Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Tuesday Treasures, Sunflower Art Projects and Where in the WORLD do I Put all my Debris???

I went to bed last night so tired I just KNEW I would be asleep in a blink and a nod.
NOT! It was after 3:00 this morning when I FINALLY slept.
Not surprisingly then, that I woke up shortly after 10:30 this morning.
I staggered to the coffee pot and then made my way to the sewing room (where my lap top is) and checked out the movies available for today. I was not impressed. Plus I was still REALLY really tired. As in 'old lady' tired. I called Ruth Ann and, guess what??? SHE was feeling really REALLY tired, too! We are truly 'kindred spirits!' We agreeed that, tired or not, we could muster up enough energy to hit up the Goodwill so 2:00 was the time we chose for me to pick her up.
Since Untion Gospel Mission was literally on our way - we were compelled to stop in there!!!
Then we visited our Goodwill on Beltline Road and a trip to ALDI and by 4:00 we were both back home!

THIS is my Tuesday Haul!!!
I fell in LOVE with that wreath! One can never have TOO many lighted pumpkins!
The two sturdy but light weight chairs are for Amber.

I simply could NOT pass up the large pumpkin planter!!
The two bottles it's holding are for watering pot plants. There is a tiny hole on the side of the pointed carrot looking top which you push into the dirt. I will probbably let the kids help me add a little more color to the pumpkin and - as the quads told me yesterday - the stem is NOT supposed to be orange!
(They saw it on something around here and made comment!!)
Two placemats that just look like 'home' to me and two fall colored coffee mugs (the BIG one is for ME!) and another cup made in England and, lastly, a glass fall leaf candle holder.

Louis Dean tops my list of TREASURES no matter the day!
He is sorely missing his big white truck!
Every time I pull into the driveway, he asks me to park over a ways just in case his truck comes home. We are praying about his truck. It's not seriously ill - at least we don't think so.
Still it is MIA and Louis Dean is pining away.

NOW! I know you wonder WHERE in the world I put all the debris I haul in week after week after week!! Now I DO contribute BACK to Goodwill on a regular basis and I am currently accumulating nearly a whole trunk full of stuff to take next week. Also, I have a pretty good pile of stuff for Louis Dean and I to burn in our firepit soon. The old baskets and wreaths and 'debris' make pretty good fire starters.

Tonight let me show you where I put everything I brought home today.
First of all, I pile it all on the porch bench and take pictures. Next I take off all the price tags.
THEN I place each item where it will live - if this is the current season for it - or store it away if it is for later in the year.

The candle holder is sitting in the foyer just as you enter the house.

The wreath I love so much is hanging in our bedroom.
It may not live there long - but then again, it may!
There's green in the wallpaper and I have always loved having these mirrors and 'debris' in place of a traditional headboard.

The lighted pumpkin feels right at home right there on the porch - safe and secure in the scarecrow's lap!

The pumpkin planter is not in its final resting place - but this will do for now.

Fall coffee mugs all ready and waiting for September first!
The stacked pumpkin light adds a nice touch!

This pumpkin is resting in the den on the corner of my organ - but it is destined to live out its life in Quadville!

I put all my treasures up and then shift gears!
Tuesday Night Art Class!

While I USED to teach art - as in instructions and everything - now it's more of a laid back art party/fellowship. My 'students' consist of Ruth Ann and occasionally Sabrina and they are both talented artist in their own right. I am way past the point of instructing someone in the basics.
I did that for over  25 years and I am done. Now I simply enjoy the ambiance of sharing the fragrance of the oils and turpentine with a few friends. Those who don't paint bring whatever art they are involved in - as in needlework or sketching or whatever.

Tonight we enjoyed a good spread of snacks that equaled a meal in our opinion.
Chicken salad and a French baguette from Aldi, cheeses and ham from Trader Joe's.....

crackers from Trader Joe's - Mango/Ginger, Raisin/Rosemary and Fig/Olive.

Greek olives and chips and dips and a special drink!
Peach wine with a blend of fruits and simple syrup.......delicious!
Next week - Peach Bellini's!

It was fun to sit and visit and catch up.
By 7:00 we had cleared the table and set out the palettes and were painting away!

I based in four sunflower canvases and I am happy with my progress.
I meant to do more but there's always NEXT week!!!
I will add the details and highlights and by next Tuesday I will be listening to Neil Diamond and September Morn as well as his other hits!


Ginny Hartzler said...

No wonder you are such a good were an art teacher! Was it at a school and your full time job? I love those mugs! Especially the square one (it will fit in the corner of a shelf so well) and the pretty blue & yellow one. Yes, I am always giving old things to Goodwill. But I cannot call it downsizing, because I keep getting more! I love ALL of your finds today! Our Goodwills simply do not have as many home decorations! And NO fall decorations yet! But I am on the prowl!

BeachGypsy said...

Fun new stuff! I love thrift shopping! Pretty wreath

Gypsy Heart said...

Lots of great finds! The food looks divine and I know the drink was good. :) Those sunflowers are beautiful! I do love them.

Tomorrow's the day ~ Sept 1st with Neil! :)

Sandra said...

Jenny said what I was going to say. No wonder you are such a good artist since you were a teacher. My two favorite things you have an out is the big wire pumpkin with lights inside and the Stacked pumpkins that you got that are lit up I really like both of those. So glad you answered the question that popped in my mind about what you do with all the stuff you bring home and glad to know that some of it goes back and some gets burned or you might have to build another house. Hahaha

Summer said...

Pretty little things ♥

Susie said...

Linda, I like the new treasures. I would love to go junking with you and Ruth Ann. Plus I would want to come paint too. LOL I like the sunflowers. I think they will be beautiful. Bless LD....I know he's worried about his truck...I always thought the longer the shop keeps them the more needs done...yikes. Hope they are just stacked up there. Yesterday, I helped Ted put his truck bed cover on. It looks great. His old one was shredded from all the weather. He'd had it over 10 years. He says he is just breaking his GMC in has almost 300 thousand miles on it. :) Blessings and hugs to all, love you, xoxo, Susie

Cheapchick said...

Love your treasures. I need to get into the crawlspace and dig out my fall decorations, a couple of pumpkins, a fall wreath and a fall flower arrangement that Mom and I found in a Micheals grab bag last year. Two complete flower arrangements for $2.50! We each took one and the original tags said $75 each, although I am sure no one actually paid that with all the discounts/sales Micheals has

Latane Barton said...

Well, I sure am glad you got over your 'tired' spell in time to go treasure shopping. And, what treasures they are!! I really like the candle holder! If it needs a home.... just saying.

Linda said...

Good fall treasures. Good you remember Amber and the quads. Poor LD, who's working on his faithful truck? Love your sunflower art, and the picture of your drinks for art night.

Kelly said...

I love your vigor for life! You are one of the most optimistic people I know. It's contagious when I read your posts. Knowing me, if I was that tired, I would've just stayed home. But not you! You went shopping, and even had a party with lots of goodies to share and made paintings! You are really young at heart. I should learn from you. I bet younger people have a hard time keeping up with you sometimes! Ha! I like all of your cute goodies you picked up while shopping. I laughed when you said that the kids commented about your orange pumpkin stem. Too cute.

Arlene Grimm said...

Linda, I got all my fall things out and put them on a twin bed in the guest room and now I am thinking of where I will put things this weekend. I am trying to cut down a bit. It sure it hard. I echo what Kelly just said, you encourage me with your zest for life. I really am glad to have a blog friend like you.

Deanna Rabe said...

Glad you ended your day so well, even though it started out with you so tired! You have such a delightful home. Warm and welcoming. These sunflower paintings are looking good!

Vee said...

Old lady that does describe the feeling well. I've had it all summer. =D The thing is you keep on trucking...I snooze.

Linda said...

I did not want to get up today either....Kev woke me up at 9...I like to sleep in and I suspect it will get worse as the winter unfolds. your house looks so warm and inviting. I am putting out a FEW fall decorations. Love your sunflower canvases.

Blondie's Journal said...

Again, I have to say we have the same wonky sleep patterns. Since I've been wearing the Fitbit, which measures your sleep and awake periods, as well as restless (don't ask me how!), I have found I've slept anywhere from 4 to 7 hours a night with huge gaps. Last night I woke up 16 times. It's mind bending. But like you, after you have some coffee and shake it off, it's great to get out and put it behind you. I am thankful I don't have a 9-5 job or many obligations.

Your fall goodies are so cute. I usually pick out just what I'm feeling from my bins every I'm thinking of giving the stuff I don't use much to my DIL. They are very frugal, saving for a new car and she simply wouldn't spend their money on even a plastic pumpkin. I hope it makes her happy---you never know if you'll over step your bounds as a Mother in law.

I love your art night. Finally, a craft I would love more than the food!!!


Pondside said...

I am going to sound like a broken record, but Linda you pack more into a day than anyone I know. It's always a delight to visit you!

Bev said...

You do pack alot in a day!! Makes me very tired...and I did wonder where you put all your goodwill finds:))))

Anonymous said...

Happy September Morn' dear Linda!