Sunday, August 21, 2016

Mud Puddles and Fall Decorating!!

I was so excited about getting some of my fall decorating done that I woke up EARLY on Saturday!
I left Louis Dean sleeping as I quietly slipped out of the bedroom and headed to the den. I did not EVEN turn on my coffee! *gasp* That's how excited I was!!!

I spent a good two hours decorating before I heard LD clanking around in the kitchen.
I played Show and Tell as we sipped our coffee and we both admired the fall most favorite thing to decorate every year! I found all of the ornaments in a garage sale one summer near my mother's house in Fort Worth for a little bit of nothing. I love them still!

Of course, seasonal decorating trashes the entire house!!
I worked steady into the late afternoon before we cleaned up and headed over to Quadville.
Amber had invited us to Family Dinner and Movie Night. I was more than ready to see the quads. Saturday was Day#10 since I'd seen them last. I think the longest I have ever been away from them has been 14 days. 

Amber met us at the door and said the kids were in the back yard.

It is such a special thing to watch this awesome daddy play in the mud with his kids!
Cheap, easy, FUN entertainment - but how many guys DO this??

AND they see me!!! I just LOVE this!!

A special pic of Kailey just to let you know she is recovering very well from her recent open heart surgery. The boo boo on her nose was from earlier in the afternoon when Kailey was being KAILEY!
Can I just say, she is a VERY active little girl!!

Trystan is such a little lady and you can see this even when she plays in the mud!

They had a blast! I bet they always remember the time they played in the mud with their daddy!

They were COVERED in mud!

Mike was in charge of the whole thing and he got them cleaned up enough to come in the house.

It took a bit of time and then he took them all upstairs and gave them showers while Amber prepared dinner. We had the nicest time!! Spaghetti and rich meat sauce followed by a good family movie that I can't remember the name of except I know it had Harry Connick, Jr in it!  Oh, YEAH! It was Dolphin Tale!

This morning (Sunday) we were up and in church practically on time!
For lunch we stopped at Arby's and then it was back home to continue to CLEAN and DECORATE!
I watched Forrest Gump, some Fixer Uppers and Bourne Supremacy while I worked.

The den is done!

And I am so happy!

Yes, the A/C is still on and, yes, I know it is still August!!
I just can't help myself!!

I moved on to the front porch before calling it a day.
It is with a happy heart that I am going to enjoy an evening glass of wine and sit in the decorated den with Louis Dean! I'm already looking forward to getting up in the morning as I move on to the foyer and living room and beyond!!!

Still, just so you know, I am saving all my September First Traditions for that most special day of the year to me. A week from Thursday I will light my special fall candles, drink coffee from my fall mug and tea from my autumn goblet, play Neil Diamond's September Morn back to back to back and bask in the glow of September!!! Only 10 days and a wake up!!! I will be READY!!!


Kathy said...

I am loving seeing your den all decked out for the fall. You are ahead of me. I don't even begin until September 1st. You have infected me with the September 1st holiday spirit. For two years now I have celebrated with you (but not as intensely) and this year I am not working so I have loads of time to do my baking and decorating. Will you be making your usual baking this year?

So glad to see Kailey doing so well. Prayers really do make a difference. It's great to see a Dad so invested in his children. But oh, so much mud!

Deanna Rabe said...

It looks good! Fall is my favorite season too!

Those quads are special and Kailey is looking great!

Weekend-Windup said...

Beautiful decorations!

Small Kucing said...

So beautifully decorated. The kids sure had fun playing in the mud. LOL...yes...very hard to get rid of the mud :D

Sandra said...

Your fault tree is always beautiful I think it's even prettier this year. A lot of people pay a lot of money to take my bath and I bet they don't have near as much fun as your family did. Just remember that September is your favorite time of year and I will be 72 and September the 5th which is not that far away so I am part of your September decorating

Shannon Hopps said...

You're amazing, Aunt Linda! You never stop inspiring me!

Gypsy Heart said...

I can't wait for Sept 1 and Neil! :) Your decorating is going well my friend. I'm loving having my fall scented candles burning right now ~ the fragrances are addicting.
So glad to see Kailey doing so well! There is great power in collective prayer and God is so good. The kids will really treasure the memory of playing in the mud with their dad! I wish that so many parents would just stop, unplug and just "be" with their kids.

Have a blessed week!

Susie said...

Linda, Your decorations looks so nice. I love how cozy your home always appears. Those little ones...yikes. Good thing daddy washed them before coming back in the house. LOL. Glad you enjoyed your time visiting and that everyone is well. Blessings, love you, xoxo, Susie

Ginny Hartzler said...

I love Neil diamond, but do not have this album. I have the huge keeper up from the basement and started decorating yesterday too! I was so excited that I could not sleep this morning! It is a lot of work, even though I only do the living room and kitchen. those are the only rooms most people see. I LOVE when the Quads first see you! Kailey is looking SO good!!

Linda said...

That Mike is a super treasure. Kailey looks so different. Has her hair gotten darker, or longer? Love all your fall 'debris.' Fall was always my favorite time of year to decorate. Look forward to seeing what you put out next.

BeachGypsy said...

It looks beautiful-- please come do ours!! Lol

Vee said...

I really enjoyed seeing Mike playing with his kiddos. Yup, they will remember all the fun. Kailey's looking terrific.

Gotta tell you that the difference between you and me is measurable and it makes me laugh. Your home is looking so cozy and cute and mine...well, not so much.

Katie Mansfield said...

How fun. It looks amazing. I have a feeling it is your favorite season. Our weather sure has helped get us in the mood for fall.
Have a great week.

Linda said...

I don't know many men or women that would play in the mud, that's a brave parent!!! I guess I missed the post about Kailey's surgery, glad she is doing so well! Your decorations are awesome, it would be so fabulous to have a decorated tree up all year long.

Blondie's Journal said...

I think your autumn tree is just the sweetest. And getting up early to do it all reminds me of being a little girl and getting up early Christmas morning! I feel the same way as you do now...although not the same energy level!!

Those quads are so darn cute. Is the mud area a play area or something that just happens to be there? As far as a/c...we've been in the 70's but since we have windows a/c we have to run them or the fans on them to keep things okay inside. No other way for fresh air to get in. Grrrrr...


Nancy Chan said...

The kids were so blessed to have their daddy. I can't remember my dad playing in the mud with me! If he did, my mom will faint! Lol! Good to know Kailey has recovered from the surgery. You did a great job decorating for the fall and you are enjoying the decorating. Looking forward to see the other decorations. Have a great day!

Pondside said...

I have now known you long enough, Linda, to look forward to your decorating traditions and to celebrate with you as you move into the time of year you love. You have the gift of making a nest, for sure!
I loved the photos and clips of the Quads and their daddy playing. There is such joy in seeing one's grandchildren so well-parented, and to see your daughter with a husband who is such a good man.
Have a good time as you count down to September 1st!

Stacey said...

Oh that is just awesome! I love when they are tromping through the mud but then see you at the window! Your autumn decorations are so pretty. Our house is for sale so I'm not sure how much I'll be doing. May have to live vicariously.

Bev said...

Fall decorating and the quads...doesn't get much better than that!!

Carla said...

You do such an awesome job.