Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cheddar Biscuits!

We love the Cheddar Biscuits from Red Lobster so when I saw this mix at Sam's recently I popped it right in my grocery cart!

They turned out every bit as good as the ones in the restaurant!

I made them tonight in Quadville to go with some 13 Bean Soup and salad for our dinner.
The babies ate the 'soup' drained of its juice along with a half a biscuit and some fruit and cheese.
I got a kick out of seeing Logan pick out the black eyed peas to eat. She didn't seen to care much about the other beans!

It passed the taste test for Louis Dean! He LOVED them!!
You just stir the mix, some shredded cheese and water together then drop and bake them.
There is a seasoning packet to mix with melted butter and I brushed this on the biscuits when they were hot out of the oven. YUM!
I love it when something turns out just like you thought it would!

Louis Dean and I spent the day in Quadville. We'll go home in the morning.
It has been a GOOD day.
As soon as we came in ALL the babies wanted to sit in Granddad's lap!!
Logan nearly always comes to ME first! Things have changed!
They ALL wanted Granddad!
They didn't even mind having to sit on top of each other!

The girls love to wear my earrings. I try to wear the biggest and gaudiest ones I have because they love them so! Amber says they won't keep a hair bow in for 60 seconds but they will prance around in my earrings until another quad takes them off and wants to wear them!

They pretty much took turns today!
There's Mama in the background keeping watch over her little flock!

It was another precious day with sweet babies.
The morning will be special since we are spending the night!
I will have to get up a bit earlier than usual so I can comb my hair and put my make up on.
Logan didn't recognize me one morning!

"She's not wearing make up so her face just looks like skin."
Chuck Palahniuk


jamarson1 said...

I want your gaudy earrings too! Cute pics!

Wanda said...

What precious babies... Oh my...I thought I had the biggest gaudiest earrings in town. What a priceless picture of Grandpa and those darlings. I just posted a picture of our newest grandbaby, Tristan. My dearest booked me a flight to Oregon so I can see him again. Love reading your post, Linda, and I've made those Cheese Biscuits. Wonderful!!!

Kathy said...

I don't know if granddad's lap is going to be big enough for all four for much longer. What a nice day you had! So funny about the kids wanting your hair fixed and your makeup on.

Sandra said...

precious memories in these photos and i love those cheese biscuits, had no idea they could be bought and cooked. i have a mayo drop cheese biscuit that is easy and delish, a lot like these but not quite

Susie said...

Linda, That is the sweetest picture of those babies on LD lap. He is a good loving grandpa. The babies are blessed. All of you are. Those earrings so darn funny on that baby. xoxo,Susie

Rob Hunt said...

I think the babes keep you and LD young have a blessed day.

Nonnie said...

Oh man. Wish I had known about those cheddar biscuits about 2 hours ago when we were at Sam's!! Your pics of those kids are always so sweet.

Linda said...

Lovely photos and post, Linda! Red Lobster closed down their restaurants here in Quebec (at least in Montreal), so I have never had the opportunity to try those cheddar biscuits. They look and sound amazing, though!

Cheapchick said...

I am so jealous! Those are my favorite items to eat at Red Lobster! They do shrimp ok but those are to die for! I am pretty sure we can't buy the mix in Canada. Maybe one day!

Vee said...

So darling...LD must love it so. My grands are pretty impressed with John, too. They're always talking about how guys gotta stick together. Good grief!

I love those biscuits and imagine that they're tastier than my Bisquick knock-offs.

20 North Ora said...

How precious! I guess my two will be a breeze compared to your four. LOL

I've had those biscuits and they were delicious. Sounds good with soup.



Oh ya.....I go to Red Lobster just for the biscuits!!! Now I'm gonna have to look for them at the grocer's aisle.

Love your family photos and shares Linda. As always.