice catch up sort of visit. 
For years and years she painted with me on Tuesday nights.
I haven't started art back up this year but I will be soon.
When I took the Santa wall down, I realized I really do want some NEW paintings.

My other finds were these two baskets.
They will go to the camper with us, too.

Louis Dean got the dishwasher all figured out and it's a done deal.
I can hear the drain gurgling away as I write tonight!

I'll close out this journal entry with a quote from the book I read this afternoon.

It's as true for US as it is for children!!!


G Dazeez said...

Linda, what a great day! Reading, yogurt, great bargains and more! That easel is a real bargain and such a thoughtful friend to bring it by. I bet you will put those baskets to good use!

Ginny Hartzler said...

What a wonderful day! And I love your pictures! The easel is a real find, the Quads will love it! And it looks like new! I will have to look up the dream house book!

Linda said...

What a wonderful day! Now, pack up and get out of town. Wonder if Texas is ever going to have any winter? You'd better go to the camper this week. February often means bad winter weather in Texas.

BeachGypsy said...

I am so glad your dishwasher is fixed!! yay!!!

Arlene Grimm said...

I am sure you were a hit at preschool Linda!! And I agree with you about Resurgence. It was just okay. I purchased Sully and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 to take to the Little House. Target had $10 movies so I could not resist.

jamarson1 said...

I love that your so involved in the quads life:)
Have a great day! I love reading your blog😃

Vee said...

Fun, fun, fun! The children look very pleased to have you there.

Nancy Chan said...

Hi Linda. You are the star in the class and the quads are proud of you. The easel and baskets will come in very useful. Great photos of the quads.

Latane Barton said...

This comment has nothing to do with your post... well, maybe a tad. You and Louis Dean seem like soul mates. I love that!

Susie said...

Linda, I am so glad ,someone as sweet as you, is becoming part of other children's lives. When I go to my daughter's class all the kids call me Nana...and I tell them, if you see me out somewhere be sure to yell, hi Nana. I love the gift form you friend. So will the quads. :):) Blessings, love you, xoxo, Susie

Pam said...

Wow, it is so nice you can be so involved with your grandchildren in their school! I hope when my grand daughter starts kindergarden next year I will be able to volunteer to come read to them, she loves books too! I really miss Amber blogging, good to see her in your pictures! Tell her we miss her stories too! Thank you for sharing! A friend in East Texas, Pam

Sandra said...

I have not heard of the Twiddlebug book. I know they all oved your reading. I don't remember being read to in school, but they might have.. that was many moons ago. that easel is a perfect find for you.. and the price is to...

Linda said...

Amber just told me yesterday that she's wanting to get her blog back up and running. She is a professional writer and has been busy with lots of writing projects lately with deadlines of course! I'm amazed at how she manages to do all that she does!

Wanda said...

How fun to read at the quad's school. I know they must love MeeMaw too...and the donkey..I had to laugh.
My kids had an easel like that. How perfect.