Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Bright Spot in My Day!

This has been one of those not good/very bad days for me!
It's been nearly six weeks since my toe surgery and I am still struggling.
I saw the doctor this afternoon - early afternoon as in 1:00.
He said I was improving albeit at a very slow pace. The good news is that it's not worse!
I was at his Arlington office - and we didn't get lost but ONCE this time! - and he ordered some blood work at the hospital here in Irving so as to determine just what kind of infection we are dealing with. He suspects it's an autoimmune situation regarding my body accepting the foreign bone they used in surgery. We drove back to Irving and stopped in at the Goodwill!!!
The highlight of my day!!!!

I could NOT put this canvas in my basket fast enough!!!!!
My problem today probably started because I did NOT make my coffee this morning!!!
I sipped Earl Grey tea in a pretty tea cup instead!
My normally cast iron stomach has been subject to a good bit of queasiness with the strong antibiotics I'm taking so I thought I would try tea!

Now just WHO would get rid of such a great canvas???
It is now my favorite hanging in the kitchen!!
I had to hang it on a cabinet door as there is NO wall space for it and I just didn't think it would look right in the bedroom!

Other finds at Goodwill today include........

I didn't buy ALL they had but if they still have some NEXT Tuesday - I will!!!

If you live in Texas you need citronella candles!
Last year I had a citronella PLANT and it was awesome! It grew quite large and worked great as I had it in a corner inside the gazebo. Too bad that part of the elm tree that fell in the spring hit it on its way down and it failed to recover from the trauma of it all!

I have no earthly idea what this dish says but I thought it was pretty and on the back it says something about art credits and so forth. I MEANT to serve cheese and crackers in it tonight in art class - but art class did not happen!!!

This small plaque now hangs in the dining room with other wine inspired paintings and such.

Not a good pic but this is a sturdy metal basket decorated with grapes and leaves.
Can you see the wine theme in my purchases??
Right now it is holding the plums, peaches, bananas, nectarines and lemons I bought at Aldi - where I went right after Goodwill! I also bought the very last two bottles of my favorite New Zealand white wine! I could make TWO stops because I left Louis Dean (my knight in shining armor!) in line to pay at Goodwill while I rested in the air conditioned car!

This cute outfit will be my attire tomorrow!!

Four place mats that look FALL to me and I plan to use the right after the 4th of July!!!

Speaking of the 4th of July!!!
I went to the hospital for said blood work only to have them tell me at registration that there was not a diagnosis code on the orders. The nurse had given me a Rx for the blood work and I had no clue that I needed anything else! Long story short - the Baylor Angels here in Irving tried their best but could NOT reach the doctor OR the nurse to have the code faxed over. It HAS to be written ON the Rx!
I was in tears off and on all day and the lady at Baylor was so kind. Just before I gave up completely, I called the doctor's office and after waiting on hold for a long time and then pushing all sorts of option buttons pushed the one for 'Make an appointment!' FINALLY, I spoke to a person who was in yet ANOTHER location - not Irving and not Arlington!! I think it was Odessa!! Go figure!
Anyway, she could hear the despair in my voice and took it from there making contact with the nurse in Arlington who told HER to tell ME to give the hospital the Rx because the diagnosis code was ON it!!! NO, it wasn't!!! I finally gave my cell phone to the hospital lady and she told them!
At long last the code AND Rx was faxed, the blood work was done and I finally got to come home.....5 hours later!
The dress above was in the gift shop at the hospital and I bought it to celebrate!!!

We came home and Louis Dean went to pick up KFC since we hadn't eaten all day.
By this time I was not safe to be around people so in order to preserve my relationships, I cancelled the art class I had been looking forward to and went to bed with door CLOSED!!
Louis Dean was relieved!
I'm afraid I had used up all my 'nice!'
I stayed in bed until I had built up a meager supply and came out like my hair was on fire wanting to get something DONE!!!! Louis Dean WISELY let me whirl and I dug up grass and weed in a flower bed like my life depended on it! I planted several more of the plants I bought yesterday slowly saw some progress! I am here to tell you that MULCH covers a multitude of sins - and weeds!!
After I had pulled up the Bermuda grass, LD poured out red cedar mulch and it looks so much better!
Future weeds will be much easier to deal with!!

I hope I haven't been on too much of a rant!
To tell you the truth, I'm not used to feeling this bad this long and it is a challenge to do this with grace. Hopefully I will wake up tomorrow with a kinder more loving attitude.
For now I am going to do what my canvas says.......

I may have missed COFFEE this morning but I am NOT going to miss WINE tonight!!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh Linda, you poor thing! I am afraid to tell you that we both laughed at your post, but also felt so bad for you! Especially the 5 hour mix up! But your description of taking out all your frustration on your yard is priceless! I FEEL for you, and with no coffee either! I love your pretty July 4th dress, and the black and white outfit is so YOU. And I adore the canvas, which really does set the tone for this whole post. How long to wait for the blood test results? Will the Quads see fireworks on Monday?

Ginny Hartzler said...

I hope you don't feel bad that we laughed a bit. But you really have a way of writing that relates bad days like it was years later when everyone can laugh about it. This is a rare and precious trait!

Kathy said...

Aren't you glad to have a blog to "wine" on? Everyone has a bad day now and then, but you have had a doozy of one. By the way, your plate says "Fossi Castle. Named the original subsiduary of Chiarti Classic Reserve." You really were on a wine theme today. Hope you feel better tomorrow.

Linda said...

Oh my goodness, wow, what an unbelievable day. Gracious, I don't know what to say. I feel so bad about your toe surgery. Anyone would long ago have lost patience. The mix up at the lab happens far too often and would have been my melt down point. Goodness, I hope you rest well tonight and wake up feeling much better in the morning.

Sarah K. said...

I am so sorry for that FIVE hour wait. UGH. And the pain in your foot as well. :( I was really curious about your plate so I put the phrases in Google to translate to English for you so you'd know what your plate says! It is for sure an Italian/Spanish wine related plate! :) The top "Castello di fossil means "Castle were" / The longer phrase, denominazione di origine controllata means "designation of origin" and the three other words are terms for various types of Spanish wines. SO - I think the plate says that "Your destination of origin is a Castle" and that you are to drink wine when there!!!! Isn't that perfect for you? YOUR home IS your castle go origin and wine is there! Hope you enjoyed my search for what it says and means! Enjoy.

Nancy Chan said...

I like the canvas and the beautiful dress. I feel bad for the 5 hours wait at the hospital over the code. I would feel terrible too. I hope tomorrow will be a great day for you and your toe will be healed completely soon.

Susie said...

Linda, There's no way I could have ran around like my hair was on fire like you did...because I would have been ding-dang bald from tearing my hair out!! All that calling, waiting, running around, makes me flatout crazy. Once I called about a problem with our phone lines, and by the time I got a hold of a real person, I asked him where are you people located? He said, we are on Mars...I said." well you might as well be for how long it took to get ahold of you." Then we both laughed...but I was totally nuts by then anyways. I hope the bloodwork truly helps nail down the exact meds you are needing. Pain can makes us different...so I call it letting off steam. My pop-value has duck tape all over it after all these years. LOL. Blessings to you and an extra hug for LD(being the saint that he is). Love you guys, xoxo, Susie

Sandra said...

I am with Ginny, i did get a few chuckles from your bad day... we do know that the infection has not harmed your shopping gene at all... i can't imagine shopping after all that to do over a simple blood test.. i love the patroitc dress and it will look good on you. don't forget to get us a photo of you in it. prayers for healing of that toe soon.

Cheapchick said...

You poor thing. Hugs and if I could ship a case of wine to you I would :)

Debbie said...

to tell you the truth, i don't think i have ever heard you rant before this foot episode. i have bouts of not feeling well when my MS flares up, so i am use to not feeling well. it helps me to appreciate the good days so much more!!!

i don't drink coffee, can't drink wine....perhaps if i could????

love the red, white and blue dress, it's very nice!!! hugs!!!!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Hugs and more HUGS Linda. Surely hope that TODAY is way better than yesterday which was NOT.

Carol Slater said...

I love your canvas! I enjoy a good glass of wine and I am sure this looks great in your kitchen.

Vee said...

Five hours? I would have been furious. Someone at that doctor's office has some serious explaining and ApOloGiZinG to do. Having heard about your no-good very bad day, I'll tell you about mine in an email behind the scenes. I don't want to ruin my reputatation as a sweetheart.

Praying for you...

Carole said...

Linda, how frustrating for you - I'm off now to have a Thursday night wine or three and will be toasting you and your recovery. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Arlene Grimm said...

What a day! Thank goodness they do not come around often or we would all be bald from pulling out our hair in frustration! Hope today is better!

The Brown Recluse (TBR) said...

Hmmm. Maybe I should go have a look-see at our Goodwill!

There may be nothing more frustrating than dealing with medical staff/insurance...except maybe dealing with incompetent nurses who argue that they did what they did not do. I'm glad you survived the five hour ordeal...and I hope your toe begins healing quickly now.

Linda said...

Oh No, re: your medical episode......I am so lucky that my blood work is done in the same clinic that my dr is in. I can't imagine such frustration. I am glad you are improving, even it is slow. I hope you are feeling better!!

Penny said...

You are having a tough time. I often use up all my nice too, it takes a wee while to regenerate. Take care friend X