Thursday, October 10, 2013

California: Day 5 ~ The Lost Coast and Other Majestic Places

Wow!! Every single day of this California trip has been so different from the day before.
Wednesday was no exception!

We started our day in Fort Bragg with Starbucks and laundry.

Everything is pretty here! Even the laundromat!

Fort Bragg boasts a little bit of something for everyone - including thrift stores!
Now no one enjoys a thrift store more than I do - unless it is Summer!!
We made quite a haul considering we are flying home and have limited luggage space!
A dear friend and former neighbor of MANY years, Mary Jo, send me some birthday money to be spent at thrift stores!!

So THIS is what I bought, Mary Jo!!!
A pair of super comfy driving shoes, a GREAT scarf that I have been wearing since I purchased  it, a 'probably made just for me' Wine Diva t shirt as well as a Happy Halloween t shirt, the classic black and white skull scarf, a book by the author of The Red Tent which was excellent so I fully expect this one to be as well! PLUS a bag chock full of wine corks for projects when I get home. ALL of THIS for just $18.50! SO I STILL have $$ to spend! Thank you, Mary Jo!!

We walked along Glass Beach before leaving town.
Lots of glass has washed up here due to garbage dumping along the coast in past years.

We drove along The Lost Coast which is Hwy 1 along the Northern California coast.
I say 'we.' I really mean SUMMER drove and I hung on!
That road twists and turns like CRAZY!!
It is so beautiful!!!

As Summer walked along the beach she was moved to tears at the awesomeness of God!

This isn't a very good video sound wise but you can SEE how amazing this is!
I am saying it made me want to sing How Great Thou Art at the top of my lungs as my sister blogger
A Portland Granny said she used to do!

Collages are from Summer.

I hope to hold this time in my mind, heart and soul forever and take the memories out and enjoy them over and over again in time to come.
Ah, to be so blessed as to LIVE in this amazing place!

It took hours and hours to get from Fort Bragg to Eureka which is where we are tonight.
Summer was a good sport and we saw parts of California we will remember for the rest of our life.

Imagine driving along this remote road called Highway 1 and coming up to a RED LIGHT!

As we made our way toward Eureka we came out in  Humboldt county to drive through the Chandelier Tree!

Summer was such a good sport and started taking pictures for people.......
and I took pictures of HER taking pictures of THEM!
It was a lot of fun! One couple had their dog with them and Summer was trying to get the dog to look toward the camera. The lady said, "Her name is Maggie!" So all the folks pictured above were calling out the dog's name! I guess we just have fun everywhere we go!!

We finally made it to Eureka where we had decided NOT to make reservations ahead of time! 
We wanted to look around and see what was available.
We are glad we did!!
Summer found a 'vintage' style motel right in the heart of downtown Eureka. Eureka Town House Motel. 
Quaint, individually decorated rooms, HUGE tiled shower with a 'Rain' shower head. Looks like something right out of the 60's! We LOVE it!!! This place is loaded with personality! Those reviews you leave online for places really help the next visitors because that is how she chose this one. You better believe she's going to leave a review as well!

After checking in and doing our nesting routine we headed out for dinner at Rita's Margarita Mexican Food.
Texans can't go long without either one - a margarita OR Mexican food!!

Now THAT'S a Margarita!!

Dessert was served and it lasted just a few moments post photo taking!!!
It was YUM!!!

Summer is beside me asleep as I write. Tomorrow is Day 6 for us and the last real vacation day.
We have been shooting UP and UP through this week but starting in the morning we will begin our drifting down as we begin to wind up our trip and head for home.
We are already starting to plan what we will do in 2018 when I will be 70 years old and Summer 55! Amber will be 33! I hope all three of us can take a cruise to celebrate together! I've never been on a cruise.
Granddad and Mike can handle the quads who will then be 6 six years old - right???
 Perhaps a SHORT cruise!!

Goodnight from Eureka, California!


Kathy said...

Ah how I am loving your trip. So many beautiful places you are seeing and thank you for sharing them with us as well.

Susie said...

Linda, You are a beautiful woman. You just smile all the time, so I think Summer gets her way of smiling from you. Squeeze the last bit of fun out of the time you have left of this trip. xoxo,Susie

Deanie W said...

So happy you are both having such an adventure ! Love seeing the coats & sweaters:)

jackie collins said...

I couldn't wait to turn on my computer and find your blog this morning. I have so enjoyed your trip right along with you! A mother/daughter vacation in such a beautiful place. Your photos are just amazing! I can't thank you enough for sharing, your blog goes so well with my morning coffee!

bj said...

O, Linda, you are, without a doubt, the CUTEST thing.!!
You make everything sound like fun and your attitude is always GREAT. I love reading your posts...and I love you !!
So so glad you are havin such fun....and's 9:10 in the MORNING and I am craving a HUGE margarita !!!
(and Mr. Sweet is rolling his eyes at me...:))

Amber B. said...

Love the scenery and all the wine time - glad y'all are having fun! A cruise would be fun, though it's crazy to think about the quads being SIX!

Vee said...

Amazing photographs! Summer's generosity of spirit is wonderful! A lot of folks will have stories about a gal who took their picture. Have a beautiful last day filled with beauty and love.

Carla said...

Again Lady your photos are very impressive. Looks like loads of fun.