Sunday, June 26, 2016

Making my Way Back......

My foot surgery was 39 days ago now and I am still recovering.
Today was the first time I felt like a semblance of my old self in over a week.
I have pretty much been in bed ever since returning from the doctor on Tuesday.
Wednesday Louis Dean went out to do some errands and the car battery had died. Death was final.
There is always ALWAYS something to be thankful for!
For two whole days he walked around saying how grateful he was that the battery hadn't died when we were going over to Quadville Monday night, or as were leaving there to go to the doctor in Arlington the next morning, or when we left the doctor and went out to eat, or at the pharmacy!
God's timing was perfect and sitting in its usual spot on the driveway worked great!
Louis Dean took himself off and bought another one - deal DONE!

So it took 5 doses of the two antibiotics before I began to see some significant improvement on Friday! I was excited!!!

After the sun set behind the house, I went out and pulled a few weeds and then made a small bouquet of honeysuckle and roses for the kitchen.
I had puttered around a little doing what small jobs I could find that didn't require a lot of energy.
One was figuring out how to clean the inside of the washing machine and running a clean cycle.
The interior was beginning to NOT smell very fresh but after cleaning it - now you open the door and it smells like a laundromat!!

I hung the L & L letters on our bedroom door!
That wasn't hard!

Louis Dean decided to celebrate Friday night with pizza from Little Caesars!
I kept hearing these not happy bird sounds and finally walked through the house to see if one had got inside! We do NOT have our doors or windows open in this Texas heat so I was puzzled.
They were mockingbird babies in the honeysuckle bush and their mama or dada was out in the street barking at them! I only ever heard pretty sounds from mockingbirds so this was new!

We enjoyed our pizza WITH Garlic Butter - thanks to my friend, Donna, for reminding me how wonderful that is!!! - and watched Alaskan Bush People.
A good beginning to a good weekend......
except we BOTH woke Saturday morning with a stomach bug!
I didn't even get out of bed until 2:30 and I didn't stay out long!
I was feeling pretty down and out about this time.

By bedtime Saturday night - and bedtime has been coming much earlier than it does when we're well - we were cautiously optimistic that we would be better this morning - and PRAISE God - we ARE!!!

My calendar has been pretty empty lately!

I woke up this morning full of hope and promise!!!
Let me tell you, it feels GOOD!!!

To celebrate I made UP the bed!!!!
And what's more - I haven't been back in it, either!!
While I haven't moved mountains or done very much of ANYTHING - I am so much better!!!

Louis Dean went outside to do some of his stuff as in putting a basket on his bicycle for using down at the ranch. He can put his shower stuff in there! He's always doing something!

Today, as of 3:30 this afternoon, Louis Dean and I have been married eleven years!

It's been a story book romance as far as we are concerned.

My entire family loves and adores him!!

The very happiest years of my life have been since I met him!
LD and I met in late April 2005 and married just about two months later!
We are as different as we can be and yet neither one of us set out to change the other.
We just learned to adapt to each other and in the adapting and accepting - we BOTH actually changed! I'm still me and he's still him but together we make a really great couple.
I always thought it was a lot of hokey about being married to your best friend - but it really is true! Or it CAN be! Since we are't back to our normal speed just yet - and since it WAS our anniversary! -

I whipped up a pretty tasty meal with a LOT of help from Trader Joe's!
Next time I'm there - I am definitely going to buy some MORE of this!!!

Tonight we are going to have leftover pizza and a sour cream pound cake I just took out of the oven.
It fell in and sunk around the middle of the bundt pan but I'm pretty sure it will still taste good.

I told my friend, Debbie, the other day, "I kinda miss me being 'ME!'
Well, I am lighting candles and celebrating tonight!
I really think I am BACK!!!


Jan said...

Happy Anniversary. Glad to
hear you are feeling better

Linda said...

I am greatly relieved to have you back. Life was boring without you. Your summer will soon be kicking into high gear. Think you're going to find time to have surgery on the other foot anytime soon, or do you even want to do such a thing?

Village Antiiques Mall said...

Happy Anniversary Dear One's ! Glad you are both feeling better today and that your foot is getting better. Hugs.

Kathy said...

Happy anniversary! You married one year before me. I know just what you mean about marrying your best friend. That's what I did.

So glad to hear you are feeling better. Soon you will be running around and life will be back to normal. Then it will be time to have the other foot done.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Thanking God for this! You have really been through it! Does your foot feel better now than before the surgery? Your wedding pictures are so beautiful and full of joy. You are so beautiful and L.D. is so handsome! It is a storybook marriage!

Jutta said...


Nancy Chan said...

Happy anniversary to you and LD! Enjoyed reading your post and about your daily life. Glad to hear you are doing and healing well. You and LD are a beautiful couple!

PATI CLARK said...

Happy Anniversary !!!!Healing is definitely a process. It has been a year this month since my car accident with broken collar bone and I feel like I'm still healing from the trauma....I pray Each new day will bring you healing and wellness my friend !!! :)

Estelle's said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery! Have a great week Linda!

Arlene Grimm said...

Thanks for posting an update Linda. I was worried about you when I saw the picture of your foot. And Happy Anniversary. You two are certainly made for each other. My friend, Deborah, reads your blog and we both feel like we know you and Louis Dean.

Jodi Walters said...

What a blessing to have found one another later in life! You two make an incredible couple!!!

Changes in the wind said...

So glad you are feeling better!! Love the wedding pictures:)

Susie said...

Linda, Honey you know I blog my the seat of my pants. I don't know how to do so many things...such as list my blog favorites on my side I have a list of favorites on a list of other I have checked in everyday to see if you had made a new post. I was worried when you hadn't since the one on the quads. I am so darn thankful you are you again. Happy Anniversary to you and LD....yes, you are a perfect couple. Please don't over do, cause you need to get well 100 percent. Blessings to you and LD. love you guys so much, xoxo, Susie

Cheapchick said...

Happy Anniversary! And yay for feeling better!

Linda said...

GLAD you are back! Happy Anniversary! you are certainly blessed. I've been lacking in my blog reading. I am sure the quads miss you too.

Sandra said...

i am glad you are back to YOU again and I love our wedding dress. so glad the antibiotics are working. your toe did look bad to me.... we have had the battery die twice in the drive way and once at walmart, that is over many years.. all three times we had been places it would have been horrible to get one... the walmart one was the best. we went on a 50 mile drive to a river where there was nothing but US. back then no cell phones and no people. we would have been stuck until someone came along. came home, put bob out at the house for the dogs, and i went to WM.. came out and it was dead... Happy Anniversary

Debbie said...

it's so difficult to be "missing" not be able to find your mojo. i know well what all of that feels like, the joy received in completing simple tasks, in making the bed.

your wedding images are beautiful, 2 very happy people. we just celebrated 38 years, it's wonderful to find your one!!!

Jan said...

Happy Anniversary! So glad that you are feeling better.

Vee said...

First, Happy Anniversary to you both! I love fairytale romances and yours is a delight.

Next, I am so glad that you are feeling better and more like yourself. What a long haul it has been. So thankful that all is coming around.

Ginny Hartzler said...

LOVE your new background!!

Kelly said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you've been so sick. Thank goodness you're on the mend now. You have such a wonderful positive attitude towards everything though. I'm sure that helped immensely. Happy anniversary to you and LD! Sometimes it takes people longer to meet their soulmate. Glad you finally found yours!

bj said...

So so glad you are better...and so glad you and LD are still deeply in love after 11 years...a true gift when we find, in life, a mate that we love forever and ever, amen.

Penny said...

Linda so pleased to hear you are starting to feel better, and many, many congratulations on your wedding anniversary. You look stunningly beautiful in your wedding gown, I love that photograph. Wishing you and Louis Dean many more happy years together. You are a great pair! X