Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bonus! Extra Country Days!

I discovered I'd left a bag in the camper when I left on Sunday.
 It was an important bag because it had my journal, book, needlework and my best pair of scissors!
Louis Dean had the brilliant idea of going back to the ranch and staying a few days so that's where we are now. For the very first time we drove our car down here and for the very first time we came when it was raining and more rain was in the forecast. We came anyway.
We threw a few things together and just took off. I left my laptop at home and he left his guitar and music. We didn't even stop at HEB in Waco.
Spur of the moment ideas don't always work out but this one did!
Weather has been in the 80's as opposed to 100 degrees and it's been raining at home as well as here so we don't have to worry about all of our landscaping getting scorched.
It's a Win! WIN!!

I'm writing this on my mini iPad with no photos!
Another first for me!

Our car is up at the gate and we may or may not be stuck.
We will know tomorrow when Louis Dean plans to go up there and see if we can get out.
I'm thinking Friday would be a good day to go home.


  1. So glad the temps have been in the 80s. Great you've been able to have some down time before your toe surgery.

  2. So glad you were able to get away like that. Sometimes spur of the moment vacations work out wonderfully. Enjoy every minute away and come back rested and refreshed. Temperatures in the 80s sound wonderful to me. We haven't been under 90* for almost 2 weeks. And rain! We can only dream of it.

  3. Have a lovely relaxing time. Cheers from Carole's chatter

  4. Excellent job of turning it around to a good thing! I know that you both love it there...

  5. So happy you are REALLY relaxing!!:)))

  6. So glad you & LD are having a nice time. Such a great place to rest and get of the Merry go round of life.

  7. Linda, I know what you mean...I just hate to forget things. I would take time to count bags or know ..but Ted will jump in with both feet and get me rushed and then I might forget things. So I have to remind him ...Don't rush me. .LOL Hope you have a fun time , be safe. Blessings, Love you guys, xoxo, Susie

  8. Sometimes spur of the moment things can be the very best! And they keep us young and fun!

  9. What fun! I love spontaneous trips! I'm certain you are both relaxing and enjoying your time together in that place you love so well!

  10. Glad you could just jump and go...nothing like it.