Friday, January 6, 2017

Wild and Crazy Texas Weather!

We are having the best winter adventure! 
Who KNEW it would be so COLD?

Louis Dean is acting like a teenager - sleeping unil nearly noon two days in a row!

We were IN the camper and under that heated throw for much of the day!

I told him this would be a 'low blog fodder' day so he was my only photo subject!

What could he say? I'm certain he felt flattered, aren't you?
He slept in that flannel shirt last night and flannel pajama bottoms. 
Then he proceeded to put his overalls on OVER the pajamas!

We have spent a good amount of time today huddled together on the couch in front of this tiny heater with the heated throw pulled up around us.

We had hot food for a late lunch and then sandwiches for a late supper.

It's hard to believe what wild weather changes we are having.
Last week it was in the 70's! And it will return to the 70's in just a matter of days!

Can you believe we are as cold in Texas as our friend, Jutta, is in Finland???
While we didn't get any snow down here, the DFW area back home did!

Rayne said there was ICE and SNOW when she called me this evening!

Amber posted this photo on Facebook with photo credit going to Harrison!

And then there's this photo of my older grands swimming on January 1st!

I have put the time inside to pretty good use by working on my book.
When Deanie and I first started talking about me writing our story we used a time line.
There was one section in 1957 that I was having trouble with in figuring out who went where and why. Then it dawned on me that - while I was 9 in 1957 - it wasn't until September - so that made me 8 years old and Deanie was 5. My timing was off but I got it back on track and then the writing started going a lot faster!

It's rather amazing how the more you remember - the more you remember.
It's also a good thing Deanie and Nita and Lonnie have really sharp long term memories.
This sign for the Dairy company - which is still hanging there on S. Main Sreet in Fort Worth, Texas - helps me place in my mind the things I wrote about today.
Sometimes it's like I'm reading the story as I'm writing it and I feel a little bit surprised to discover what is happening. I know a few of y'all are praying for me and I really do appreciate it.
Amazingly, the writing isn't nearly as hard on me emotionally as I thought it would be.
It helps that I already know the story has a happy ending!

Louis Dean is already in bed asleep as I close this journal entry at just past 10:00 on Friday night.
Tomorrow is supposed to be 10 degrees warmer - it didn't get past 29 today.
That will be good because we will be taking care of the critters down here tomorrow.
I'm going to see about gathering those eggs!!


Vee said...

Are those eggs gonna be frozen? Just wondering.

Oh it sounds terribly chilly...what an adventure. My house is pinging because of the cold...wood snapping and siding cracking...enough already. You folks keep each other warm now! January is definitely cuddle weather.

Deb said...

I'm ready for that 70 degree weather again! I'm not a cold weather makes taking care of critters miserable...all the rabbits and chickens are doing well...I love that you are writing your book about your family! It's good to get the past in the open so you can enjoy your you!

Linda said...

Vandervoort's Dairy, hadn't thought of it for more tan 50 years. Will all those eggs that are out from under the hen be frozen? Will the hen be frozen? It will be bad taking care of critters in the morning. Lots of frozen water. Our temp this morning was also 22 degrees but it was sunny.

Dazee C. said...

Hello Linda and LD! It is 11 degrees and dropping here but we have had almost no wind so it doesn't feel quite as cold. Oh how grateful I am for a warm home. I can remember living in one room of our big old farmhouse, with blankets hung to block off rooms, huddled in front of our old gas stove heater, with faucets dripping and the curtains moving from those drafty windows. Oh how times have changed and God has blessed me so much. LD looks so comfortable, he will be well rested and ready to go. I am excited to read the next chapter of your book! Your words are so easy to read, thank you for sharing your story.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I have never seen Louis Dean looking happier! Seems like the camper and the location both agree with him! Harrison really takes good pictures. I am so glad your book is more joyful than sorrowful. Our state is under emergency...more snow tomorrow.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Linda, how encouraging to know your story does and will have a good ending. Harrison is such a sweetheart, loved seeing his picture of his sweet sisters and Mom. Keep warm, cozy and rest. Hugs.

River said...

Dropped in via "Having Coffee with Peppy". We're polar opposites in weather, I'm in Australia and having a 41C day which is 105.8F. Luckily I have airconditioning to keep cool. Our winters are mild compared to yours, but we feel very cold compared to our summers, so I would probably put clothes on over my pajamas too if I wasn't going out anywhere.
I hope your writing goes well.

Kathy said...

I am cold here but you are COLD! It is going to snow today with 2-4 inches and be in the 20s. But like you we are getting warmer later in the week. I can only wish it was the 70s. It's just the 50s here but anything is better. I hope you are staying warm -- well as warm as you can. Be careful of that chicken with all the eggs. She looks mean.

Sandra said...

we are getting our cold tomorrow and it will be 37 then 42 then back to the 60's at wake up. 3 cold days I can handle. we woke up to wild storms today but they are gone. the weather is wildly swinging every where.

Susie said...

Linda, Your sweet LD makes a wonderful photo subject. Love his smile. I am freezing here today one degree right now. I can not even believe how cold it is in Texas. Harrison took a great picture. I few years back I remember sitting on the porch writing letters as Ted and his pals played golf, in January. (that was rare for us) Blessings to all of you. Stay warm and safe. Love you, xoxo, Susie

Arlene Grimm said...

I am going to have to get one of those heated throws. Several bloggers have mentioned them. Right now I am bundled up in a blanket. It is in the 20s here as well but may get into the 30s later. Ugh...I am ready for the 60s that will be here mid week.

Deanna Rabe said...

It's been cold here too and we got our first snow! Glad your enjoying yourselves in spite of the cold!

NanaDiana said...

LD must have really needed the sleep. I know how hard he works sometimes so I am sure it catches up with him every once in a while.

I am praying you through your story. I know how hard it can be to write those memories is like you relive each moment. xo Diana

Wanda said...

Do you think the eggs will be frozen?? Oh how cold, and how cuddly Louis Dean looks in his flannels and throw. Almost like a slumber party..haha
Glad you are continuing you book and your memories. What a great thing you are doing.

obscure said...

I would love to read your book!

bj said...

I hope you are staying warm tonight...not sure what the temp is here this was like 14 this morning...and supposed to be 74 on Monday...:)