Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Music Time in Quadville!

We had a wonderful time spending the day with Amber and the quads!

This afternoon after naps we were all gathered in the living room where they were introduced to Amber's piano.

Since Kailey and Harrison were the first ones up from their naps they were the first to play!

Kailey took right to it!

I hope I got the right videos in here!!

Soon they were all playing sweet music!
Sweet to OUR ears!

Every single baby gets some special one on one time.

I am positive not one lacks for special attention!

They play as a group......

and individually.

Sometimes I think they pair off - Trystan and Logan - Harrison and Kailey -
and I like to think it's because they are two sets of fraternal twins.

They all play together very well.

They are blessed to have each other! 

Amber and Mike have made their kitchen child friendly and it's fun to see them playing before meals in there.
They go in every direction and then back and forth again!!

It was a good day in Quadville!
I'm pleased to say the babies remembered me!
We left early - as in before 5:00 - to come home. Normally we stay all evening but tonight I have had to prepare for a medical test in the morning. It's cool tonight so I have the fireplace glowing to keep me company as I drink 64 oz of awful tasting stuff! Louis Dean is busy in the kitchen. Our new stove will be delivered tomorrow and he must finish out that wall first. I'm loving the fall weather we're having and the fragrance of the fireplace as I sit here in the den and write. I'll be glad to be able to EAT tomorrow once the procedure is over!!!
But for now - I must go drink some more of this YUCKY stuff!!


Deb said...

adorable babies...hope all goes well with your testing...

Denise said...

I could not drink that stuff because of throwing it back up. Both times I have had the test I took pills and believe me, they did their job! The quads are getting so big, will look at the videos later. Good luck tomorrow and hope all is well.

Linda said...

Hi Linda, in response to your question on my blog post, I walk between 30 minutes to an hour...sometimes more on good days. I do my walks at least 4 times a week.

The babies are delightful, Linda. I pray that your test results go well.

Bev said...

Oh they are growing!! What fun....and I'm sure they will never forget you!!!... I'm going to be away 5 months this winter....I will miss mine...even thought most of them are older....

Amber B. said...

It was a good day! Minus you not eating of course!

Kathy said...

Glad to see you back in quadville. Watching the kids "play" the piano I couldn't help but see them a few years from now taking lessons. It's so nice to see them all playing together.

I hope your test goes well tomorrow. The best part is when it's over and you can eat again!

Glan Deas said...

So sweet babies they are. I love kids. You are enjoying too much dear. :)

Kopi Luwak

Sandra said...

not every baby has its on personal entertainment, and i love the bumble bee song with them dancing. you are all blessed,, the babies for having you two and you two for having them... fun videos

Kelly said...

Good luck with your procedure today. Sounds like a colonoscopy??? I've had one before and had to drink horrible stuff too. I'm sure playing with the quads felt wonderful after being away for so long.

Susie said...

Linda, I love your film clips of the family. LD will make sure those babies play music. He loves his music, it seems. You know it's funny that we can put a man on the moon and can't make a better tasting test taking drink...say maybe in a nice wine flavor. :):) Good luck with the tests. xoxo,Susie

jackie collins said...

Adorable! There may be a musical prodigy in the group? Hope the test goes well! I'll be thinking of you!

Vee said...

It will be good to have all these tests and procedures finished! By now, I hope that you've had a bit of tea and toast at least.

Oh I loved seeing the videos. I know better than to visit from the iPad anymore. And I'd love to hear LD sing a song from start to finish. I listened to that first clear high note twice. Beautiful! The quads must love his music.

Sweet photos, sweet videos, sweet music, sweet life... Not easy, but SWEET!

Jan said...

Love seeing the quads enjoying the piano and LD's music. We are a family of singers and have always started the little ones early. Today, we were singing Old MacDonald to our 13 month old grandson and he rewarded us with an E-I-E-I-O at the right time!

Carla said...

Sweet post