Friday, June 10, 2016

Two Quad Days, A Dear Friend, Scarlet Fever, Clean Ponds and Our Friday Night!

We had our first 'normal' Quad Wednesday since I had foot surgery three weeks ago!
Quad minus one! Harrison has Scarlet Fever so he has been in isolation the last few days so the girls won't catch it! It's not the dreaded disease it once was thanks to modern day antibiotics. Still, you sure don't want to spread it around and he has been one sick little boy!

My friend, Melba, joined us on Wednesday and I was so happy for her to get to meet the quads and spend some time with them! She is such a good sport and joined right in with all of our activities.
Melba and I were homeschooling buddies together and we sure have lots of good memories of those years!

We did a little patriotic coloring and Miss Trissy was the first one to finish!

I was second!

The kids are learning to cut things out and I love to watch them concentrate on what they're doing!

I just love Melba!!
She lives in Oklahoma now so we don't get to see as much of each other as we'd like.

Who is the oldest?

Logan is always very intense over whatever she does.

We grilled hot dogs and I made up a big pot of mac and cheese and we ate outside on the deck. Reading and naps followed and Louis Dean sat with the girls while they slept so Melba and I could visit.

We had a BIG fancy tea party after naps!

The extra ingredient that day was sugar cubes!!
The girls enjoyed watching them dissolve in their cups while stirring the tea!

We had tea sandwiches, fruit and desserts!

Little Miss Prim and Proper!!

Thank you, Melba, for coming to visit us!!!

This was the first time Melba has been able to spend some time getting to know Louis Dean.
Melba lost her dear husband a few years ago. He and Louis Dean would have been such good friends!

We played in the gazebo some in the late afternoon......

before taking our party to the front yard!
The girls were handy little helpers in getting the flowers watered!
Those hot summer days are slowly heating up so morning and evening drinks of water for the pots and flowers are a necessity.

We had an easy peasy supper of Little Caesars Pizza!
Oops!!! I forgot to tell LD get some of that Garlic Butter!
Oh, well! We just used some Ranch Dressing!
Due to Harrison's diagnosis of Scarlet Fever, we all thought it best if the girls spent the night over here. They have the most wonderful Dada!! Mike came over and gave them all baths for me and then Granddad turned on a Paw Patrol. He LOVES Paw Patrol and knows the characters and story lines about as well as they do!

Then we divided all of us up between the two bedrooms and settled in for the night!
I had two girls sleeping with me and they got just as close as it was possible to get!

Thursday morning, LD had an early doctor's appointment so when Trystan woke up she got in bed with us. How fun to wake up with children in the house!!

They are so easily entertained!
I opened a train case of little evening purses and they played and pretended for quite awhile.
Long enough for me to make up beds and start laundry and brew up the coffee!

We spent the rest of the morning in  the gazebo where the girls decorated their sunglasses with extra bling!

They really do wear sunglasses a lot!

Love this girl!!

They went in and put on the party dresses - again!!
I had just washed them the  night before so they were ready to wear!

Kailey is such a goofy girl!!
Trystan is a perfect little lady and Logan is prcious!

I have to admit that Trystan got eat up with mosquitoes so once we came in, we didn't go back out!
I put bite medicine on her legs and was muttering to myself that I should never have let her outside.
She must have heard me because she said, "Mommy is NOT going to be happy when she sees my legs!!! It was all MeeMaw's fault!!" Then she looked up at me and smiled so sweetly - right after throwing me under the bus!!!

Kailey was busy in the living room while we were making dinner last night.
She called me in and showed me how she had lined up the pillows and spread out the covers so I could go in there and rest! Bless her little heart!

Louis Dean made homemade hamburgers and I made some oven roasted potatoes with rosemary....

I could eat these every day!!

Mike stayed with Harrison last night and Amber came over to get the girls!
I was out in the gazebo when I heard the very first locust of the season!!!

First locust song of the season!!!
The FIRST song is charming but by July they will be droning!!
There have been some years that I would get up at 3:00 in the morning just to hear SILENCE!!

Amber had us all FaceTime with Harrison!!!
Poor guy was feeling left out!
He asked the girls if they had a tea party and they said, "YES!!! A really BIG one!!"
I could tell he was disappointed he missed it! I sent a bag of tea cookies home for him!

The girls were so happy to see their mommy!
Amber and Mike chose to live close to both sets of grandparents and you put us all together along with dear family friends and you have a pretty good support group going on!
They spent last night with their Grandmommy and Granddaddy to give Harrison another 24 hours of being on antibiotics before putting the kids all back together again!

They all left and as is Amber's custom, she rolled the windows down as they were driving away and you could hear those sweet little voices saying, "Good bye!!! We love you!!!!!!!"

Louis Dean and I lingered over a glass of wine out there on the driveway and watched the planes float down over the tree tops before making a 35 degree turn for the runway. We counted plane after plane and they all turned at the very exact same spot right above a certain tree!
Then we came in and went sound to sleep!!

While I have spent most of the day in bed off and on, Louis Dean has been Mr. Handy Man!!!
First, he went to the grocery store for food, filled the gas tank on the car and bought sprayers and chemicals to treat the ponds and yard for mosquitoes. I napped while he was gone.

Then he went to work draining and cleaning the ponds.

I sat in the gazebo and read, played Scrabble and worked on my journal post.

I did manage to water a few plants.

Summer days are here again and so far it's not too bad!


Linda said...

Oh my, just thinking about watering plants morning and evening is my than I can stand. I would just throw them all out. Your ponds look beautiful. Glad you're more energized than me. I hope Harrison is feeling much better by now. I'm always so amazed at all the little craft ideas you come up with. Bling for their sunglasses, what a great idea. Also love that travel case full of evening purses. I can't imagine how many times 3 little girls change clothes in a day. It really does take a village to raise children. So good your family is close and willing to help.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I am so glad that Scarlet Fever is no big deal anymore! How is it acquired, do you catch it? The Quads are just wonderful at drawing and cutting now! And that is something to be proud of! They deserve a big fancy tea party, because they are so polite and have such good manners at the table. I have never heard a locust! Is that the same as a cicada? We have them and crickets outside now.

gramma27 said...

Recipe for potatoes, please...look scrumptious:)

Susie said...

Linda, I still don't know how you and LD do it...but I love how close you keep the family and tend to the children and extend a helping hand, plus take care of business right there. I love that you had time for your dear old friend. LD is one working man, now girl I am telling you. Bless little Harrison's heart. He was sad to miss the fun at your house. Hugs and blessings to all of you. Love, xoxo, Susie

Deanna Rabe said...

I sure hope Harrison is feeling better! Poor boy! I bet he did miss out on the fun!

Trystan made me laugh with "Mommy's not going to be happy...its all Memaw's fault!" ha ha!

Love each personality.

You and LD seem to be doing well.

Arlene Grimm said...

I remember my little sister having scarlet fever and she had to be kept very quiet for several weeks. It was a scary diagnosis back then. And Linda, I love the flag you colored!! You would have made a wonderful preschool teacher. You know just what keeps them entertained and learning at the same time. Hope you and LD have a good restful weekend.

bj said...

Glad you had such a great time with your friend..and the kids. It's always busy around your place...with that many grands, all the same age, must be awesome..and remember keeping the twins and their older sis for a couple yrs and it kept me running ..I was 18 yrs younger...couldn't do it now at sure is nice when we all get together and can just together. :) xoxo

Sandra said...

4 babies in one minute must be a record of some kind. they are all so cute and make me smile just seeing their photos. so sorry Harrison is sick. i do hope he will be well soon... Scarlet fever is scary to me... i did not know it was still around. i had a really good howling laugh out loud at you being thrown under the bus over the mosquito bites. still smiling

shortybear said...

such great times

Nonnie said...

What a wonderful time you had with your friend and those precious girls. But I am so sorry to read about the scarlet fever. Poor little guy. I hope he is making a good recovery. All the pics are good, but I love the one with the garden hose. Those mosquitoes are awful!

Cheapchick said...

The kids are beautiful - so strange he picked up Scarlet fever, I haven't heard of anyone having it since I was a kid.