Saturday, June 27, 2020

Our 15th Anniversary, Vet Visit, Bell Time, Cake and a Sewing Lesson With Logan!

Thursday night we were sitting in the gazebo and I looked up at the perpetual calendar on the back wall of the house and said, "Guess what tomorrow is!"

Our Anniversary!
Louis Dean and I met on eHarmony......

I like the way they do it at eHarmony.

I found what I was looking for in Louis Dean - a true friend and my first true love!

Bless his heart!
He so wanted to marry a musician. He asked me several times if I played a musical instrument.
Like maybe I did and I forgot??

We matched and we bonded and 71 days later - we were married.

We are more in love today than we were 15 years ago!
Friday morning I took my coffee into the music room and we held hands as we listened to a couple of songs from Youtube......

Happy Anniversary


Sweetheart of the Year

eHarmony was right!
Louis Dean is very romantic!

Summer has been house sitting while we were at the ranch so she went with me Friday afternoon to meet up with Amber and take Samantha, Tabitha and Ginger to the vet for their second round of shots.
They all did great! Healthy and growing kitty cats!

Samantha was worn out from the vet visit while Tabitha was hyper as all get out!
Ginger was just slightly out of sorts.

Amber invited us to hang out with them so we watched movies all afternoon and the kids played and held the kitties.
Since it's a family tradition to  watch Independence Day every 4th of July, we watched Indepenence Day - The Resurgence instead.

Mike is a Master Milk Shake Maker and Harrison chose the ice cream and provided the toppings!
Milk Shakes and a movie!
What could be better?

Then Granddad came over to join us all in Friday night movie, pizza, popcorn and Cokes!

Trystan sat by her Aunt Summer during the movie and I thought this was the sweetest pic!
So, what started out as a routine vet visit turned into an all day movie marathon with family!
I loved every minute.
It was after midnight when we went home!

Amber sent us this video message just after we got here!

We have had a wonderful 15 years together and I pray that if it is God's will, 
he will give us at least 10 more.

After my knee surgery in January - Goodness! That seems so very long ago now - Louis Dean gave me a card that says......

I love how much fun it is to be us!
I love that we know each other,
Get each other,
and are real with each other.

I love that no matter what's going on,
we always find a way to make each other laugh.
I love every moment we share - 
and I love US!

I keep that card on my bedside table and look at it every day.

We stayed up so late talking and laughing in the gazebo, 
it was nearly 4:00 when we came in to go to bed!

Summer went back to Rowlett this afternoon but not before she made us some tasty little anniversary cakes!

Tonight, Logan and I had a sewing lesson by way of Messenger Video.
Earlier this week she made her very first stuffed animal.
Her daddy helped her and she drew a teddy bear pattern on paper, pinned it to her fabric and cut it out.
She sewed it on her very own sewing machine, turned and stuffed it.
Tonight I taught her how to close the opening up and to sew on a heart shaped shank button for the nose. Plus she used yard to tie a bow around the bear's neck.
It was such a meaningful moment for me to get to share with Logan....truly she is my Mini Me!

I am getting this journal entry in under the midnight hour!
Now I must shut down the house for the night......turn off all the little lights, the music, make coffee for in the morning and go to bed.
It's certainly been a wonderful weekend at home and we are ready to get back down to the ranch tomorrow!


Ginny Hartzler said...

What a wonderful time you have been having. Happy Anniversary, and I wish you many, many more!! What a TREAT, seeing your wedding pictures!! You two were meant to be with each other.

Bluebird49 said...

Such a fun post! You got to see your family and celebrate with them.
You somehow got home without my realizing you had left the ranch! 😉 You are way too fast for me to keep up.
What a sweet picture and thought of that darling granddaughter and you on video, sewing and chatting away. Memories for a lifetime for you both. May that teddy bear last many years to remind her of her MeMaw and the love you share.
Tuesday will see us married 54 years. We have experienced steep heights and depths over that long time, but I can't remember a single moment we didn't stay in love through it all. Having God in the middle certainly has made it happen. He has blessed us.
We both are musicians, and that has been just one of many constants of our life together. Even when we're not playing it, we usually have music playing to listen to. I see you didn't disappoint Louis Dean even though you don't play. You certainly are talented in many ways, and have provided a beautiful, cozy home, and your family loves him, too. Bonus family for you both. You are so blessed to have one another, and I hope you have many,many more years of joy!
The card Louis gave you was beautiful. I wish there were blog posts going back to when you two met! When did you first start to blog??
Hope you have an uneventful drive back to the ranch and that the kitties are used to the ride. They really grow fast!

jujupage1 said...

Happy anniversary to you! A really lovely post. I'm glad that Logan is making the most of the sewing machine that you gave her.

Hootin' Anni said...

I love how you have what L D wrote to you at your bedside!! That melts my heart. You two were meant to be one in heart and soul. Happy anniversary!

Estelle's said...

What a beautiful love story that you have created later in life....I am so very happy for you both....wishing you many more happy years together...stay well and stay safe! Lovely post!

Sandra said...

Happy anniversary! And there couldn't be a better anniversary present than that video. That is so precious! And that card from LD proves he is a romantic. Neither Bob nor I are a romantic so it worked out great because this I was or he was someone would be upset. I love love love seeing the wedding pictures

Brenda said...

Happy Anniversary. I am still isolating...Day 100 plus...enjoy your blog. Be safe.

Susie said...

Linda, Wishing LD and you a Happy Anniversary. I loved seeing the wedding photos and keepsakes. What fun you had with family. I love that the children like to watch movies with all of you. A fun time for Summer too. Please be safe getting to the ranch. Blessings to all of you. Love you guys, xoxo, Susie

Changes in the wind said...

Happy Anniversary and thank you for sharing how you met and all, that was really special. Family and family time is the best but I have to tell you that Logan is a natural. You really hit the jackpot giving her that little sewing machine.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Happy Anniversary to you two lovebirds. I always enjoy seeing your wedding photos. And those little anniversary cakes look yummy.

Miss Dishywoo said...

Happy Anniversary! My oldest son and his wife met through eHarmony, also. I love that Logan learned to sew from you. My mother in law taught me to sew and I think of her anytime I use my machine.

Vee said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! You two are so good about celebrating every day! I love how you have embraced each other's families to the place where everyone is melded as one big family. It is a beautiful thing to see. Many blessings...

Rain said...

Hi Linda!! OH HOW SWEET!!! Happy Anniversary to you and Louis Dean!! I loved reading how you met! Alex and I met on a site called OK Cupid. It's not as thorough as EHarmony but it worked! Love at first site. Though we're not married, we moved in together after 6 days lol...and more in love today than when we first met! You and I are lucky gals! :)

Movie marathons and milkshakes sounds amazing to me. We do that too, usually with lots of snacks and we get all settled in bed with our goodies around us and the pets too. We did that recently with a little Mexican fiesta and a pitcher of Sangria.

Beachgram said...

Happy Anniversary to a precious couple that I am pleased
to call my friends. Love, Phyllis

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy Anniversary ! So glad you got the perfect man to spend you life with. You are blessed and I love the pictures. What a wonderful way to spend the day with popcorn and ice cream and movies with your loved ones.

Cheapchick said...

Happy Anniversary you two. Likely the best match ever!

photowannabe said...

This is the most beautiful anniversary post I think I have ever read.
I wish you the happiest of anniversaries too.
God sure know who to put together for the Best Years of your Life.
You are blessed and everything you did for celebrating is so precious.
Memories to cherish.
My younger son Mark met his "Forever wife" on eHarmony.
It took a long time after a difficult and hurtful marriage for him to be ready to try it again.
Mark and Kellie I feel are a lot like you...They have been redeemed.

Jan said...

Happy Anniversary and thank you for your anniversary wishes on my blog! May you be blessed with many more happy years!

Wanda said...

So much fun, love and celebration!! A match truly made in heaven. You and Louis Dean are so adorable together.

I pray that you will be able to celebrate many many more wonderful years with your honey and romantic.

Love and Hugs. June is a wonderful month for an anniversary!!

Carole said...

Happy Anniversary - up to 4am... Wow! Cheers

Deb said...

Happy Anniversary. I love your wedding pictures. Looks like you had a good week and weekend. Enjoy the week ahead!

Beth said...

Happy anniversary! I enjoyed seeing your photos. You married a handsome guy! :)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Linda, belated Happy 15th Anniversary to you and Louis Dean and it was such fun to read the
how we met" story and then to see the wedding pics. Louis Dean looked very nice in his quite and your white outfit was simple and lovely. My husband and I met through an online personal ad that I placed and that was over 23 years ago, so these unions can and do work out! You have been so fortunate in spending time with family and those movie nites sound like a lot of fun too. Glad the kittens are doing wel.