Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Warm and Cozy on a Cold Winter Night......

We made it to the camper!!
It took all day.
While we meant to get up and at 'em early, wouldn't you know we both slept so  well and long last night? There was no real need to hurry. 

I love watching the countryside.....
This photo was taken after we left HEB and were on our way to Mart.

It took us longer than usual at our favorite store because we forgot to get propane and a flashlight and had to go back in for a second round.

But we made it!!! It was dark by the time we pulled through the gates and it was COLD and windy!
As is our custom, Louis Dean unloads and I put up. We make a good team.
We plugged up our small heater and unwrapped the heated throw I got him for Christmas.
Comfy and cozy!!

Back when Amber and Ben were young, they helped me design and sew a Four Season Quilt and I keep it here in the camper. It was draped over the TV with he FALL quarter showing.
Louis Dean said it was time to change it to winter. As he was looking at it from the couch, he asked, "Is that a BEAR on skis??" NO! It's not but I guess he thinks it lloks like one!

We are all in and unloaded. Everything's put up and in place.
Fridge, freezer and pantry all nicely stocked.

It was time to pour our wine and sit back and just BE!!!!

It may be cold outside but we have a new electric heating blanket on the bed.
I think we are going to enjoy every single minute we are down here in the camper!


  1. Have a great time in the country ❤

  2. Your bed area is divine,and so romantic!!I SEE the bear! See the big brim of the hat? That is he bear's snout! The white part of the brim is his face, and he is looking up just a little bit. I KNOW you see him now! Sleep tight!

  3. What bear? I see a beagle with his nose sniffing the brisk winter air. What a fascinating perspective you used for the photo of Louis Dean. Now you kids stay warm!

    1. Oops...guess that would be HER nose...

  4. Hi Linda, enjoy the beautiful countryside! The bed looks so comfortable and the setting looks so romantic! Stay warm!

  5. Linda, I know you and LD would have made good pioneer stock. Thank goodness for the blankets. You will see some wonderful sunsets. Please be safe there. Your food will taste better , or so it seems when camping. Blessings to you both, love you guys, xoxo, Susie

  6. Nothing like getting cozy:) Have a great time there.

  7. I am so glad we live where we do not need a heated throw or blanket. glad LD has one to keep cozy and it does look like a bear on skis, i looked closely and it is a bonnet i think, but at first glance i see the bear.,

  8. Looks so cozy...and a dressed BEAR?:)))) I saw a bonnet lady hehe!!...Well hope it warms up...Our winter down here has been cool!

  9. Have fun in the camper! Get lots of rest and visit with your family. And stay warm! I do not like cold weather, but it's coming to see me the end of the week.

  10. I hope it's not going to be so cold you can't enjoy being outside.

  11. Yes, enjoy! What fun to get away. I'm ready for a stay-at-home without children get-a-way. I'm worn out from the holidays. Went home and am exhausted. I'll be ready to see my little munchkins soon. For now I'm resting.

  12. I absolutely LOVE my heated throw! I've had it several years now and it's so cozy. I can't use an electric blanket...I get too hot. These will be perfect for you at the camper.

    Enjoy and get some rest!

  13. Great photos Linda! Enjoy the adventure!

  14. Love being cosy in the winter. A heated throw sounds like absolute bliss! X