Saturday, January 7, 2017

Having Fun in the Country!!!

It was COLD down here in our camper last night!
However, we slept toasty warm under our new electric blanket!
Plus we had our small electric heater running non stop all night.

I slept like a baby!
Louis Dean - not so much!
It was in the wee hours of the morning before he went into deep sleep.

I used the extra hours after I go up and whike he was still sleeping for my quiet time to journal and reflect.

It takes at least one hour for Louis Dean to come out of his morning 'stupor.'
Don't judge! He is 80 years old and it takes a while to ease into the day!
I am right there behind him!

It was a COLD morning here at the ranch!
We are located near Waco and close to Mart!

The 'small' tank was frozen around the was the big tank....aka ponds......

Dean left us in charge of the critters while he attended a wedding.
We let the geese OUT and then put them back in tonight.

They have a lot of personality!!!

Our goat visitors!


Louis Dean was burning our paper trash.
That's what country people do!

Can I EAT that, says the goat!

No! Linda has a bag of goat food for you!

Why is it that when we are camping down here - Louis Dean looks like a movie star on location and I look like a bag lady ---on a BAD day!

That's why you see pictures of my handsome husband instead of me....

Hello goats!

Okay! No one was here today on the ranch except Louis Dean and me.
Our water was frozen earlier but later Louis Dean was able to fill our reservoir.
Still.....I admit to staying in my flannel nightgown all day and I am wearing it still!

Our Maddie that wanted to stay here a year ago is alive and well.
She seems to love it down here and I am glad.

No matter the weather - I love it down here!

Nature has a way of nurturing you......if you can just get there!
We are ever so grateful to Dean and Sherry and their generous hospitality in giving us a place to keep our camper and enjoy all the adventures of country living!

Thank you, Vee, for the link you sent about the chicken eggs.
She told me that frozen eggs could still be used if you boiled them ....and so i did.
The hen was up on her roost this evening so I gathered up about 18 eggs.
I thanked her for the info and said I was looking forward to a BIG chicken salad tomorrow!
OOPS!! She sent back "Are you going to KILL the chickens???"
I meant EGG salad!!

Tonight's supper was Broccoli Cheese Soup.
Louis Dean was not an avid fan until he tasted it!
Winner! WINNER!!
I took my step son's advice - he is a 'foodie' and you can't go wrong when he gives you pointers!

 In other news.... 
I have been working on my book....
So far I have written a total of 17, 533 words.
According to my computer, I have spent 120 hours editing.

This photo of the Kresge's Drug Store played a prominent role in my memories of the winter of 1957.
I rode a bus to downtown Fort Worth and changed to another bus at this stop. I was only nine years old. Every day I write brings memories to my mind. I am on a journey, I take my siblings with me.
So far I have written 17, 533 words for this book that is a mission for me as well as my sisters and brother. 
In 40 days and a wake up.....the four of us will take our first ever trip together!
In 2015, Deanie and I took a trip to San Antonio. In February 2016, Nita joined us as we traveled to Galveston. This February. Lonnie will join us as we go back to San Antonio. We are on a journey together. I am so grateful for my siblings and the bonds we share,
Their memories added to mine will eventually produce a book that will show how the grace of God and our Guardian Angels led us all to a happy ending. We have two siblings that we didn't get to grow up with. They have their own stories to tell but we are all bound together.
Sometimes God saves the best for the last!

Goodnight from the Chapman's....
Thanking God for where we are tonight....
The camper is warm and we are safe.
Warm and safe.....those are such comforting words.


Deb said...

I'm glad you are getting the critter photos... I know what you mean Men look good camping ..rugid... I always look like a bag lady😳

Linda said...

Me, too!!

Tammi Cox said...

I've been following your blog for along time. Rarely comment but you give me hope that at some point you do overcome your childhood(my childhood was dysfunctional at best :(. I hope my 6 siblings and I will get to a time in our lives that we forgive each other and can be in same room.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Don't you just love electric blankets? What would we do without them? We have an electric throw, too. I am very familiar with the morning stupor. I have to get everything ready for breakfast the night before. The eggs are beautiful!! Louis Dean is a bit john Wayneish! It is to be TWO degrees here tonight! That blanket will really be cranked up!

Sandra said...

I will be wearing my flannel gown all day today and tomorrow, we are 37 now and colder tomorrow but will go back to normal in 2 days. love your red shoes and the movie star looking at the fire pit. ha ha on men.. they can wear anything, we have to dress up.. not fair. wish I could pet a goat

Kathy said...

I am so glad to hear you are warm and safe. It is not warm here. It is 17* but the wind chill factor is 4*. The house is cold and I can't get warm. Think I will go get my morning cup of tea. Church was cancelled today because of the snow and cold. Look at all of those eggs! Wow! I pay a lot of money at the grocery store for that many eggs. There is something to be said for farm life.

Changes in the wind said...

You have found the key to happy and grateful where you are:)

Susie said...

Linda, Being warm and safe next to a man that truly love you...that's the best. LD seems to love the rugged lifestyle of the ranch. The goat whisperer. :) I know you love all those critters . You should wear your overalls when down there. Stay safe and warm together down there Linda. Love you both, blessings, xoxo, Susie

Linda said...

That is such a fun picture of LD in his wake up stupor. Wish I could talk to those goats. Are you sure those eggs are safe to eat? Haven't they been out there for a long time? Good to hear the back ok is coming along so well.

PATI CLARK said...

Stay warm & cozy !!!!

Nonnie said...

It just ain't fair for the guys to look so good! I agree. It's so wonderful that you have a place to retreat and just enjoy the outdoors and those critters. I laughed reading about the oopsie on chicken salad. So, the eggs in the nest were frozen? I love to write about my memories growing up. So happy for you.

Diana Ferguson said...

Glad you are "safe and warm."
Got our electric blanket and extra heaters. We leave tomorrow morning!

ellen b. said...

Warm and safe are good places to be. I'm a fan of staying in flannel all day long. Blessings on your week.

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Very sweet post Linda. i love the cute critters. nothing wrong with staying in flannel. it's winter and so cozy. Happy new year.

Vee said...

Yes, well, I'm just so glad that you all avoided the massacre. Ha! I am so impressed with all your writing and due diligence. I know that it is not easy. Good thing that you know the rest of the story. Yes, Louis Dean does look like a handsome country boy! If we could see you, I'm sure that we would say that you're as cute as a button in your flannel gown.