Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday Treasures!

It was a terrific Tuesday - all day long!!
The day started with coffee with Deanie where we at long last were able to catch up and visit for two glorious hours - without checking the clock once!
We each left our homes and arrived midpoint between our houses at a Starbucks at the same time!

We message, text and Facebook in addition to an occasional phone call but nothing takes the place of visiting face to face!

Deanie sent me home with gifts!! I now have a gorgeous lead crystal decanter from Poland to treasure!
(Picture to do it justice to follow soon!)

She even sent treasures for Louis Dean!
A 'Denny Crane' bobble head and a coffee cup from Crane Poole and Schmidt!
He was so excited!!

Ruth Ann and I took in a movie at The Starplex today for all of fifty cents!

RED2 was great fun and we laughed out LOUD! A lot!!!
There were about a dozen people in the theater and we were all a pretty responsive audience - clapping and laughing all together. One big guy sat by himself on the back row and about three quarters of the way through the movie he fell asleep and was snoring SO LOUDLY you could clearly hear him ABOVE the movie! We do have fun on Tuesday!

Louis Dean was home alone today working in the kitchen.
We must prepare the wall area for the new stove arriving soon.
It wasn't  pretty! I did about 45 minutes of damage control in preparation for art class tonight.
LD cut a 'nice piece of plywood' as he describes it to put floor to ceiling behind the stove.
We'll paint it to match the green I'm using in the kitchen and I'm hoping this will look good.
We can't just buy a stove and switch it out! No, WE have to redo the wall taking everything down and then hanging a new microwave up there. We are still 'Under Construction!'

Art class with candles lit (remember the dead critter in the attic!), music playing, and tea made!
It turned colder as we painted!

My friend, Louise, who lives in Oklahoma, came tonight to work on a Santa she started years ago.
She brought some pepperoni cheese bread and I added an assortment of cheeses for nibbling on as we painted.

I worked on this Santa some more and even though I signed it - I'm not quite finished.
I need to 'age' his eyes some more. He looks entirely too young!
He could do with some more crinkly wrinkles as well!!

Thanks to Ruth Ann we ended our evening with the first fire of the season!
It has continued to rain so all our wood was wet. Ruth Ann brought a fire log so we could celebrate the cooler weather together! Our daughter in law and her sister joined us so it was a lovely time of snacking and visiting in front of the fireplace in the den.
After everyone left Louis Dean and I sat and watched the flames awhile longer.
What a perfect way to wind down and relax before bed.
I ate a bit more of the cheese and bread because I must not eat anything after midnight in preparation for a medical test on Thursday.

The fire is nearly gone and so is this day!
Tomorrow is our day in Quadville and it marks 12 days since I have seen the babies!
You can see how they have grown in Amber's 'Quad Squad 16 month Update!'

The kitchen will have to wait. 
We have babies to hold and play with!


Kathy said...

What a nice Tuesday -- good visit with family, good visit with friends, good movie and a nice quiet time with LD at the end. Who could ask for more?

Vee said...

So much fun to catch up with a sister...I need to catch up with mine, soon. What a beautiful painting, Linda. Since Santa is "eternal" I rather like the idea of his crystal blue clear eyes. Perhaps he's someone's papa playing the part. Perhaps this papa is only in his thirties. LOL!

Have great fun with those grands and I want to know how they have changed specifically. I also want to know if they squeal to see you again after nearly two weeks!

Susie said...

Linda, I swear....when you and Ld sit down together at the end of your day...I am so surprised you both don't just drift off to sleep where you sit. :):) You both seem to be doing something from sun up till sun down. Bless your hearts. Glad you have been having so much fun. Love the santa. xoxo,Susie

Carole said...

Linda, you will be glad to see the littlies after such a break! I was trying to work out which cheese those were - bocconcini? Cheers

jackie collins said...

I have been working on my new sewing machine and just got on to read your blog tonight. How wonderful to have a girls day out! I said previously the Santa is coming along and I love it! The food tray made me hungry! Can you tell me what kind of cheese the green one is. Thehubs is a BIG cheese fan and I have never seen it. I would like to try it! Happy Day!

Linda said...

I threw the wrapper away but I bought it at Trader Joe's. I'll find out and get back to you!

Linda said...

Tintern Cheese

Imported from Wales

The monks of Tintern Abbey are said to have farmed shallots in their gardens for centuries. The Monmouthshire village that gives the abbey it’s name is also the namesake of Trader Joe's Tintern Cheese.

Tintern is a smooth, creamy, mature Cheddar, covered in a distinctive green wax and studded throughout with chives and shallots. It pairs well with hearty beer and crackers (like our Multigrain Entertainers), makes a striking impression on a cheese tray and is an all-around excellent snacking cheese. Because it melts well, too, we think it would make a very special mac & cheese. It's a holiday gift that comes in its own bright green wrapper.

We're selling Tintern in wedges of about seven ounces for $8.99 a pound.

*info on the green cheese I served Tuesday night. It was VERY good!!

Carla said...

I love your santa's. Boy the cheese looked tasty