Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Day in the Life of Quadville Through This Grandma's Eyes!

It was a good day in Quadville! A BONUS day since we spent the night!

Sweet babies greet the day.......

Busy, BUSY babies all day long!!

Logan is a little climber! They ALL are!

They are so busy learning and growing - you can almost SEE their minds at work!

Granddad and I stayed until they went down for their naps this afternoon.
Then we went home - and I cleaned some in the kitchen.
I organized the spice cupboard - THREE shelves of SPICES!!!
Goodness! How did we get SO much sage, cinnamon, black pepper and various and other spices??

I also cleaned our pantry out - which is in the utility room.
I was happy to see the kitchen taking shape.
In time to come we will get new counter tops, a sink and freshen up the cabinets.
All in good time. Step by step.

I came back to spend the night with Amber and the babies.
We had a super good dinner of spaghetti squash with the BEST meat sauce ever, steamed broccoli and garlic toast. Amber and I also had a delicious salad made fresh with all the fixings!

What a good pic to close tonight's journal entry!!
These kids just melt my heart!
And the good news is I will get to see them again in the morning!
Just for the record - I did NOT get up early enough to fix my hair and face and all four babies recognized me anyway!!! Win! WIN!!!


  1. What sweet babies to all wake up smiling! I don't think I wake up smiling. Seeing Tristan and Kailey together made me think of Summer and Amber. Does anyone else see the resemblance?

    Your kitchen is looking great! I'm like you, one small step at a time.

  2. Oh what a great way to start the day!! You are so blessed.
    Your kitchen is looking great!
    Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Linda, I love the clips and photos. Ld is so sweet with the babies, as are you. They love you both, you can tell by their happy faces. When you said they recognized you without make-up, so funny....once my husband shaved off his beard and the girls just cried.:):) xxoo, Susie

  4. The kitchen looks good Linda! The babies are just so cute! Please share any hints you have for organizing your spices. Mine is a mess and I am not sure where to even start! I open the cupboard and hurry up and close it!

  5. They are so smart! Glad that you didn't scare them too much by not fixing your hair. Your kitchen looks great. It is scary to start cleaning out the pantry...I always find the most outdated things. Thank goodness for inexpensive spices at The Christmas Tree Shoppe...mine were out of date by decades. LOL!

  6. looks like a fun time for all...such little cutie pies...