Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Scenes From Our Camper and From my Friend in Finland!

While there is a lot of scenic beauty OUTSIDE - I admit to it being HOT!!
This morning Louis Dean and I slept in - as is our privilege for being senior citizens!!!
Our hours are our own  while we are down here in our camper on my step son's ranch!
He and Sherry have graciously given us a corner of their property to park our 31 foot Wilderness 2000 camper! I have taken lots of pictures worthy of a petting farm brochure the last couple of days.

Tonight I am featuring the camper where we live while we are down here!
Most campers are commercially decorated and attractive!
NOT ours! It required a great deal of work both before we hauled it down to the RV park in Katy and after we pulled it home where it sat on the driveway waiting for Louis Dean to repair the water damage in the bedroom - the roof leaked right over my side of the bed!!!
Finally we pulled it down here to the ranch last spring where we hope it will live out its life!!

. Louis Dean bought this camper for his beloved first wife, Ellen, so she would have a place to have visitors as she fought and lost her battle with breast cancer back in 2000. I would have loved Ellen had I known her back then. I love her sister, Ruth Ann, and count her as my very best friend.

It's a warm and cozy camper! 

We tore all the water damaged floor and walls out back in the spring/summer of  2012!
Louis Dean TOTALLY redeemed this camper so we would have our own place while helping Amber and Mike with their four new babies. This camper was a life saver to us back then and a treasured retreat for us now!!

This is where I blog, post, email and write!
I continue to work on my 'Book!' I have no idea when it will be finished but being down here with calm and quiet and no distractions......I am making progress!

Our camper is not stylish but it IS comfortable!!!

Our front door - our ONLY door!!!
The wasps have built a nest outside and a few stray ones make their way in!!!
NOT good!!!

MY chair where we do our Bible reading, devotionals and have our prayer time!

Louis Dean MADE the bed this morning!!
Will wonders never cease???

The view of our camper from the bedroom!

My sweet girly bathroom!

No men allowed!

SO many memories from so many friends,,,,,
This bag is from my friend, Dawn, and I wore it all through the NICU days with the quads!
I use it still while I am down here on the ranch. It's perfect to carry my phone and camera as I walk around the ranch.

These pot holders are special as they were gifted from my blogging friend, Kathy!

My dear friend Candie made this cover that we use all the time when we are here in the camper!

The couch cover is a one of a kind quilt made by my niece, Leah!

It's been a good day here on the ranch!
We stay inside the camper during the heat of the day and only venture out during the late evening.
We read our devotionals this morning and pretty much drifted through the day.
Louis Dean drove the truck down to  the bath house and LD took a soaking tub bath and then I followed with a good shower and shampoo!!

We are now nestled back in our camper watching the third season of LOST.

I want to show you beautiful Finland where my friend, Jutta, has her very own personal island!!

Someday I hope to visit her there!

Jutta visited us last November and we so enjoyed being together!

THIS is HER view and I can hardly take in the beauty of her very own private island!!

While the winters are dark....

The sun never sets in the summer.

Finland is a beautiful place!

When Jutta was here last fall, she and Louis Dean sang a song together!
'I Know Who Holds Tomorrow.'
He sent this book - The Shack -  home with her and today she messaged me that she finished it in one sitting!!

We have had a good day here on the ranch.
We got up,  drank coffee, read the Bible and our devotional book before having prayer.
Afterwards LD went outside to air up the tires on  our bikes, sprayed a wasps nest close to the camper  front door and  generally did the ' Man Chores' that I would be hard put to do!

I am enjoying the peace and quiet and calm that I feel while I am here away from my 'real life.'

I had a wasp sting eariler this evening so I took a Benedryl and I am feeling its effects!

So, it is an early blog/journal post tonight as I am heading to bed!


Linda said...

It's very clear your little get-away is all you. It does indeed look like a cozy and comfortable place to be. It always amazed me Texas has such a hard time dropping below 80 degrees at night. That's why Texas heat is so unbearable, it never cools off at night. I've been told if temps don't drop below 80 at night it has the effect of running a low grade fever on the body. Finland is beautiful. Doesn't look hot there.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh my gosh, when you said there is a wasp nest, I was hoping you would not get stung! It is so good you had some Benedryl! I love the camper tour! It is what I call Shabby Chic, my favorite! First I LOVE your kitchen decals! Hobby Lobby does not have them, and I want them! Where did you get them? I love the twinkly lights! And are those Campbell's Soup mugs? We have them and use them! You are the perfect decorator, and could make anything look fabulous! I have no talent in this department. Are you really planning a trip to Finland after you are healed from your surgeries?

Blondie's Journal said...

I love that you are enjoying your getaway and to have your own space is so much better than a sterile hotel room or staying someone's home. It definitely reflects your taste for warmth and coziness.

Continue to enjoy the change of scenery and routine. That's what vacations are all about for me! :)


Deanna Rabe said...

Your home away from home is cozy and happy! I'm so glad you have this time to rest!

Enjoy every minute of it!

Mummers said...

Mom, I hope LD removed the wasp nest. I hear brake fluid is great to spray on the nest and will get rid of them. Life does look peace, slow and easy - great place for you to continue to heal. Love you!

Sandra said...

i remember when Jutta visited and her island is so beautiful.. your camper is so much better and bigger than the tiny houses i like to see on HGTV... it is perfect for our needs and all that you do need to live in peace and quiet with all the farm animals for friends.

Arlene Grimm said...

That LD is surely a treasure Linda. It amazes me that he can do all these things when many men are just sitting in their recliner.:) Love seeing your rv so I can picture you there.

Pondside said...

That was a lovely tour of your retreat, Linda. It must be so good to know that the camper is there, waiting for your visits. No worry about packing things up and moving it around. You'll have so much pleasure from this!

Jutta said...

No, it is not hot in Finland, nor at my island. Finland is known for its nature, design, education and social welfare. I would be delighted to tell more if you are intrested. 👍😊

ellen b. said...

You sure have a lot of room in your trailer! Wow...owning your own island sounds amazing!

Susie said...

Linda, Get one of those sprays for the wasps..the ones that shoot from a good distance. I am glad you are working on your book. I am placing an order now..LOL. I hope you and LD are having good dinners and conversations with the kids. Blessings, love you, xoxo, Susie

bj said...

what a sweet sweet home away from does look very comfy and that;s what we seniors like best..comfort is very high on the Senior Gotta Have's cute, too..
I am on my way to Painting with a Twist..just posted about it on my blog..and I am excited....I doubt anyone will ever see the finished product...but it will be fun with family and

Carole said...

You need to get rid of those wasps - nasty things that they are! Cheers

Penny said...

What a sweet home-from-home. I loved seeing round the camper X