Sunday, August 28, 2016

Weekend Happenings......

The best thing that happened on Saturday was that we ate dessert for breakfast!

Life is short! Eat dessert FIRST!
Breakfast was the highlight of our Saturday as we woke up tired and stayed tired all day long.
We finally mustered up enough energy in the late afternoon to do a few things and then by 8:00 we were BOTH ready to go to bed. Lights out by 9:00 and then we OVERSLEPT this morning!

Our Texas Sage showing its blooms signifying a change in the weather this morning as I was leaving.

I hopped out of bed at 9:30 and proceeded to get dressed for church without so much as a single cup of coffee! It CAN be done! I knew better than to expect Louis Dean to move that fast so he totally missed Sunday Services! 

After church the quads wanted to show me their school class room!

Oh, what BIG kids they are now!!!

We celebrated the day with a Family Lunch at Dickie's BBQ!

My sweet Logan!!!

And Kailey Girl!! She continues to recover nicely from her open heart surgery in July.
Soon we hope she will be given the GO signal that she doesn't have to rest and can go full throttle once again!

Oh, that Harrison!!!
He is the brightest and sharpest and most compassionate and caring of them all!

I left Dickie's and headed home to pick up Louis Dean and then we went over to Fort Worth to visit Mother. It's been a good long time since I have seen her and I have felt a need to go.

She seems more frail than she has been in the past.
I asked her about it and she said, "I'm OLD, Honey!"
As in 90 years old. 

She was bound and determined to go out in the back yard to see the fence work that has been done recently. It seemed to take all of her energy to go out there. She WANTED to go look along the side of the house but I assured her it was just the existing fence and grass.

She seems to think she can't come back to our house anymore.
I actually think it's a GOOD thing for her to stay with us a few days out of the month as she gets to see people, Louis Dean sings and plays the guitar for her and she gets a bit of variety to her days.
We will see.......

We left there and went to one of my 'Happy Places!'

Trader Joe's!!!

I haven't been in months so I stocked up on crackers and cookies and all sorts of things!!!

Amber requested the Chocolate Coconut Almonds so I bought one for her and one for me.

Pizza is on the menu for lunch tomorrow!
It will be our first Quad MONDAY!!!
Now that they go to school three days a week - no more Wednesdays!
You would think we are preparing for a week of holidays and so we ARE!!!
Quad Monday!
Tuesday ART night complete with a special menu and sparkling wine recipe using peaches, simple syrup and mint!
Then Wednesday is my pre op day but we will celebrate with a lunch out after wards.
Then, do you KNOW what THURSDAY is????
September FIRST!!!
There will be Neil Diamond singing September Morn - over and over - and pumpkin spice muffins and fruitcake cookies and all sorts of celebrations going on!!! 
My favorite day in all the year!!!

So on this late Sunday afternoon.....
Louis Dean and I put out all the cushions and tablecloths and even the place mats on the picnic benches for lunch tomorrow.
We settled down and relaxed with a glass of wine and made plans.

Afternoon turned into evening and we moved our party to the gazebo.
It has taken me all of ten days but every last tub and bag of fall decorations has been dealt with and all we need to do now is store away the empties!

We lit our homemade citronella light and continued to visit!

Spider man has moved to the back instead of holding court on the front porch this year.
Just as I was writing my journal what should happen but it started to RAIN!
It didn't last long so we are about to go back out to the gazebo to eat a very late salad supper before going to bed.
We have a BIG day ahead of us tomorrow!!
Hoping you all have a wonderful week!!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

Perhaps this will be the first Quad Monday since school started? I know you have loads of fun planned! I love Trader Joes, and they have the most cheerful people anywhere! So you leave feeling so good! The Texas Sage is beautiful! How great to see the Quads in their first ever classroom!! Some of my friends will not use a walker when they should. I am glad to see your mom using one, they do prevent falls!

Linda said...

So good to see Kailey's smiling face! I look forward to a report of your first Monday activities with the quads. I hope your mom's Medicaid approval has been approved. None of you are in a position to care for her if she can no longer take care of her hygiene and use a walker. That is a very hard decision to put a person in a nursing home when they're so vulnerable but often it can't be helped. September 1st is my birthday. I'll think of you as you celebrate.

Carole said...

Linda, good luck with the op. I'm keeping you in my thoughts. And all the best to LD too! Cheers

Kathy said...

I don't think I've ever seen Texas sage before. It's pretty. It's good to see the quads in their classroom. That's so exciting to go to school for the first time. And I'm glad you got to see your mom.

This is a big week for you. Some of my weeks are like that with something going every day. But fortunately besides doing my fall stuff on September 1st this will be a slow week for me. After that things will be jumping!

Susie said...

Linda, There's day when I feel tired I understand. Oh those sweet children. It's exciting for them to go to school. You have all helped in their growth. So glad you got your wonderful fall decorations out. Time to enjoy. It's good you take time for your mother. I know she loves LD singing to her. She needs to see the little ones too. Blessings to all of you, love, xoxo, Susie
ps. Love Neil Diamond

Sandra said...

cute spidey man light.. your mother looks good to me and wow on the 90. the quads look so cute at school, glad Kailey is doing well.. the sage is gorgeous

Bev said...

The quads are really growing!!!... All my life September use to mean snow ...cold is I've never really looked forward to fall....

Jan said...

Looking forward to reading all about Quad Monday and seeing pictures! We celebrated Ryan's 4th birthday Saturday. We are so blessed to live close to our grandchildren, aren't we?

Vee said...

Hope that today was a blast and that everyone is still vertical. =D I love how you folks make each day special.

Saying a prayer for your mom and that somehow it will work out for her to spend some time with you each month. It does give her a change of pace. And you are so thoughtful coming up with neat foods, experiences, and her adorable great-grandkids. Heck, I want to come and visit. Ha!