Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Fishing Pool!!!!!

We woke up to the beautiful sound of children laughing and giggling!
What a delightful way to start our day!

Both girls slept well and it was after 9:00 when we heard the first giggle.
I can handle kids that sleep in!

Uncle Dean has been a favorite with Little Logan.
She's always been a Stranger/Danger child so I was a little surprised at her attachment to him, but then he IS such a charming guy!!

This is a little snippet of a video from last night.....

"Uncle Dean is prettier than Granddad!!!"

Sunday morning pancakes served up right after our Bible reading and devotionals.

The wind was not as icy cold as yesterday so we bundled up and got ready to go fishing!

Naturally the goats go wherever we do!

It was a good day to be at what Logan calls 'The Fishing Pool!'

Uncle Dean and Trystan caught THREE fish!!

This makes me smile!

Logan caught TWO!

Such a pretty little perch!

It was still cold so we didn't stay too long! Good thing the fish were biting!
Back to the camper for some hot chocolate and putting those little toes close to the heater to warm up!

We may be in a small camper but we can still serve up a big Sunday dinner!!
Dean and Sherry joined us so it was even more special.
So, what else is a part of most Sunday afternoons?


All around! Including me!

They had a lot of fun after they woke up just playing together in the bunk!

It's been a wonderful Sunday full of the small pleasures of life.
Laughing, fishing, eating family meals together, blowing bubbles in the sunshine.....
and taking nice warm baths!

It has been such a journey of joy with these little quadlings!
We told Trystan how she was such a good gatekeeper in the womb.

We talked about Logan being the tiniest little peanut.
We also talked about how much their mommy loves them and how she stayed in the hospital for two months doing everything possible to keep them inside long enough to be born even at the risk of her own health.
We talked about how we would hold and rock them when they were babies and even how I would visit them in the NICU and how much their mommy and daddy loved them from before they were born. As with most children, Trystan and Logan love to hear the stories about when they were born and when they were babies over and over and over again.
I think we truly have a unique and special bond with these quads.
They have had a lot of fun here but they are missing their brother and sister and their mama and dada!
The bond these four children have is amazing and special and we are so grateful to be a part of the journey. We will be their memories someday and perhaps we will have become a part of who they are and who they will become. We will continue to make memories together, adding 'The Fishing Pool' to them!

Before Logan and Trystan went to bed, they both kissed me goodnight and said, "You're the BEST MeeMaw in the whole wide world!!!"

So, goodnight from our country camper!
We go home in the morning!


Joyce Fodor said...

I agree with the girls. You ARE the best. Their memories of you will be only good ones.

Jutta said...

I have tears in my eyes after reading this. Your bond is special and it will always be. Love!

Deb said...

Yeah fishing girls! Such awesome memories you are making!

Bluebird49 said...

Memory making with my 3 grandkids has meant everything to me. Tho we did them one at a time, (our daughter's son is nearly 25, our son's son is nearly 12, and his daughter is nearly 9.) Besides our children, there's nothing more precious than their own children. We are all so blessed, aren't we, Linda---and the Lord has blessed you with good health, and with LD---the blessing of a second, sweet chance at a "new life" and marriage! I love reading of your special, "quad-filled" extraordinary life!

Susie said...

Linda, MY Emma is here with us this weekend. It's been a long time , so I am happy to have her till Tuesday. I have loved reading about all of you going to the ranch. It will be one of the quads favorite memories, I have a feeling. I think you and LD have helped mold those children...and in a wonderful way. You have been there for them and their parents...which is a blessing. I am up in the middle of the I can by to visit. Blessings to all of you. xoxo, love you, Susie

Nita said...

What a special relationship . MeeMaw and Granddad are making such special memories for these sweet little souls.

Vee said...

It is a special relationship that you have for sure. It is always a joy to find you busy and happy doing the things you love and introducing the children to new fishing.

Sandra said...

i dont know who has the bigger blessing, you or the quads. there lives are much fuller because they have you and LD and yours is much fuller because of them... i love the telling stories of their birth. so sweet . that is a pretty perch and i loved the tiny fish she caught... i could hear the wind in the videos. glad it cleared so you could fish in the fishing pool

Deanna Rabe said...

Good thing the fish were biting! What great memories you are building with them! Children do love to talk about when they were little, when they were born. Its so wonderful to have these little chats reminding them that they are sooo loved!

Amber B. said...

Loved this post mom! Love you!!

Changes in the wind said...

Loved seeing the girls fishing:)

Jan said...

These are sweet, sweet days! Hold these littles close and enjoy-they go by so quickly!

BeachGypsy said...

These children are going to have rich and beautiful memories that they will carry through their lives!!


Oh my goodness how the children have grown, I can't get over it, it seems they were just born !!
What fun you have with LD with them. I used to love going fishing with my girls too.
Happy Easter dear friend.


Small pleasures of life indeed!!!!

Penny said...

Adorable photographs! I have to agree with the girls, you really ARE the best Mee-Maw!! X

Carla said...

You remind me on my Othermom and Phafe aka my grandparents on my mom's side. I did everything with them. I still miss them and have many happy memories of my times spent at their farm and then traveling with them.. Y'all are the best