Thursday, August 18, 2016

Camper Time and Home Again!

I left a very important bag at the camper last Sunday!

Important to me, at least, and Louis Dean knew how much it would mean to me to go back and get it.
My needlework. My book. My scissors. My JOURNAL.
That's what did it. My JOURNAL!
Going to the camper is usually MY idea but this time it was HIS!

Our truck was in the shop so we drove in the rain in our CAR!
Louis Dean and his son had to carry all of our stuff up from the gate where we left our car.
In the rain. It rained a lot! Every day.

We used these extra bonus days on the ranch to really and truly rest and relax.
We went to bed early the first night - as in 10:00! We didn't get up until 10:00 the next morning!

We sipped coffee on the deck watching the weather and the neighbor's cows.

Maddie came to visit us every morning while we had coffee and every evening when we poured our wine.

She seems happy and content to be a farm cat.
However, she remembered us and sat in our lap and enjoyed being petted, fed and made over.

Maddie, the birds, the neighbor's cows and Dean's horses are all the critters we saw on this visit.
We never left our camping area. It gets muddy when it rains at the ranch.

Plans are in the making for improving the road and parking places.
Still, it's kind of a thrill to think - CAN we get out???
Of course, Louis Dean's son can nearly ALWAYS get out!
That's because he LIVES there and knows how to drive in the mud!

So, how did we spend our time in the camper or on our deck for three days?

Triominoes, out loud reading of Robert Fulghum's book - It Was On Fire When I Lay Down On It!

I grilled in the rain and we ate well for every meal.
Of course, we only eat two meals a day.

We watched the rain.
It's fascinating to simply sit and watch the rain.
We went to bed early every single night.
We did watch some LOST Season 4 in the afternoons.

Not too much to see other than what is around our camper. 
This is Sherry and Dean's daughter, Crystal's, a classic 1964 Ford Ranchero and she is making plans to restore it.
I took a photo before it leaves.

Here's a couple their friend, David, took.
It will be stunning when they restore it!

It rained every day and every night we were there. Except for last night.
We decided to take advantage of the break in the clouds and pack up for home.
MORE rain - EXCESSIVE rain is in the forecast for coming days.

Louis Dean carried three loads up by himself and then Dean helped us get the last of our stuff up to the gate. I followed them so I could take a photo. I also carried my purse......all by myself.

My two Dean's!!!
I absolutely LOVE being married to Louis Dean and I absolutely LOVE having Dean as my step son!!! Back when we first married, I was calling him my son in law until he sweetly and gently told me that since I am married to his daddy - that makes me his step mom!
And a PROUD one I am!!!

Dean got us out of the gate and I drove us on home - having to pull over and STOP due to the heavy rains that totally blinded me - for a little while.

We arrived and our custom is - HE unloads and I put up!
Laundry started, food stored away, bags emptied.
I never stop until everything is back to normal.
I admit to fluffing up the dining room a little bit.
While Summer and I were in Mart on our Mother/Daughter Camper Adventure, I bought two sets of napkin rings. I put these on the table settings and then decided.......

to put the ones I WAS using on the necks of the wine bottles and the candles.....

I am itching to get my fall things down from the attic while temps are on the cooler side for Texas!
My friend, Linda at Two Fixer Uppers, tells me that they are experiencing TRIPLE digit heat up in Oregon! That's just crazy!

It's still raining and I am winding up this journal entry tonight.
We paused to listen to George Jones since Wild Irish Rose.
Louis Dean LOVES music....and the stock market.....and Fox News......
and ME!!!


Deanna Rabe said...

Glad you had some real down time! You two are such a cute couple. A good man is a gift - I have one too!

Thankful you had a break in the rain to get off the ranch!

Linda said...

Talked to my sister-in-law in Houston and she reported some of the blackest clouds and heaviest rains she ever remembered seeing. Temps in the 80s in Texas in August is something I don't remember ever seeing. We usually have less than ten days of 100 degree weather where we live in Oregon & three of those days will make the rest of this week. I seldom use the a/c here but I am today and no doubt will for the next two days as well. I really like your napkin rings on the wine bottles. I'm glad you didn't come home to water in your house, or fallen tree limbs. October should still be good weather for another visit to the camper before life gets busy for the holidays.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Is the book good? I think I will look it up on Amazon. It is good to see Maddie again. Your needle work is gorgeous! I enlarged it. You should feature it on your blog every once in awhile. I cannot wait to put my fall things out either. I was just working on the table centerpiece today; it is all ready now.

Debbie said...

We eat twice per day and grill in any weather. I am dying for a good grilled steak!! Sounds like fun camper time!!

Susie said...

Linda, I am so glad you and LD had a restful time. I like that Maddie came calling for some petting. Girl, I hate driving in blinding rains, snows and heavy fog. I used to drive anywhere, any time. Now I let Ted do most of the girls call it, "driving Miss Lazy. " those dang kids. :):) Please show us your needle work when you are finished. I admire everyone's handy work. Blessings to all of you there in Texas, that I love. xoxo, Susie

Carol Slater said...

How nice to find some time to relax and unwind. I was hoping to do that this week while my daughter was off but it has not happened as we needed to clean freezers and etc. Life is never what I want it seems. It has rained here a lot too so I know what the mud is like.

Sandra said...

the perfect place to get true rest. i can't beleive you left your journal behind. had to be scary for you. i know how you love it... i would love to do some r and r on that ranch in your little home away from home... i am happy Maddie loves her ranch home..

Vee said...

Did all that rain in Louisiana head for Texas? I suppose that you need rain, but not THAT much. We sure needed rain and got two days of it earlier in the week. Today was nearly a perfect day and I got a lot done. Lower temps and lower humidity levels made it all possible.

Carla said...

Okay wait..I know I'm missing some posts but did you leave Maddie at the farm?
That was a lot of rain but that rain made y'all rest.