Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We Forgot the Cat!

Yesterday morning we got up early, had our coffee, loaded the truck with things to bring back home, said our good byes to Dean, put Lucy in the back of the pick up in her kennel and headed for home.
We didn't get far - about 30 miles or so - when Louis Dean gave out a yell!
"We FORGOT the CAT!!"
We had indeed! All the evening before we said we must NOT forget the cat!! So, of course, we DID!
WE turned right around and went back for her. We had taken up her food and water - we just forgot to get HER!! The roads are rough and bumpy in the country. Maggie (our cat) traveled down there in the camper.
She came home hidden somewhere in the back seat of the truck!
And would you believe when we got home Louis Dean forgot the cat AGAIN???
He dropped me off at the house and I took the car to pick up Ruth Ann and make our Tuesday movie date.
LD went on to the feed store for some supplies. When he got home he unloaded everything, gave Lucy a bath, HE took a bath, he even started the laundry and was sitting in the den watching the news when he remembered the CAT!! Bless her heart! I hope she doesn't get a complex out of this. She was tucked away where he couldn't see her when he unloaded. No worries! She is back to sauntering around like she owns the place. 

Ruth Ann and I walked in with our arms full of popcorn, candy and cokes right when the movie started!
She and I have just about decided we like movies geared to 12 year olds. 
Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters was the one we chose.
It was pretty good. We have seen worse ones for 50 cents!

For some reason I developed a headache yesterday morning that just got worse and worse as the day went on. I left the Goodwill feeling so bad I wasn't even sure I could do art class. I thought if I could just take some Tylenol and go to bed for a little while I would be better. It worked!! An hour nap and art class was underway! Thanks to Sabrina, who was my Fairy Godmother last night!! While I was sleeping she came in, set out the art table, made tea, brought dinner and opened the turp!! The moment I opened my eyes I could smell the fragrance of 'Art' drifting down the hall!! We made a lot of progress with our Santas! My second one is looking MUCH different from the first one and ALL of ours are unique in their personalities! For a few minutes there Sabrina's Santa looked a lot like Robin Williams! With a TAN!
They will all be beautiful by the time we're through!
THANK YOU, Sabrina, for making art happen!!
I went to bed shortly after 9:00 and woke up feeling more like myself!

That was a GOOD thing since this is our day to visit Quadville!
Amber was just dressing them up in their Halloween costumes for a photo op when we arrived!

Louis Dean introduced them to his Martin guitar and gave them their first little 'lesson.'
They were each allowed to pat the wood and feel the strings.

He'll have his own little band someday!

My sweet daughter and granddaughter!!
Amber and Trystan!

That Kailey has some moves!!

Logan loved her costume and has worn her hat pretty much all day!

Our four little pumpkins!

Louis Dean and I fixed lunch for the quads while Amber did some much needed errands.
They ate and went down for their naps without a peep and woke up with smiles and laughter!!

We hung out in their nursery so I could give them baths afterwards.
Granddad was there to entertain them and that he DID!

It's been a good day in Quadville!
Amber is cooking dinner as I write and it smells delicious.
Garlic green beans, mashed potatoes and a crock pot beer chicken she has been cooking all afternoon.
Amber has spoiled Louis Dean and told him Wednesdays are HAMBURGER days!!
It didn't matter that he and I had grilled cheese sandwiches along with the quads for lunch.
He was STILL expecting Amber to bring him a hamburger when she returned home.
She didn't let him down!

After dinner and the babies are in bed we are going to watch Jeff Dunham's Halloween show.
That's perfect for this Halloween's Eve!!!


Kelly said...

The quads are so adorable in their costumes! It looks like y'all are having a great day today. That dinner sounds yummy! Amber is SO lucky to have y'all come over every week and help out with the kids. It really does take a village to raise multiples! That was a funny story about the cat too.

Vee said...

So cute! They really are, but then they come from a cute family.

Your poor cat! Thanks for letting us know that she's none the worse for being forgotten twice.

You need a good night's rest and a chance to sleep in. You've been on the go!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Too funny...about the cat! The cutest pumpkins ever!

Linda said...

Poor pussycat! The beauty about animals is that they are quite forgiving; thank goodness. Lovely photos, Linda. :)

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh, I hope the cat doesn't have a complex after all it's been through!! Good for you plowing ahead after that headache, you have the moxy I don't!


Sandra said...

they are so amazing and sweet in their costumes and I think he ws trying to play the guitar with his foot.. loved that video... made me laugh. great photo shoot for all of them. glad the headache left so you could paint

Susie said...

Linda, I laughed about the gosh, it made me think of a song my niece used to sing to us...called "the cat came back, thought she was a goner" I just feel happy when you and Ld are with those babies. They love you to pieces. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Changes in the wind said...

Love the picture of them looking out the window in their costumes...too cute!

Nonnie said...

What fun times you are having! Hilarious about the CAT!!!
I'm glad your headache went away.
Those quads are adorable and your pics are always so good. Do you print them out for an album, or do you print your blog?

Carla said...

Poor Maggie....LOL I can't you forgot the cat not once but twice.
The quads are darling