Thursday, October 10, 2013

California: Day 6 ~ The Avenue of the Giants!

We are in the winding down stage of our time here in California!
This morning we started off with a hearty breakfast at the Samoa Cook House where they have been serving the logging community since 1890! I was last here in 1984! It hasn't changed a bit!

The meals are serve family style and it was delicious!

We then turned our little VW Beetle around and headed SOUTH on Highway 101 instead of North!

We traveled along the Avenue of the Giants - a 31 mile scenic route which parallels Hwy 101.

It was like being in a quiet and majestic.

Some fallen soldiers over 2,000 years old.

I wish I could share the FRAGRANCE!!!

Every mile was breathtakingly beautiful!!!

Rest assured we did NOT climb any trees!!!

Although I DID sit in one! Or sort of!

For lunch we had an impromptu picnic!

Complete with wine!

We were in a clearing that was both beautiful and aromatic!

Food tastes better outside!

Fruit, cheese, crackers and a California Riesling!

We have learned to pack it up and go with it!!

The rest of the afternoon was spent among the giant redwoods.

Summer is quite the photographer and makes all these collages on her phone!

LOOK!!! I'm taller than Summer in this picture!!!

Can you see what I'm wearing on my feet???

I bought a pair of Hiawatha Genuine Moose Hide Moccasins. 
These are made in Canada by Bastien Industries and are SO comfortable!!
I haven't mentioned but at the end of that second day in San Francisco I had to throw away my pair of Born shoes. They were completely worn out! It surprised me they chose that day to simply fall apart but I guess it was time!

It was hard to drive away from all this beauty!

I kept taking just one more picture!

Then another......

and another!!

It is so humbling to stand at the foot of such a tree....

I thought of the scripture -
"Thou God seest me."
Genesis 16:13

In our adventures today we came across a lovely group of ladies having lunch together in the same clearing as we.

Aren't they beautiful?
They had a small vase of roses and that delectable cake!

Later in the day we met a group of three young people who are traveling down to Latin America.
They have a blog: Sow Many Reasons.
Everyone has a story. I do love a good one!

We drove down to Ukiah, California which is just about 100 miles north of San Francisco for this our next to the last night of our wonderful dream come true trip!
We have our room already booked for tomorrow - at the same place we started out!
We still have one more day and we're going to milk it for all it's worth!!!


Linda said...

Linda, looks like a great time! The Samoa Cook House looks like my kind of place to enjoy a great meal.

Jutta said...

Linda, I've been to San Fran two times. Been to Sonoma, Muirwoods, plus the center areas. But wow, you did event so much more! Good job!
I have been friends with a couple that moved to that city from Ann Arbor four-five years ago. There are pros and cons to everything - but certainly that area is worth visiting, especially when having your family members by your side. I think You are so lucky. Have a happy last day before going home to LD!!! Hugs.

Vee said...

I expect no less of the two of you! (To milk it for all it's worth.) I get the sense that you could meet anyone and strike up conversation and probably discover that you were related. Ha! Beautiful photos, wonderful scenes, majestic forest!

jackie collins said...

I have so enjoyed your vacation right along with you! Your photos are just breath taking! Enjoy your time left and please keep sharing..... #enjoyingitfrommissouri!

Kelly said...

Oh gosh, I've heard those giant redwoods are amazing to stand beneath. They seem to reach toward the sky and never stop! I love the little picnic y'all took. Looks like you thought of everything. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I think you've been milking every day for all it is worth! Beautiful pic's...that bring back memories of our visit to those same places.

Sweet Tea said...

I have a great love for "all things green" - what a beautiful sight, thanks for sharing your photos. What a wonderful trip and getting to be with your daughter. She looks so much like you. What fun!

Nonnie said...

You make traveling look so easy and so fun. That is a trip we have thought we would love to take. And the moccasins! I love moccasins and those are beautiful! And so are all your photos!

Wanda said...

Hi ~ I just popped over from Nonnie's blog when I was intrigued by your blog on her sidebar. I love to journal. Lived in Central Calif. for many years, now retired in So. CA. Your trip and photo's are marvelous. I'll be back!

Jan said...

We took our kids and my parents to see the redwoods 21 years ago. These pictures bring back sweet memories!

Carla said...

Again more great and cute pictures.