Friday, June 17, 2016

Small Chores.....and a LOVELY Friday Night!!

We start our day here in the camper with coffee and reading just as we do at home!

His eyes are closed but he was saying, "Good Morning, Deanie!" when I snapped this pic!
I love how Deanie and Nita and I keep a thread of conversation going every day!

This is the pic Deanie sent me!
As weak as Deanie is, she still finds ways to do what she wants to do!
She used a dolly to move the lawn chair from the back patio through the house to the new deck so Mother could enjoy some time sitting outside.

Louis Dean finds ways to keep himself busy!
The first thing he did today was change out the AC filter!
AC is VERY important when you live in a tin can!!!
We take every precaution to keep it as cool as possible inside our camper!
The windows that face WEST are covered with a cardboard insert over the sofa area. The bedroom has black out curtains that work very well.
The girl bunk - where I nap and sleep sometimes - has a plywood piece that keeps the heat out.
The overhead skylights have been boarded up and the only one that is still open is in the bathroom.
We learned how to do all this when we lived in this camper for seven months! It was the end of August 2012 to the end of  April 2013.

THEN he put up a curtain rod so we could have a privacy curtain over the bedroom.

The first 'curtain' bit the dust back when Louis Dean lived in this camper from the time his first beloved wife, Ellen died in 2000 until around 2003 - give or take! It's hard for him to remember. The curtain is important for when I am napping - or LD - and the lights and such can be on without disturbing the one sleeping. Win! WIN!!!

Louis Dean was concerned about the fridge/freezer so he unloaded the contents into ice chests and defrosted it in the sunshine!

Not only did he defrost it - he switched the door so it opens from right to left!
Another Win! WIN!!

While I took the first really good nap since we arrived - HE was figuring out how to make an outhouse! 

We have a portable potty in the shop next to the camper right now and we are grateful for that!
However, LD is a do it yourself kind of guy and has been designing in his mind 
 a 'Porta Potty' at the end of our camper!!
His plans are in his head and he intends to finish them tomorrow!
I am so blessed to be married to such a man!
I told him just today that he must be very careful to take his medicine and not act foolishly!
He will be 80 years old this fall and I want to keep him as long as I can.

Tonight we celebrated a wonderful Friday night!

Steak, potatoes, onions, roasted potatoes, and some good wine.
We are celebrating LIFE tonight!
Making even more memories....


Kathy said...

You have a gem in that LD. I do believe that man can do anything he puts his mind to. Have a good time at the ranch!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Now I wonder what L.D. used to do before he retired. Because it seems he does everything, and does it so well!I hope you show the completed porta-potty!

Linda said...

I don't think you have to worry about dementia with LD. I'm anxious to see this red neck potty he's installing. I'm beginning to think it may be time for you to return to civilization.

Bluebird49 said...
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Susie said...

Linda, I like the privacy curtain very much. LD just can't help,work,work. LOL. I love that he switched out the fridge door, so clever. Now this porta have to get a picture. Better make it snake proof. I am glad you have each other and I am hoping it's for many, many more years. Bless your sweet hearts, xoxo,love you both, Susie

Sandra said...

i think their age is why Bob and LD are a lot alike, their generation, fix it no matter what. i could not stay in the camper with the windows boarded or not open. what i would have to do is take a big canvas and make a tent over the entire camper to keep the sun off, but theni could leave the windows open to let in light.... OR a giant umbrella??? that is whay houses in FL have awnings over all the windows, to break that sunshine... good job on the fridge door.

Cheapchick said...

Another great day in the country - you both need to take care of yourselves so you can enjoy life and each other!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

I swear girl, you get more things in a camper than anyone I know and I LOVE it all!!!

BeachGypsy said...

looks like a perfect day! and a good supper!!

Debbie said...

i always enjoy these entries, the day to day stuff!! it's just so "real" and i love how you write, it's just so easy to read and enjoy!!!

and supper, that's my favorite!!

Nancy Chan said...

What a blessing LD is to have around the place. Your daily life is very interesting to read about. Do take good care, you and LD, and enjoy each other's company. I would love to join in for the supper. Lol!

Kelly said...

You have such a zest for life! I always feel uplifted after reading your posts. It looks like LD is doing a grand job getting all the little things fixed around there and making life even better. I didn't realize that he was almost 80! I hope he has at least another 20 more years in him. He is definitely a good man!

Penny said...

Love that LD is always achieving. He is a natural born worker. X