Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Movie, Goodwill and Art! It must be TUESDAY!

Louis Dean has been wanting to see Captain Phillips so Ruth Ann and I veered from our fifty cent movie routine to a regular theater. Maybe not 'regular.' We went to The Movie Tavern where you can get drinks and food. That's exactly what we did, too!

The food AND the movie was excellent!

In keeping with our usual agenda we shopped Goodwill!
I found this faux cabbage. Louis Dean asked me what I was going to do with it.....
You don't DO anything with debris!!!
You display it and LOOK at it!!!

Tonight I finished ONE Santa!!
I think I 'aged' him a bit and I like him better.
I kept fooling with it and fooling with it until I finally just STOPPED before I ruined it.
I read somewhere once that one should stop painting one stroke before you think you are through.
Good advice.

Louis Dean took the day off from working and that was a good idea!
I baked cookies in my new oven this morning. 
The floor - which is about half way done - is looking great!
Louis Dean said, "I think the new floor has COZIED up our kitchen!"
Next thing I know he'll be bragging on some of my 'debris!'

The cooler nights have made sitting by the fireplace a good way to end our day.
I have SO enjoyed fall this year!
My DIL and I went over the calendar this evening.
We will be taking our camper down to my stepson's ranch on Saturday.
I am so excited! It is such beautiful country down there and we will have so much fun 'camping' in our RV.
I'll take my art stuff with me since I still have three Santas to finish.
The thing is - I now realize I have only a few more weeks before it will be time to take my fall decorations down. 
*sniff* *sniff*
I will need to put fall UP and take Christmas DOWN before Thanksgiving week which we will be spending down there at the ranch.
Decorating as much as I do is a lot of work - but I love it so and that makes it all worth it!
I hope I will ALWAYS be able to decorate!
Perhaps the quads will help me haul it all down and then back up when both they and I get older!
That sounds like a good plan!


Bernice said...

Your paintings look professional, love this Santa.
Thanks for sharing:)

Denise said...

Linda, your painting is absolutely beautiful!!!

Kathy said...

How fun to be going camping. Your camper has come in very handy. Love your painting (as usual). You are so talented.

Can't wait to see your kitchen all finished!

Sandra said...

that cabbage looks real... glad the new oven is working good.. and the Santa is beautiful, but shhhhhhhh I will not tell anyone.

Changes in the wind said...

Another wonderful Santa!!

Vee said...

Those who love to decorate find a way to do so...this I believe.

Oh what fun to have your very own home away from home. It sounds so perfectly pleasant.

How did the oven work? Notice any changes? It took me a while to get used to my new oven because the old one was so far off. I can almost set the timer and forget it with the new one.

Vee said...

Oh! Forgot to say that Santa is looking wonderful and finished.

Susie said...

Linda, The santa does look better. An old artist named Frank Clark had a show and he would say...just stop fiddlin with it.. :) Sounds like agreat time at the movies. I know what you mean about decorating...I didn't do a lot this year. None on my porch...but I did a little by the door. The weather's been too weird . xoxo,Susie

Kelly said...

We haven't seen that movie yet, but plan to. Glad to hear that you liked it. I think we may use our fireplace tonight too. It has gotten so cold! I can't wait to see your new floor. I always laugh when LD calls your things "debris".


I'd love that movie, except our DVD broke and they don't seem to be able to fix it yet, so I'm missing movies in the den, lol! Your floors must be gorgeous Linda! Wow Linda, the Santa looks amazing, I totally love it! Thanks for your sweet visit my friend. Hugs,

Carla said...

Sounds like a good plan. With 4 you'll have plenty of help. ;o)
So the movie was a good one? Doubt we'll make it to the movies but maybe we'll catch it when it comes out on video.