Sunday, June 12, 2016

Scenes From Sunday.....

Today was a very special Sunday!

The quads were dedicated and baptized this morning during our morning service!

They sat in big church with us until it was time for the baptism.
We arrived EARLY (can you BELIEVE that???) so we could all sit together!

Not a good pic but I saw my daughter over talking to Pastor Doug and of course Kailey followed her!

We 'saved' seats! They were not under conviction! They were definitely SAVED!!!
I used my cane, Mother's walker, purses, you name it!

We all were down at the altar during the baptism so I have no photos but it was a beautiful and memorable service.

Then the whole troop of family and close friends arrived back in Quadville to have a big Sunday Dinner together!

Trystan says she has the BEST Dada EVER!!!
I totally agree with her!

Aunt Summer always arrives bearing gifts!

She can't seem to help herself!

She KNEW what Harrison would want! PAW Patrol!!!!

My handsome son, Jesse! I am working hard on wrapping my mind around the fact that he will be 50 years old this year! What's even harder is that Summer will be 53!!!

Amber and Mike have a big enough house that there are many places to sit quietly away from the crowd if that's what you want to do! The quads find Granddad wherever he goes, though!!

Okay! This is a reality shot!
It is super hard to get a good pic of everyone!!!

I included this photo because Mother forgot her Pocket Talker this morning and left it on the guest room bed. AFTER the baptism service, Louis Dean drove all the way home to get it so she could hear and participate in the conversation at lunch with everyone. 

Sweet Summer and Faith and just look at Kailey looking at her Aunt Summer!!

Lots of happy talking and laughing!

Harrison has completely recovered from his illness earlier this week!

Good times to remember!

Summer and Leigh Ann, Amber and Louis Dean!
Mother is in the forground with her sunglasses on her head like a teeny bopper!
I didn't get one single photo of the awesome food today!!!
This morning I got up at 4:00 AM and put a HUGE roast in the crock pot!
Thanks, Denise, for reminding me about using a crock pot!
THEN I got up at 7:00 to slice it and transfer it to a CLEAN crock pot for serving and to shower and get ready! We arrived in Quadville in time to unload food and then race to church only to arrive BEFORE they had even opened the auditorium doors!
Will wonders never cease??
Mike's parents brought a big ham and a ton of baked potatoes and a large pot of baked beans. Summer had mounds of fruits and veggies and cheese cubes while Amber made up some great side dishes and beverages, crackers and everything else!

All too soon it was time to say goodbye!
Louis Dean and his 'Girls!'

Mother was front and center during the entire day and I can tell she loved every single minute!

I am still not driving because of my foot surgery now three weeks ago.
Louis Dean chauffeured Mother back to Fort Worth while I crashed and burned in the front seat under a cover and against two bed pillows!
I was TIRED!
It rained on the way over there which made my sleeping just that much better!

We came home and I went to bed for awhile before getting up to clean the kitchen, start the dishwasher and put in a load of laundry.

Louis Dean cooked some buttery carrots and mashed potatoes to go with leftover roast - which happened to be one of the BEST I have ever cooked - for supper tonight.
We ate out here in the gazebo and I'm still here while I finish up this journal entry.
Louis Dean is in the house doing dishes. I love a man that does dishes!
It's been a busy CRAZY week with me continuing to recover from foot surgery (I still have FIVE weeks to go!!) and Harrison getting Scarlet Fever and all the ins and outs of the things we need to do!
God has a way of working everything out and so he did!
Pastor reminded us today in the sermon that we all have a story. And that 'story' is how GOD is seeking US and what he is doing in our lives.
I am grateful and blessed to know that I am a child of God and will live forever in eternity with him.
He has also put me here on earth - or LEFT me here on earth to do his will and show others his mighty works. Mighty works covers a vast territory. For me - this week - he has turned bitterness into blessing, fear into courage, pain into healing and has restored my soul day by day.
With all the evil and wrong going on in the world - I purpose to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus who can redeem the wrongs and give us comfort, forgiveness, grace, peace, mercy and confidence. I need all these things every single day.


Kathy said...

A wonderful day! So glad Harrison is better. We prayed for him, well all of the family really, this morning in church, not knowing what a special day it was.

I'm in total agreement with you. This world is so crazy. If I didn't have my eyes fixed on Jesus, knowing He is taking care of me, I don't know what I would do.

Linda said...

A wonderful day indeed. Your mom didn't used to want to participate in anything at quadville but I do believe she's warming up to all those little critters. LD gets the super duper award this week. I agree I don't know what you'd do without him. That was an over and above act of kindness driving back to get his mother-in-law's hearing device plus chauffeuring her home while you slept this afternoon. Sometimes I wonder if his overalls are made of velcro when he's around the quads. Wherever he is they're right there stuck to him. Such a wonderful day. You have every right to be thankful.

jamarson1 said...

What a great day! It's wonderful to see your whole family together celebrating this event. Happy Sunday❤️

Deanna Rabe said...

Love it all especially the last paragraph!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I am so glad to see Harrison looking so well! Everyone looks so happy; what a joyous and blessed event! Your son is so handsome! And Louis Dean is SO handsome wearing that suit! What a perfect were early, everyone was there, and you all had wonderful food. AND Harrison is recovered! WOO HOO!

Nita said...

Amen. And what a wonderful , special day. I just know you're beaming with pride to have your family gathered together to witness the quads baptism . I hope you all get some well deserved rest.

Arlene Grimm said...

Good Aunts always arrive bearing presents Linda. Ask my children and they will confirm that. My sisters sure to spoil them and their children. And I love the picture of LD and his girls. So sweet. What a wonderful weekend...loved seeing the pictures and reading your thoughts

Estelle's said...

A family blessed...lovely to see and lovely to read about!

Susie said...

Linda, I love this post . So glad Harrison is better and that you can get around well. To know the children are baptized makes me happy. Your family is a wonderful group...all love each other and it shows. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Changes in the wind said...

A very special day:)

ellen b. said...

What a beautiful time you all had from start to finish. God bless the quads!
ellen b.-the Happy Wonderer

Sandra said...

i love buttery carrots.. the quads are adorable in that first photo of them all dressed for church. and wow, you were on time.. ha ha... my sons are 49 an 51 and i can't beleive it either..

Nonnie said...

A very memorable time indeed to see those sweet kids dedicated to the Lord! Blessings.

LV said...

What a happy and joyous occasion for the family. Hardly recognize Louis Dean in a suit. Always coveralls.

shortybear said...

sweet pictures

Bluebird49 said...

Youall have such a wonderful family and even with your foot surgery, you still get so much done! I'd love to be part this "Quad family." Never a dull moment -- and such precious kids growing to know their grandparents are there for them, as well as their sweet parents. I just love reading what you're up to!
Thank you for not being ashamed of Jesus Christ and for giving Him the glory for saving us, and being with us daily. What a comfort to know He will never leave nor forsake us, and we do need to share the Good News!

Jutta said...

Right - we all have a story. No matter what but we indeed do.
My blessing was to find You and through You LD. I am grateful everyday

Carole said...

Isn't it amazing how youngsters bounce right back from illness! Have a little R&R now - you deserve it! Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Penny said...

What a special day for all the family. Louis Dean was so kind to go back for your Mum's pocket talker. What a hero x