Monday, January 2, 2017

Getting Ready.....

We have selected our Bible reading for 2017 choosing to read from The One Year Bible - New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs. We will read a variety of other devotional and inspirational books as well and to start off I chose Hinds Feet in High Places. I have read this before but I thought Louis Dean would really enjoy it.

My older grand kids gave me the Prayer Bear 10 years ago and I still use it everyday.
I like to  hold the cross while I pray, then I put it back in the bear's arms to hold.

After our reading, Louis Dean went outside to clean out the truck and prepare it for our trip down to the ranch in the morning. He called me to the back door and said he had a surprise for me.


As he was arranging things in the truck, he found a bottle of perfume he had bought for me as a Christmas gift. He didn't want me to find it so he hid it in the truck and then forgot about it!
He had given me a couple of other fragrances but THIS was special!
He said he THOUGHT he had bought something nice but couldn't remember what it was!!
Even nicer to receive it today!

Summer gave me these hand creams in Oil Tube style!
Perfect for an artist!! I will share them on Tuesday Art Nights!

I got the sewing room all squared away! I finally used that HUGE tablecloth I bought back in the fall!
This covers a multitude of sins hidden debris under there!!

I have my mending basket organized and everything is put back in its proper place.

This is my craft cubby hole. It's just to the left as you walk in from the gazebo.
I have enough denim and supplies to last my life time!

I found these Gingerbread Men in the back of the Christmas house.
Amber and Ben made them when they were like 3 and 6 years old.
I'm going to use them for a pattern and let the quads make some for Valentine's Day this year.
It's just brown paper with a layer of batting sandwiched between them.

I was feeling pretty good about all the rooms I have done so far!
Bedrooms, bathrooms, hall, dining room and now sewing room - all DONE!!!
All I have left is the room......foyer.....front porch....den.....gazebo.....
Yeah. I'm not even halfway there yet!

But it will all be here when I get back!

I packed my bag, my book material, a good book to start and will close up and pack my lap top as soon as I finish writing tonight. I'm excited about getting down to the camper for a few days!
NO rain! It will get really COLD but cold is good! We are taking a new electric blanket for the bed and a heated throw to use on the small couch.

Except for the Monday after Christmas when we went out to buy lights, I haven't been out of the house - or at least off our property!

That is until this evening!
We walked next door to our neighbors - Stephanie and Mark!
They have been my neighbors for nearly 30 years!

We arrived just before the sun started to set and Mark had the fire pit glowing.
Over 11 years ago now I brought Louis Dean over to this very back yard.
We weren't married yet and they wanted to meet this man that had swept me off my feet!
They approved then and they admire him now.

Stephanie and Mark were the first to get a fire pit back in the day and I played Follow the Leader!
She called me on the phone and said to come over and bring a sweater. 
I was single and only Benjamin was home back then so we went over and sat out by the fire with them. They have made their backyard famous! It is THE place to hang out!
They were the first to get a gazebo and, once again, I followed suit.

After our last gazebo got hit by the elm tree dropping a big branch on it, we bought one just exactly like theirs. They look different because we tend to keep our screens closed and in the winter we close it up much like a room. You can see our house just beyond their fence.

Stephanie had cooked a huge ham, made some seriously good mashed potatoes and we took over a bag of Louis Dean's homemade dinner rolls. They opened a bottle of white wine and then a bottle of special red wine that was out of this world! They visited a vineyard in Nappa a year or so ago and order this wine straight from that vineyard. It's not even sold in the stores. Just goes to show you what generous people they are to serve such a wine for a simple backyard get together!
That took it to a whole other level!

I'm signing off  now and hope to journal tomorrow night from our cozy 31 foot camper down on Dean and Sherry's ranch!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

It is such a blessing to have wonderful and caring neighbors like this! I love the sewing room, it is so cozy. And the tablecloth is beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful trip!!

Arlene Grimm said...

I am going to steal that idea for the gingerbread people. So cute. Have fun at the ranch. Believe it or not, there is talk that we may have snow on Friday. I am hoping they are wrong!! A fire pit is on our wish list for our little house!!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

What a lovely evening (and you have made your 'finished' rooms look very welcoming). Have a safe journey to your trailer and have a good rest while you are there. Hugs.

Linda said...

I'm excited you're getting a few days away in the camper. Remember I really like geese and goats. I know they have goats, not sure about geese. Tell them I send greetings. I went through a period of forgetting Christmas presents I'd bought for my children until they began to expect it. Looking forward to seeing what you get into at the camper.

Sandra said...

I love that green gingham chair and what a great way to hide the stuff under the tablecloth adds to the storage. The bottle that the perfume is in is really pretty that will look nice sitting out

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The perfume and creams are so lovely...what thoughtful gifts! And I hope you are in the camper now enjoying your family! Happy new year sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

Bev said...

Your house looks so cozy!! Have fun on your trip!!

Jan said...

Good neighbors are such a blessing. Have a wonderful trip and stay warm!

Diana Ferguson said...

I am having withdrawals from not getting off in our RV. So ready!!

Wanda said...

Oh cozy, cozy, cozy...every room in your home is just so inviting. This will be my 5th year for reading the One Year Bible. I have the Living Translation as it's easy to read. I use a different colored pencil each year, to see what stands out to me. Always something new. God's Word never gets old, does it?
I'm excited for this new year, and glad you get a few days on the ranch. Look forward to your pictures. Hugs.

Gypsy Heart said...

You've accomplished so much! And, yes, it will all be there when you return. You will be refreshed and ready to tackle whatever! :)

It's so nice to have long-time neighbors, especially those that are so generous and welcoming. I love the fire pits and gazebos that you both have. How do you think it would go over here if I just plopped both out in the grassy area near the covered parking? :)

I have a pamphlet someone sent me about reading the Bible in one year. I'm not sure if I'll be following it or another Bible study plan. Either way, I think we always learn something new even if we've read it many times.


Carla said...

Wine is meant to share with good friends