Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mother/Daughter Country Camper Adventure!

Summer and I took off for our SECOND weekend trip in a row!
This time it wasn't the beach we were heading to but our camper down at my stepson's ranch.
Next to home - it is my favorite place to be in all the world.

First I had to say my goodbyes to Louis Dean as he stayed behind to allow us a little more of our special mother/daughter time!

Have I mentioned what a sweet SWEET man Louis Dean is??
Of course, I have and everyone already knows he is!

Summer said her goodbyes as well and we were off on our Country Camper Adventure.

First stop was lunch at La Madeleine......delicious!

We loved being on the road again!!!

The weather was changing as we drove.

We arrived in Mart!!!
Now I KNOW that this is Small Town, USA - but I absolutely LOVE seeing this sign!
It marks the very beginning of my time to be unplugged from my 'real' world. Not that I don't love my real life! I just get tired and the camper is the only place I can go and get my batteries totally recharged!

We are HERE!!!  Let me open the gate for you!

I LOVE this sign!!!
What's more  - you KNOW this is TRUE!!!!
My life is an open book - more or less!

This was my first trip to the camper without Louis Dean.
I had to figure out how to pull the awning out - Summer did most of the figuring!- and a few other things but we were in and settled by the time Dean and Sherry got back from town.

It may be a 31 foot camper but I can still entertain as well there as I can here at home!
Friday night dinner was a chicken in shredded rotisserie chicken from HEB ( Summer and I stopped on the way down) with fresh garden salad as a base and chips/hot sauce/Dillapeno dip to top it along with some tortillia chips.

Sherry outdid herself with these stuffed jalapenos!

We enjoyed eating together and visiting! It was midnight before we knew it!
Summer and I slept like babies that first night!

Saturday morning arrived bringing cooler temperatures with her.

After our breakfast we walked down to the meadow.
This is my all time favorite place on the ranch.

There was a light breeze and the leaves were starting to fall!

I LOVE this!!!

The big tank, aka Lake Yamaguchi, is beautiful and serene.

We walked around the place and I showed her all the critters.
This garden spider was a real show and tell!

Sherry brought six new geese down last weekend.

How many goats can you see?
They were staying in the shade under the house.

Summer brought her dog, Sunshine, and she and the goat made friends with each other.

Then we went to see the peacocks.......

with a chicken looking down at them from the top of the pen!

There are all sorts of photo ops here!

Late Saturday morning we went to 'town.'

My favorite place is a thrift shop named Virginia's - after its owner.
I found a few treasures there that I - gasp! - did NOT take pictures off!!
We picked up Burgers and onion rings at Bergers Cream and brought them back to the camper to eat.

Our entrance.......

Beautiful horses - all rescue animals.

We fixed us a nice adult beverage and settled down to watch a movie....


We ended up taking a nap half way through!

In the late afternoon, we went for anothe walk about.

Can you spy the garden spider in here?
This was right in front of Summer's car.

The goats were coming home as we were walking back up to the camper.

We celebrated Saturday night with grilled T-Bone steaks, baked potatoes, HEB corn and garden salad. Perfection!

One again, we both slept like babies!

All good things must come to an end.
We had breakfast together in the camper on Sunday morning and then Summer started packing up to go home.

It was a great weekend!

It rained in the night so Summer had moved her car up closer to the gate.
Here she is walking with Sunshine.

I stayed a few more precious hours and watched Dean and Sherry put to good use the gate Louis Dean found on the curb last Monday. This will be the new geese pen!

I have a really special step son! I used to call him my son in law before he reminded me how things work when you marry a man's father. My heart is always a little bit lighter when I am with him and he never fails to make me smile and laugh!  I wish all my family and friends could meet him in person.  And of course, Sherry is a golden treasure.
She and Dean helped me close up the camper and load up all my stuff.

I'm never quite ready to leave.......

I rode home with Sherry and that just seemed to extend my Country Camper Visit a little bit longer.

I am home now and sitting in the gazebo with Louis Dean as I write.
Remember the Unspoken Prayer Request of July 12th?
I promised to share it with you when I could.
Now I can.

You can find the story Amber so eloquently wrote about Kailey's recent open heart surgery at:

I know some of you knew about this earlier and we could feel the power and strength of your prayers.
Please know what a comfort they were to  us during that time and now.


Linda said...

I have to admit there are times I'm nostalgic about small town Texas. I would enjoy visiting the ranch because I love goats and almost anything with feathers. I'm not keen on spiders but would have left it alone as I know they have a place in our world, away from me, but somewhere. Can't imagine being around summer and not having a good time. You couldn't find a tree to give shade to that trailer? It's so good to see Kailey playing again. She looks so tiny in that hospital bed. I'm so glad that surgery is behind her. Hopefully memories of it will fade with time, though it's not likely to for the rest of you.

Pondside said...

I am so glad you got to spend this restorative time at the camper with Summer. Your joy just jumps from this post - and your rested spirit is quite evident. We can't pick our family, so it's wonderful to read about families in which people really love and value one another.
I am now going to read Amber's post. You and I are surely linked in prayer, Linda.....and I loved that little clip of you and LD. What a sweet and tender moment that was!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I read the entire story when you posted it on Facebook. All I can say is that God intervened for them more than one time! He was working in this family! Praise God for how everything worked out!! Summer looks like the most cheerful and fun person ever to be around!! And also such fun being in a town whose name sounds like a store. You are making the very MOST out of what remains of summer (the season, not the person!)

Kathy said...

So glad you and Summer got a chance to get away a second weekend. You sound so refreshed after spending some time on the ranch.

I was so glad to read Amber's post the other day and know that Kailey is doing so well. She and the entire family are in my prayers and that of my church as well.

Carol Slater said...

So nice that you had such a nice getaway with your daughter. My girls rarely ever go with me but they will go with daddy. I am okay with that, I guess. I love the ranch!

Vee said...

So glad that I have the happy image of Kailey post surgery in my mind because it is hard to see her lying there. Amazing what God has done!

I do love your Louis Dean. He is a Dear, Dear Heart and I am so glad that you found each other.

What fun to have another adventure so soon with Summer! Perfect!

Estelle's said...

Hi Linda, I actually read Amber's blog yesterday and learned of Kailey's surgery! How very frightening for you all. I am so thrilled to learn this little precious is recovering! Glad you and Summer have enjoyed precious time together. Big hugs!

Sandra said...

i would very much love to spend a few days in that camper on that farm with all those critters.. every photo today was so interesting... you and Summer had a true adventure. and now we have shared it with you...

Jodi Walters said...

Lots of prayers going out to you and your family. So happy that everything is working out for that precious little girl. God is good!!!

You and Summer always have so much fun together. What a blessing that is!

Changes in the wind said...

Oh my gosh, I would have never guessed. So thankful it is a done deal and she is fine.

Susie said...

Linda, I am so glad you had this time with Summer. It looked like a fun enjoyable weekend. You got a fine man when you found LD. You know we all love that guy. Linda, I went to Amber's blog and read about Kailey. It was good to read about her mommy intuition and the good results of the surgery. I am keeping them all in my prayers, all of you really. Blessings, love you, xoxo, Susie

Arlene Grimm said...

I always enjoy seeing The Ranch!! And so glad that Amber listened to her mothers heart and got Kailey checked out. It looks like she is doing well now and I know that is a relief to you all.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

What a great place to spend a mother/daughter weekend! Wow...I just read your daughter's blogpost and am praising God for answered prayer for Kailey. One never knows what the 'unspoken request' may be...but God does.

Bev said...

What fun.... you know...even when you are tire me out:)....

Nonnie said...

Loved looking at every one of the pics. It looked very inviting and I'm glad you had that special time. I'm going to go over and read your daughter's post. God knows every unspoken request. So glad all is well. Louis Dean is a prince among men!

Diana Ferguson said...

Loved your pics! I know you enjoyed another opportunity to be together in such a special place.
Praise God for giving your daughter that mother's intuition that something was not right. Baby girl sure looks great!