Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday Blessings......

"One man's trash is another man's treasure!"
Isn't that the truth??
On my way to a doctor's appointment this morning, I found two curbs piled up with what I thought might be treasures. When I got home, Louis Dean took me in the truck to further investigate. The two chairs I saw that I THOUGHT would be perfect for outside, upon closer inspection, looked like they had been used in a knock down drag out of a fight with a leg broken off at an angle on one and some serious cuts on another. Louis Dean, however, found a 'perfectly good gate' that someone can surely use!!

Win! WIN!!!
You just never know what you might find on a curb.

This morning I had a follow up appointment with Dr. Crawford concerning my toe surgery.

I was happy to report that I am finally improving and am now pain free in that toe.
He said it looked sturdy and the x-rays show the bone/cadaver section is growing /bonding together well. I showed him the jar of emuaid I have been using. He noted the active ingredient is Argentum Metallicum and was happy I had found something that worked for me and since it is an inflammation as opposed to an infection, this works very well.

Dr. Crawford explained to me that he had to use a pretty good section (marked with arrows) of cadaver bone to reconstruct my toe. I am pleased with the results and we scheduled the surgery for my other foot for early next month. I want to have time to welcome September and have all my decorating done BEFORE I get laid up again! Just 23 days until September 1st!!
I have a plan!

Grandson Robert paid us a visit today!

As any good grandparent would do - we made sure he ate while he was here!
I mixed up a tasty dip of cream cheese and some Dillapeno I bought at Buc-ee's while we were on our beach trip this past weekend.

We still had plenty of roast and veggies.

Our afternoon entertainment was a sharing of programs we watch.
First, Robert shared his favorite with us.....

and this was a pretty cool program. We watched it on my lap top.

Then WE shared our favorite program with HIM!

The Alaskan Bush People!

We enjoyed our afternoon and stayed inside where it was COOL.

Later, after the sun had dipped down a bit, we ventured outside to do more damage control from our elm tree. We did have professionals come out and cut it back in the spring but one long limb was apparently dead and decided to fall Saturday.
Louis Dean had already dealt with cutting the tree parts up and now we just needed to clean up the area that had become overgrown.

August is not a good time to work outside!.

It was so hot but we took breaks in the gazebo where we had the red neck water cooler running

We felt like we accomplished a good bit - thanks, in part, to Grandson Robert's help.
I cut the rose bush there at the back side of the pond way back. Louis Dean can't help me with this because of the blood thinners he takes. He bleeds with every prick or scratch so Robert's help was a real blessing.

No matter the weather, a fire is always nice.
We closed our time together eating pizza and watching the flames before we sat  chatting in the gazebo for just a little bit longer before Robert had to leave.  

Grandchildren are such a good source of information - we learn a lot from them.
We were talking about this tonight and Robert said the younger generation learn even more from us!
This makes it a big Win! WIN!! all the way around!


Linda said...

Great news about your toe. Have to say it certainly looks good. Your plan to wait until your fall decorating is done before doing the other toe sounds like a good one. We learn very little from our 14 year old grandson. He's not a talker. It's hard to imagine all the yard work you do in this heat. I suppose though you don't have a lot of choice if a limb falls.

Bev said...

Sounds like a productive day!!.. Nice to have the grands visit!!...We are having 3 visit in a week and a half!!...

Deanna Rabe said...

Your X-ray looks great! I'm sure your looking forward to getting the other toe done! I'm certain everything will go better, now you have your emuaid!

Your grandson sounds like a fine young man!

Kathy said...

So glad to hear your toe is improving. You already knew that but it's always good to have the doctor back you up.

Robert was a real help to you. He's a nice young man to spend quality time with his grandparents.

Gypsy Heart said...

So glad that things are improving with your toe! I know you must be thrilled after all you've been through. Robert was a godsend to you two, especially working in the yard. You know I'm a sissy about this heat so I'll just say it ~ how in the wide world did you have a fire going? :)

I'm on the countdown to Sept * Oct too!


Jutta said...

So very happy about your toe!!👍😊

Deb said...

Great news on your toe!!! Grandchildren are the best ❤️

Arlene Grimm said...

So glad you are doing better. Maybe the next one will be easier and now you have your miracle cream. I may look into that for my husband.

Sandra said...

bob watches both of those shows. your toe looks super and so glad it is doing well and you can get the other one done AFTER sept decorating. ha ha I get my first cataract removed on Sept 22

Susie said...

Linda, Such good news about your toe. I know you are relieved. That cute good of him to come help out. I know that LD must be proud of him too. I love to hear that young people are learning from us older ones. That's refreshing. I laughed at you guys junking... Ted doesn't like for me to even look toward a pile of junk. Blessings, love, xoxoo, Susie

Ginny Hartzler said...

I am so glad your toe is all better! That is a pretty fire. Your grandson is totally cute! Does he live nearby? Now I have to check out Alaskan Bush People!

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

I absolutely love how your family is so good in spending time together. I remember so many things my grandparents thought me. Hope your toe completely heals up

Blondie's Journal said...

Another rewarding day with a good mix of family love and togetherness, and the satisfaction of getting some work done. And what the heck is Dillepeno? I want to make this!!!

I'm glad you are recovering from the surgery and inflammation. I hope the next procedure goes well. When I had carpal tunnel in both hands the first surgery/recovery didn't go so great due to infection. The second one 4 weeks later was a breeze. Let's hope it goes that way with you.


PATI CLARK said...

Happy feet :)

BeachGypsy said...

we find "treasures" like that all the time as well. You just have to be open to it....and take the time to go look! We've found so many neat items like that over the years. I'm glad your toe is now healed and doing so much better! and your little beach get-away looked so fun and relaxing---glad you got to go!